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Prompter: Greatcloudninja

Kinks: Role-playing, FemDom, and Teacher Fetish

Prompt: For the first time, Ahiru proves to be better at a subject than Fakir is. While she's tutoring him, he lets his mind wander just a bit too much.

Rating: NC-17 (Not joking, folks. This is your last chance to turn back if you can't handle it.)


A Lesson In Health


"...I still can't believe you asked me to tutor you."

Green eyes fixed on the young woman standing in front of him before turning to glance out the window. "Hn. If I have to go through with this, I'll be damned if I'm stuck with some goody-twoshoes know-it-all snob that I want nothing to do with, much less pay any attention to."

Ahiru sighed, twirling a lock of her red hair with one finger. "Even though by some miracle I'm doing better in this subject than you, I doubt I would be very good at explaining anything."

He was silent for a moment, watching out of the corner of his eye as she tugged the flaming strands of hair - right near the area of her chest, where his gaze lingered briefly. "Maybe if you stopped making excuses, you could quit wasting time."

At that, she bristled visibly, cheeks tinting pink as she slammed the textbook down on the desk he was seated at. "Fine." She patted the cover of the book with one hand. "So show me what you're having problems with."

He glanced lazily from her face to the textbook and back again. "Nothing specific."

Oh, she was getting frustrated! He kept acting like this whole thing was more of a waste of his time than hers. Didn't he realize that she was taking time out to help him? Wasn't he grateful at all? "Fakir! You said you're failing the class! That means you're having problems! And I can't help you if you won't show me what you're having trouble with!"

Hm. When she bobbed up and down in irritation like that, her chest kind of bounced along with her. But any further musing he could do on that subject was brought to a halt as she turned on heel and went to fetch something off of the professor's desk. He sighed, propping his arm up on the desk and leaning his head against his open hand. "I'm not failing because I'm having trouble, moron. I don't care about the subject, period."

"That's obvious," she scoffed as she dug around through a pile of papers on the desk. "You couldn't possibly care about health the way you take care of yourself. Always drinking coffee, over-working yourself, eating poorly, staying up all hours of the night and looking like the walking dead the next day... you could probably benefit from actually paying attention in Health class."

Fakir made an irritated sound through his nose. "Benefit? Give me a break. It's a stupid class that has absolutely nothing to do with my area of study. I don't know whose bright idea it was to make the subject required for a writing degree, but it's a big waste of time."

She scowled at him from over her shoulder. "Everything is a waste of time to you, Mr. I've-got-more-important-things-to-do-than-anything-anyone-else-wants-me-to-do." Turning her attention back to the task at hand, she sifted through another small pile of papers. "I know it was around here somewhere..." Her blue eyes suddenly lit up in recognition, extracting one of the sheets from the stack. "Aha! Here it is! We can start with--Whoops!" Losing her grip on the inked paper, she groped unsuccessfully for the page as it drifted down and landed on the instructor's chair. Instead of doing the sensible thing, and going around the desk to pick it up, Ahiru arched her body over the expanse of the wooden surface, short arm reaching out for the fallen paper.

"Can you hold anything for a minute without dropping it?" He drawled in an almost bored tone that betrayed the rapt attention he was giving her wriggling figure on top of the desk. Her skirt was hiked up from sliding over the top, giving him a nice view of the back of her thighs. And if she leaned forward just a little bit more...

"Gotcha!" Ahiru declared triumphantly, fingertips finally clasping around the edge of the elusive paper. She quickly moved from the top of the desk and righted herself, smoothing her skirt off and smiling in the dark-haired boy's direction as she presented the paper. "We'll go over this stuff, first! It was on the latest quiz."

Fakir rolled his eyes, inexplicably irritated that his observation was cut short. "Whatever. Let's just get this over with."

Her smile faltered slightly. Couldn't he at least feign a little interest in this session? She was half-tempted to pick up the book from the desktop and hit him on the head with it. 'But this is normal for Fakir,' she reminded herself inwardly before she could allow the urge to manifest. 'If he's not making rude comments, it would be kind of weird. And even if he's going to be a grump about this, I don't have to be.'

With that thought in mind, she spun on heel and approached the blackboard, passing the paper over to her left hand and picking up a piece of broken chalk with her right. "Now pay attention, Fakir. The more you cooperate, the faster this will go." And with that she began to copy the first part of the parchment onto the board.

The dark-haired young man found it slightly amusing that she was attempting to teach him something for a change. Usually it was the other way around. And even though he already knew she'd be poor at this, it was worth it to see her try hard to accomplish something she was determined to do. Fakir watched from his seated position as she jotted the guidelines from the quiz review page onto the blackboard with her rather poor penmanship, his eyes beginning to wander away from the white words and trailing up her arm, over the curve of her shoulder, down her back and beyond.

Ahiru was still rather duck-like and short, not that he ever expected (or wanted) that to change, but she had obviously grown. And with growth came undeniable development in the young redhead. Though she remained thin, she had filled out a little more in all of the right places. Her curves accentuated her small frame and gave her a womanly appeal that Fakir couldn't help but find attractive. Very attractive.

'No, now is not the time,' he scolded himself silently, forcing his gaze away from any further 'study' of his tutor. 'If I sit here ogling her like an idiot, she's going to notice sooner or later.' Turning his gaze to the back of her head where her ponytail was bobbing with her movement, he frowned. 'Then again...sometimes I wish she would. Can she really be that damn naive after all these years?'

But he knew the answer to that already. She wasn't going to change.

With a mildly disappointed sigh, he leaned heavily on his arm and turned his green eyes back toward the window, which reflected the light of the quickly-setting sun. He could vaguely hear the chik-chaking of the chalk against the board, lulling him into a half-dazed state as he gazed at the fiery colors of the sky.

"Hey! You're not paying attention! FAKIR!"

He started, nearly losing his balance in the process. "Geh! What's your problem? I was just waiting for you to finish--" His words cut off as soon as he turned to face her, noting with surprise that she was already looming over his desk. And the expression she was wearing was unlike any look he'd received from her before.

"Fakir..." Her voice held a warning edge to it as she leaned in a little closer. "Do you want detention?"

He blinked once. Twice. Three times. Was she...teasing him? He snorted. "...Very funny, moron."

"Oh, but I wasn't joking," she assured him with an almost playful smile. He merely raised an eyebrow in response, wondering what in the world Ahiru was trying to pull. "Bad boys who don't pay attention in class get punished!" She reached out and gently touched the exposed area of his neck, trailing one finger up and pausing under his chin to tilt his eyes up to meet hers. "So be good for me, okay?" And with a wink she disengaged, whirling around and heading back toward the blackboard, hips swaying as she walked.

Fakir felt his entire face grow incredibly warm. 'What the hell was that!?'

Ahiru, oblivious to the effect she was having on her "student", hummed to herself, discarding the parchment piece carelessly onto the professor's desk. She pulled at the collar of her uniform jacket, looking questioningly toward Fakir. "Don't you think it's a little too hot in here? I'm feeling a bit over-heated."

He could only stare, stunned, as she proceeded to slowly undo the buttons of her blazer one by one - right in full view of his wide-eyed gaze. And once the buttons were released, she slipped out of the coat, draping it over the lone chair behind the teacher's desk. Sighing in a pleased manner, she grinned, running her hands down the white cotton blouse to smooth it out. "Much better!"

Any curves the uniform blazer had been hiding were now openly bared to view, the stretch of the fabric over her chest making it clear that the shirt was just a little too small for her. Fakir shifted uncomfortably in his seat, his temperature having risen enough that he almost felt like stripping off his jacket, too. "Ahiru...why--"

"Ah-ah!" She cut him off fluidly, wagging a finger back and forth. "If the student has a question, he must raise his hand first. And..." Reaching up behind her head, the young woman pulled the tie that held her hair up in its ponytail, un-binding the long tresses and allowing them to flow down over her back and shoulders. "It's Miss Ahiru, understood? You should be respectful to your teacher."

Fakir was silent for a long moment, mouth hanging open, completely baffled by the redhead's strange and uncharacteristic behavior. She couldn't possibly be serious about this nonsense! He leaned forward in his chair, half-rising from the seat. "Alright, that's enough of--"

"Read what it says beside number one on the board please, Fakir."

"Stop interrupting m--"

"Read it."

He stared at her. Was that a sharp edge of authority in her voice? Did she just give him a command? Something in him stirred. It wasn't anger, exactly, but it was warm, and quickly spreading. She sounded...sexy when she spoke like that. And almost as if moving by a will not entirely under his control, Fakir reseated himself, turning his eyes to the board obediently and opening his mouth to speak. "A healthy heart is very important."

"That's right!" She readily agreed, the smile having returned to her features as though it never left. "And do you know why?" Fakir shook his head and she chuckled, slowly approaching his vicinity. "Then let's get started with your lesson, shall we?"

Before he could inquire about what she meant, the redhead reached out and took one of his hands, placing it on her chest and holding the appendage firmly in place with both of her hands. His green eyes immediately broadened to the size of saucers, face flushing a violent shade of red as he sputtered. "W--Wh--What are you doing!?"

He attempted to pull his captive hand away from its forced groping of her left breast, but she stubbornly held it in place, closing her eyes. "Do you feel that, Fakir?"

What kind of question was that? Of course he felt it - the soft flesh under his fingertips, smooth beneath the covering of her shirt, and a small nub hard against the palm of his hand...

Another wave of blood rushed to his head. Wait. Wait. WAIT. She wasn't wearing anything under her shirt!? What was she trying to do to him!?

Ahiru gently pressed the hand more flushly to her chest, as though entirely oblivious to Fakir's anxious and over-heated state. "That's a healthy heartbeat. Doesn't it feel nice?"

His fingers twitched, itching to hold, grasp, and fondle the mound laying tantalizingly beneath. However, before he could work up the nerve to follow through, she cupped his hand and moved it off of her breast, placing it back down on the desk. He opened his mouth to protest the relocation, but snapped his jaw shut when she unexpectedly scooted right on top his desk (carelessly knocking his textbook to the floor in the process), legs hanging off of the side as she leaned in close. And without warning, her fingers latched to either side of his head, pulling him forward and turning his head to the side just far enough to position his ear where his hand had been placed just moments before. His cheek pressed up against the curve of her left breast, feeling her inviting warmth even through the cloth barrier that separated direct skin contact. The soft thump-thumping sound of her heart echoed distantly in his head, nearly drowned out by the heavy and loud pounding of his own.

First his hand, now his face--she couldn't really be unaware of what she was doing at this point, could she? ...But this was Ahiru. Even if she was acting weirder than usual, she seemed to believe these actions were completely innocent.

"Mine's a healthy and happy heartbeat," she declared, finally releasing his head. He nearly wobbled backward, face as bright as a ripe tomato. The redhead tapped a finger to her chin in mock-thought before settling her blue eyes on him, their depths reflecting something that might have almost looked mischievous if he didn't know better. "Why don't we compare?"

Once again, she gave him no time to get so much as a word in edgewise before she sprung into action, her right hand gliding down over the fabric of his jacket and pausing over the area of his heart. She frowned, tugging at the material. "This just won't do. I can hardly feel anything through these layers! You'll have to take it off."

She wanted him...to strip his blazer off. At this point, Fakir wasn't sure how much more of this he could take. Even if she didn't realize what she was doing, he couldn't prevent himself from getting aroused by her little "lesson". And if he didn't stop her now, his self-control was likely to fly right out the window.

But the real question was, did he even want to stop her?

Ahiru's small fingers took his silence and lack of resistance as an invitation, quickly undoing the buttons that held the uniform coat together and proceeding to maneuver the dark cloth down and off of his shoulders. He wordlessly assisted by shrugging out of the blazer entirely, allowing it to bunch down over the chair and again she placed her hand firmly against his chest, pausing there for a moment before she sighed. "Still not coming through strongly. I guess this other shirt is going to have to go, too."

This time she took her sweet time pulling the buttons free, nearly making him squirm in his seat from the simple light brushes of her delicate fingers over the newly-exposed tan skin. And when the white shirt fully opened, she snaked her right hand under the fabric and caressed his skin all the way over to her intended destination. Fakir sank a little lower in the chair, breathing beginning to become ragged from her simple ministrations. The redhead blinked as she stared down at her hand's idle position, then turned an amused pair of blue eyes to his. If she found the deep blush painted across his cheeks to be questionable, she didn't let it show. "There's a big difference with yours!" She declared with something akin to astonishment. "It's beating very quickly, almost like you're excited or nervous about something!"

Clueless. She didn't even appear to have the slightest inkling about just what that anxious excitement really was. Why couldn't she just wake up and put two and two together for onc--

"Euuugrgh!" He bit back the noise almost as soon as it escaped his throat, arching harshly against the back of the chair when her nails carefully dug into his skin.

Her face mirrored mild disappointment. "I still can't feel it really well though... Why don't you stand up for a minute?"

The dark-haired boy paused to catch his breath as she finally retracted her hand. He vaguely wondered what she was going planning to do, although he was pretty certain it would follow the same steps she led him through with her. And that likely meant she was going to lean in and listen to his heartbeat - which was far less torturous than what she was doing previously. Maybe he could still snag his flagging control back before the situation got too out of hand.

Complying with her request, he languidly lifted to an upright stance (using one hand to grab the edge of the desk behind him to hold himself up), and just as he expected, she promptly leaned her head forward and laid her ear against his chest. He straightened and stilled, trying his best to ignore the warmth of her pressed to him and the soft brush of her red curls against the open skin.

"Oh, I think it's starting to slow down a little now," she remarked, her hot breath passing over his exposed chest.

Then something warm and wet came in contact with his skin and Fakir inhaled sharply, the flush returning tenfold to set his face aflame.

"Ohh! It sped up again!" Ahiru voiced gleefully.

She didn't just--! She couldn't have--! Was his lust running away with his imagination now?

As if in reply that unspoken question, she swiftly pulled away, showing him a smile that was almost seductive in nature. "And now I'll answer the question this lesson started with, Fakir." Her small hands rose and latched onto either of his shoulders, then began meandering down and in underneath of the twin white flaps of his open shirt. "A healthy heart is important because..." Passing his abdomen, her hands finally ceased their descent and rubbed sensually against the taught skin just above the hem of his uniform pants. "It pumps blood to every part of your body."

Fakir stared as she pulled away from him completely and hopped off of the desk, not even bothering to attempt to hide his shock as he flopped back down into the waiting chair below. Her hips swayed from side to side shamelessly, begging for attention as she made her way back to the blackboard.

...This was no accident. She was doing it on purpose! This whole time she knew exactly what she was doing!

And that realization only fed the flames of his growing desire, arousing him to the point that his pants were becoming uncomfortably tight. He never dreamed Ahiru could be anything like this little red-headed minx before him.

Did that mean she wanted him as much as he wanted her? And she was finally starting to let it show?

They spent a lot of time together. That much was undeniable. Hell, it was to be expected with the promise he made to her. And although they were just short of actually dating or anything beyond the bounds of friends, the rumors that spread over campus had assumed they were already together. Not that Fakir minded, in the least. The less males he had to chase off from getting acquainted with her or leering at her, the better.

However, he never took any further steps forward in their relationship because he was unsure of how she felt. Ahiru smiled a lot, she was friendly, considerate, a bit nerve-wracking at times... but she was like that with everyone. He couldn't see anything special in her behavior or attitude when it came to him. Not in a romantic sense, anyway.

And so he decided to be a coward about it. He feared the thought of being rejected and of screwing up their close bond by confusing or upsetting her.

Even now he was still running away from it. That possibility of shattering everything always lurked in the shadows and he used it as an excuse to keep his feelings to himself--dishonesty. And it didn't even end there. For all she raved about being an 'ugly duckling', he certainly couldn't take his eyes off of her. And that too, had become a problem in the most recent years. College life was less innocent than the days at Kinkan's Fine Arts Academy. Ahiru had been entirely oblivious to all of the improper attention she was getting from the other male students here, but Fakir wasn't that dense. And it was through the so-called protection of her innocence that he started to see her in that same light.

Dishonorable. And he knew it. But he stubbornly decided it was alright as long as she remained as naive as she was. Those other young men had less self-control and restraint than he did. As long as he only looked and didn't touch, she would be none the wiser. And things would be fine that way. They could continue going as they had without any drastic changes.

He'd been foolish to think it would be that simple. Matters only complicated further with time. How long would it be until she tired of him and found someone she wanted a more intimate relationship with? There were too many people, too many choices--many of which were much more friendly and outgoing than he was. This was the point in life where people commonly spread out and found someone they wanted to share their lives with, or at the very least accept commitment beyond frivolous flings. He already knew who he was devoted to and who he wanted to have that kind of relationship with. And thus he'd begun to get frustrated that she hadn't taken any notice of his feelings. Not that he was even straightforward with anything, but it would only be so long before someone came along who was much more honest and willing to express themselves.

And Fakir irrationally blamed her for not maturing enough to take notice or seizing the initiative where he failed to.

Was this her way of coaxing him to open up about everything...?

"Fakiiiir" Ahiru beckoned, breaking him out of his inner-contemplation. She was holding her hands behind her back, head tilted slightly to the side as she smiled. "It's time to move on to the next part of the lesson. Are you ready?"

He opened his mouth to reply with the affirmative, but stopped short, swiftly noting that the top few buttons of her shirt had been unclasped, revealing a gracious amount of cleavage. He swallowed, and finding his throat had gone dry, opted for a stiff nod.

Her grin widened. "Alright. I want you to skip down to the middle part under where it says what's important for a healthy body and read what it says next to number two."

It took more will power than he expected to lift his gaze away from her half-exposed chest and focus on the chalked lines upon the blackboard. Passing his tongue over his lips in attempt to prepare, he opened his mouth to speak. "Eat healthy foods."

No sooner had the words left his mouth when she suddenly pulled her hands out in front of her, revealing a ripe red apple. "Fruits are healthy, Fakir. And you should eat more of them." Ahiru cradled the apple in front of her, petting the surface. "Doesn't it look good?"

Once again, it was with some difficultly that he was able to tear his gaze from her cleavage when the apple was being displayed right beside it. "Y-Yeah, I guess," he mumbled.

Her lips formed into a pout. "You don't seem convinced." Glancing down at the apple, she lifted the red-skinned fruit to her lips and took a small bite, closing her eyes as if savoring the flavor. "Mmmm... You really should try this, Fakir. I think you would like it."

He never thought that watching her eat part of an apple could be erotic, but each small bite she took coupled with the euphoric look on her face was making him squirm in his seat.

And after slowly swallowing another piece, she fixed half-lidded blue eyes on him, sauntering right up to his desk. "Do you...want some?"

The low tone of her duck-like voice sent a shiver down his spine. "S-Sure." He held one hand out to accept the apple and she glanced down at his open palm for a moment before returning her gaze to the bitten fruit. Then, as if deciding something, a tiny smirk curled up the far corner of her lips and she reached her free hand out, pulling the desk out from in front of him and pushing the wooden object off to the side. His eyes were wide with surprise, but shadowed with lust as he held his breath in anticipation for what this unreadable and assertive side of the redhead was planning to do next.

And he wasn't disappointed. She partook of the apple once again, letting half of the slice protrude from her mouth as she straddled his lap, settling herself right down over his erection. The action pulled a breathy gasp from his mouth and she immediately seized the opening, leaning right in and pressing the fruit into his parted lips. And he readily accepted the gift, pulling the piece fully into his mouth and chewing quickly. "Well?" she inquired after a moment, lips mere centimeters from his. "Was it good?"

No sooner had he swallowed before his arms sprang to life, wrapping around her petite form and closing the tiny distance that remained between their mouths. Fakir didn't even try to mask his hunger - he had been waiting far too long for the opportunity to kiss her and he wasn't going to let this chance slip by him. She obviously had no complaints. Her reciprocation was almost immediate and filled with that same longing, her head tilting just marginally to the side as her hands went to work - one crawling up over his shoulder and behind his neck while the other smoothed into his open shirt. His fingers tensed in their grip around her waist and back as she carefully slid her tongue into his mouth. Had he been thinking clearly, he likely would have found the action odd from someone like her, but in his current state, he wasn't going to question or protest anything she wished to initiate.

The kiss deepened from his end, his own tongue working against hers in a clearly inexperienced but eager manner. He found the lingering taste of apple mixed with the sweetness of her mouth to be intoxicating, and the gentle movement of her hips down over his lower body elicited a groan from his throat, the noise half-lost between the heated connection of their busy mouths. The hand upon his chest started to move downward, alternating between stroking the muscles and scraping her nails across the warm flesh as he arched into her addictive touch, craving more of it.

"Fakir," she coo-ed softly as she pulled back, her voice lulling his eyes back open. His gaze was met with a darkened hue of blue in her eyes and a flush that was clearly visible across her lightly-freckled face. She leaned up to his left ear and bit gently, warm breath releasing in a small pant. "Tell me what number three says."

Ahiru started to lick the curve of the same ear as he struggled to concentrate briefly on the board, his words coming out hoarse and fragmented. "Get--nn--plenty...of--exercise."

"Mmm," she purred in approval, nipping at the edge of his hearing appendage again before both of her hands swiftly relocated to his pants and undid the clasp with haste. He gasped in surprise, and she giggled in a manner that suggested she was amused. "I think you need some exercise, Fakir. Always sitting around writing...you don't give your muscles a good work out that way...but I can help you with that." She scooted back just far enough to release his hardness from its restraints, a smile curving onto her pink lips when she received an appreciative groan of need in response. Positioning one hand over the length of his erection, she began sliding it up and down at a leisurely pace, retracting from his ear to watch the way his face contorted in pleasure. "Warming up first is important," she informed him as her hand started to pump a little faster. "Can't have you burning yourself out in a few wild seconds of over-exertion..."

Where she learned any of this was a mystery to him, but it felt so amazing that he couldn't bring himself to care. His eyes screwed shut again when she squeezed his manhood, breath falling out in strained pants and sweat running down his brow. He felt gentle fingertips curl up into his hair and caress the side of his face tenderly, which completely betrayed the increasingly rough actions of her other hand. "That's a good boy... So well-behaved."

Both of his hands fixed on her waist, gripping her tightly and constricting with each of her skilled hand's actions. The redhead gave him another tight squeeze and he instinctively bucked up against her. "I believe you're prepared now," she spoke in a pleased manner. And slowly, she began to ease up and lessen the tempo of her hold on his shaft until both hands had retracted from their different positions and come to her waist, where she pried the vice grip from her middle. He mildly protested with a strangled verbal noise and increased pressure of his fingertips into the lightly-clothed skin, but ultimately gave in to her insistence, letting his hands fall away from her.

Almost like a reward for his obedience, she leaned forward quickly to give him a small peck on the lips and then released his legs from her straddling, standing up again briefly before she lowered down to the floor just a couple feet in front of him. "It's time for the final part of your lesson, Fakir. I knew you'd make it this far... and of course, I was prepared for when you did..."

Even in his heated and half-focused state, his eyes widened when she hiked up her skirt--revealing that she wasn't wearing panties. Blood rushed to his face all over again, his hardness straining almost painfully at the sight of her half-naked and waiting.

Waiting for him.

She smiled seductively, reaching a hand out toward him and performing a 'come hither' gesture. And he reacted almost immediately, fumbling down from his chair and nearly tripping over his pants in the process. Ahiru chuckled as he hastily crawled over her figure and quickly unclasped the final buttons to her blouse, leaving her meager chest completely unbound and open before him. "Now don't be shy," she said, voice dripping with sultry sweetness as she cupped her hands under both of her breasts. "You wanted some of this too, didn't you? The more exploring you do, the more exercise you'll get, after all." She lowered down to her back on the floor, hair pooling like a blanket of fire around her.

Fakir hesitated, as if unsure of what he wanted first, and her arms reached out to curl around his neck, pulling him right down to her chest. He inhaled at the contact of his face in a familiar position, the burning warmth of her breast against his still-moist lips sending a jolt of electricity through his system. Opening his mouth, he experimentally allowed his tongue to glide out and over the sensitive skin. The slight shudder of her beneath him boosted his confidence, his tongue becoming more bold and working slickly across her breast until it found the nipple. Pausing for just a scarce second, he bore his mouth down over the small protrusion, sucking almost desperately.

"What a fast learner," she praised with a mewl of pleasure, and then purposefully arched her center up against his hardened length. "But you know what's going to give you the best exercise, don't you?"

He threw his head back and moaned when she rolled her hips up against his erection again. And she gave him no time to recover from her onslaught, one hand pulling up her skirt as the other found his manhood and gently guided it to her center. He panted harshly, lifting himself up by his arms as she placed his length where it needed to be. "Now listen to me, Fakir," she instructed, idly playing her fingertips upon his hard surface. "Place your hands on my hips." He followed her command without complaint, fingers clasping around either side to get a firm grip. And she proceeded to position his tip against her damp entrance, smiling up at him. "Now show me just how well you understand the importance of a healthy work-out."

Taking a deep breath, he thrust forward, sinking into her with surprising ease, his body temporarily overcome by the overwhelming sensations that erupted within him from entering inside of her. She sighed almost happily as he exhaled, pulling himself partway out and then pushing in again. Her legs lifted and latched around his back. "Faster."

As if his body was in-tune to her verbal demands, his pace slowly quickened, earning a tiny moan of approval from beneath him. He groaned in response, swiftly rocking in and out and the tempo only picking up as he felt himself start to get lost in the friction of their scorching bodies.

"Yes," she gasped as he thrust even more wildly, their pants of exertion becoming louder with each passing second. "Yes, just like that--keep going--you're learning so well."

His eyes closed, fingers almost bruising into her hips as he struggled to keep a grip on her, pounding her lithe form into the floor with each rapid movement. The redhead panted heavily, one hand snaking down from around his neck to scrape its nails down his sweat-dotted collarbone and chest.

"I knew my experience would be good for you."

Another sharp thrust--faster--reason and coherent thought nearly blocked out by the increasing pleasure and desire.

"I could--Ah!--see your sexual frustrations--I wanted to help you--Nnnn!"

Sweat trickled down his brow and trailed off the edge of his chin, his mouth open and breathing strained and hitched with need.

"I've done this before--and you had so much you needed to learn--"

He froze, eyes snapping open and body halting mid-thrust. All at once it felt like a rushing waterfall of cold liquid splashed over him. "What?"

She blinked up at him. "You didn't think you were my first, did you?"

Something in him seized up and constricted so hard that he felt like he couldn't breathe. All he could do was stare, stunned. She wasn't--someone had beat him to it? She had already engaged in this with someone else? THAT was how she seemed so goddamn experienced!?

"W-Who?" he choked out, swallowing another growing lump in his throat. Whoever that man was, he was going to pay for taking her. All he needed was a name and he'd track that bastard down and--

"My first?" She inquired, almost as if they were having a casual conversation despite the intimate act they were in the middle of. "I don't remember, honestly. There's been so many that it's hard to keep track."

His green eyes widened in horrified shock. "You...You're joking."

Ahiru's lips twisted into a pout as she slid her hand up and down his chest. "I don't see how you can be surprised. I mean--it's obvious that you were never going to tell me how you felt. Other guys were more...eager. And they didn't try to hide their feelings from me."

No. It wasn't true. It wasn't--It couldn't be!

She reached up and caressed his face softly with one hand. "Oh, did I hurt your feelings? I'm so sorry!" The smirk on her lips, however, suggested that she was almost being cruel. "I couldn't wait for you forever, Fakir. Three years into college and we weren't even dating. You're still such a coward. And yet I was nice enough to give this to you, anyway. Here I thought you would be thankful."

"No," he rasped. This was his fault? She turned to other men because she thought him to be too much of a coward?

She continued as though she hadn't even heard him utter a thing. "But it's names you want, isn't it? I'll see how many I can remember... Let's see, there's Devon, Tyler, and Sebastian--he's really good with his hands and he taught me a lot."


"And there was Ryan and Rien--they were twins. I never thought a threesome could be so much fun! Oh--and their cousin, Benjamin. He was a pretty good lay, too..."


"And at least half of the boys in the dancing class. You should see what they can do. Definitely stronger than they look. And I admit it was a little risky to be using the practice room, but Raoul was especially creative. Plus there were a few of the guys from your writing class who were very--"


Thunk. Fakir felt his forehead come in contact with something hard and groaned in pain. Blinking his eyes as he lifted his head, his vision languidly cleared and a worried pair of blue eyes materialized right in front of him. He lurched away, his own eyes wide with surprise.

"Fakir, you could have said something if you were sick! I didn't mean to upset you or anything by rambling like that, but you didn't have to tell me to shut up!"

He stared at her for a long moment and then slowly cast his gaze down to the desk he was seated at. A familiar book greeted his sight and he nearly breathed a sigh of relief.

It wasn't real.

The dark-haired boy shifted in his seat and then froze, glancing down at his pants and swallowing hard. Real or not, his body couldn't seem to tell the difference. Just bloody great.

He looked up again in surprise when he felt a small hand press against his forehead. "You're running a fever, Fakir. I'm really sorry--I would never have asked you to go through with this today if I knew you weren't feeling well!"

He blinked, feeling more and more relieved as the seconds passed. Ahiru's naivete was back with a vengeance. And he'd never been as glad to see it as he was now. "It's fine," he assured her. "I suppose I should have said something."

She was quiet for a moment, and then, "Is there anything I can do for you? Something to help you feel better?"

He glanced at her pleading gaze, knowing exactly how she could help him and his lower body tensed at the thought--but no, not after that accursed situation his imagination had just tortured him with. He would be sure to rectify his mistake soon, but now was not the time for that. "I'll just...go and wash up in the men's restroom."

"Oh, okay." She watched as he swiftly rose from the desk and immediately turned his back to her, heading for the door. "Um...Fakir?"

He stilled a few feet from the door. "Hn?"

"You're still going to help me with all the things I'm having trouble with, right? I promise we'll arrange another tutoring session so you learn the Health material too, but I have that test in English coming up and--"

"Don't worry," he interrupted her calmly. "There may be a lot of things you need to know, but..." The small smile that curved onto his lips remained unseen by the redhead. "I'm going to be the one to teach you everything." 'And I'm sure as hell not letting anyone else near you before that.'

She clapped her hands together, face brightening into a smile that she beamed at his turned figure. "Wow, really? That's so nice of you! I look forward to it, Fakir!"

"Good," he said with an air of satisfaction as he stepped out of the classroom. "That makes two of us, then."

And now he knew exactly what he could fantasize about to relieve his little problem.


AN: Egaaaads, this got so long! It's pretty much it's own fanfic instead of a smut prompt. XD;;; I also really wanted to work Fakir's fantasy into a reality, but I just couldn't tweak Ahiru's personality enough to make her take a dominant role. ...But she did in Fakir's head, at least. XD And I hope no one minds that little twist I added. I like putting plot into things and it's hard not to, even when I really shouldn't with prompts like this.

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