Hello, everyone! This chapter is not an actual chapter of the fic, I'm afraid.

Instead, this will be the...


That's right, I will be taking requests for kinks to write into fics that I will post into this story as one-shots. I am running a bit low on ideas (or saving them specifically for roleplay purposes), so I'm going to open requests!



1.) First of all, let me make one thing very clear: I will not write something that has already been specifically done before (either by myself or another person).

2.) You need to have a "kink" included if you wish to have your request considered. And please do not send me something like just "bondage". Be as specific as possible! And I will do things that are a bit more out there, but I will NOT do the following: anything bathroom-related (watersports/etc), necrophilia, anal (I've never written this and have no desire to learn), hard vore or gore/mutilation/etc. Aside from that? Go wild. I've written some things in the past (near and far) that would probably surprise you.

3.) These will be Fakir/Ahiru only. That's what this fic is centered on and I will not take requests for ANY other couple. Requests for other pairings or threesomes/orgies will be ignored.

4.) I will not be able to do all requests. And I need to feel inspired to write something, so please do not take it personally if you do not see your request filled.

5.) Please do NOT send me loads and loads of requests at a time. I don't mind if you send a few (since I'm picking and choosing on what I can write), but don't overdo it.

6.) I accept both Canon and Alternate Universe requests (be sure to tell me which yours is!). Though I admit that Alternate Universe will be easier to deal with, since in Canon, coming up with ways to get them involved in kinky things is not as easy when their backgrounds are already set in stone. Also, you may or may not expect some OOC (out of character) in these fics, especially considering that they will be kinky. And if you would specifically like to request something OOC or AU (ex: Black Prince!Fakir), please note that as well.

7.) Some fills may be PWP (porn without plot). I try to incorporate plot into my smut works, but when I'm doing requests like this, it might not be as easy to manage that in some cases. On that same note, please do not expect novels or huge fics. Sometimes I write longer, sometimes I write shorter. It all depends on how far the prompt takes me.

8.) Please be patient. Do not sent me numerous messages asking if I'm working on your prompt or if I've chosen one of yours, etc. When I post the fics, I will post the name of the requestee with them (unless they wish to remain anonymous-if that IS the case, please let me know!).

9.) I am more likely to work with requests that give me a setting/idea to use and expand upon. I may tweak them if they don't work out to my liking, but I would like more than just a listed kink to work with - it really helps.

10.) Please do not forget that I write for fun and enjoyment. This is not a job to me and please do not place such expectations upon me. I am offering this as a courtesy to the readers and I am not bound to deadlines.

11.) NO KINK-SHAMING WILL BE TOLERATED. This is meant to be so people can request something they would like to see and not be judged for it. If I see you leaving a review that shames said person's request fill or makes some nasty comment or flame about how you hate it/think it's sick or disgusting, etc, I will not take any requests from you whatsoever. Period. There is a back button you can hit if the kink/prompt is not up your alley.


That's it. I don't ask a lot. I just want to be clear on what I need from the requests to make this a little easier on both me and you, okay?

Thanks and I hope you guys will give me some suggestions/requests to work with!

For now, I will keep these requests open indefinitely. However, if this becomes a problem, that may change. Like I asked, please do not send me and overload of like twenty ideas or something ridiculous. I don't mind a few (since I'm picking and choosing through what inspires me), but I really do not want massive inbox spam from the same person.

I hope you have taken the time to read through this before you request - I would greatly appreciate it. I don't want there to be any misconceptions on what I do and do not accept.

If you do have further questions, you can either leave them in review or send to me in PM. I also hope that the feedback for doing this will be positive. I understand that kinky things are not everyone's cup of tea, so I WILL warn what the kinks/requests are at the top of the fic. And if you do not like/agree with that kink, please just hit the back button or skip over that chapter.

Like I said above, there will be no kink-shaming and no flaming of anyone who requests things that you don't agree with. Please be considerate.

All clear? I hope so.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this and... well, let the Fakiru kink requests begin!