Escape To Hell

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Most technical knowledge comes from Memory Alpha (the Star Trek Wiki), and the rest from my own imagination and vague knowledge of bio/quantum mechanics.

This fic is after episode 'Alice', but it doesn't take the episodes after that into consideration.

Tom blinked blearily when a clang rang out near-by, before shutting his eyes tight. God, his head hurt…


The pilot looked around, realizing that he was lying down, limiting his view.

"Commander?" he asked, slightly slurred even to his own ears.

"Do you know where you are?" Chakotay asked.

They were in a cell quite like Voyager's brig, judged by looking…wait, no – they weren't on Voyager…

"The Chinaii Interrogation Base on the planet I'tek…right?"

"What's the last thing you remember?"

He looked to his right, where the voice came from.

"Not much, Captain," Tom managed out, his voice sounding dry. Great, first his head hurt, now his throat was impossibly parched. What next?

"Then what do you remember?" Tom leaned his head back to glance at Harry, who had spoken, before looking back at the Captain and Commander.

"When they took me away," Tom said, almost cringing at how weak his voice was, as well. "They took me some place…looked like a V'diian operating room. They strapped me down to a table…they injected me with something, using a hypodermic needle…after that…I vaguely remembered…"

"Remembered what?" The captain asked.

"A nightmare…like a childhood nightmare…being chased…" Being attacked, he added in his head grimly. "I remembered feeling some pain…" Or a lot of pain. "Then I think I remember being dragged back here…but halfway here, I blacked out…how long ago was I brought back?"

"You were brought back here about six hours ago."


Tom tried to sit up, but immediately groaned and fell back against the bench he was on, his abdomen waging war on his pain synapses.

"Don't try getting up again," Janeway said. "At least not as fast. You still have a few bruises on your face…I don't know how the rest of you is."

Tom nodded, before sitting up gently this time, with Harry's help. Not quite caring about the other's present, Tom unbuttoned the lower half of his uniform's torso, and pushed up the undershirt.

Everyone winced at the sight. Most of his abdomen seemed to be one giant patch of black and blue, and there were a few gashes.

Tom, however, was wincing for a different reason.

His nightmare…had been a rather horrific memory from his childhood, when he'd been attacked…and these wounds were identical.

But he wasn't going to mention that just yet.

"You should lie down," The captain said immediately as Tom resealed his uniform. He pressed his hand against his leg, and pulled it away with blood all over it.

"Whatever happened, it must've been brutal," Harry said, looking at the blood.

"Nothing I haven't been through, before."

"I can imagine," Chakotay muttered under his breath.

"We have to figure out a way out of this place," Tom said. "Who knows which of you is next-"

"We're already taking care of that," the captain said, pushing down on Tom's shoulder to make him lie down again. "You need to rest."

He shook his head.

"I've made it through worse, captain. I want to help."

She sighed.

"I don't have time to argue. At least take it easy."

She pointed to a corner of the 'door', or the edge of the forcefield, while Tom pushed himself back up. "Harry's figured out a weak spot, and when he tried to attack one of the guards to keep them from taking you, he managed to snag…well, something."

"It's like a screwdriver," Harry said. "Except instead of using photonic rays to move microscopic metals like normal, it uses polaric sonar instead."

"Sonic screwdriver," Tom mumbled. "Just like Doctor Who."

"Doctor what?" Chakotay asked.

"20th century TV show…never mind. How's that going to help?"

"The weak spot is directly connected to the rest of the projectors," Harry said. "But not all of the others are interconnected with each other. If we can knock out this one and break the chain, more than half of that forcefield will disappear without setting off alarms."

Tom nodded.

"When we get out…I think there's a communications dock down these halls. If you go…left, I think, there's a doorway surrounded by red. It opens into either a communications bay or an engineering dock. I also think that's where they took our comm badges. Helpful, either way."

"I guess we now have an official plan," Harry said, already working on the polaric sonar thing again.

"Obviously," Janeway said. "There's not much to do right now. Rest – you'll need it later."

Tom relented, leaning his head back and pulling his knees up to minimize the pain. Years of practice of minimizing pain was starting to pay off, these days.



Tom's eyes snapped open in alarm, just before Janeway was about to shake him awake.

"Can you walk with that leg?" she asked. Tom nodded. If he couldn't walk…well, he'd make himself walk, anyway.

Tom managed to push himself up, expertly suppressing the scream he wanted to let out at the pain. He started trying to walk, but didn't complain when Harry wrapped an arm around Tom's waist, and slung one of Tom's arms over his shoulders.

"Thanks," Tom muttered.

"No problem," Harry said. "Left, red door, right?"

"Y-yeah," Tom said, internally cursing himself. He just did not stutter!

They still managed to run, Tom's leg throbbing, and abs screaming. They were lucky enough that the only guards they had to deal with were the ones that had been guarding the cell.

"This one it?" Harry asked. Tom wanted to say something…but couldn't…gasping, he nodded.

Chakotay ran in ahead…but two guards met him when he did. But they obviously hadn't been expecting them, and the commander and captain managed to pull their guns away and shoot them.

But alarms started blaring almost immediately.

"They must've set something off," Chakotay said. "I see the badges."

Tom suddenly squeezed his eyes shut as Harry had to jerk him to get him through the door.

"They're locked in the containment field."

"Kim, I'll take over Paris – help Chakotay…"

Tom's eyes were still shut in pain, but he felt himself move from being held up by one person, to another.


He forced himself to snap his eyes open.

"I'm fine, captain."

"I'm sure you are," she said sarcastically.

"Well, it doesn't matter, anyway…" he said. "I'll be fine-"

"Got them!" Harry said, before pressing down on them.

"Kim to Voyager – four to beam up."

Tom shut his eyes, again – god, his head was killing him.

"I'm afraid we are unable to get a lock on you," Tuvok's voice came through.

"Use B'Elanna's new mineral scan and get a lock on our skeletal structures."

He took measured breaths…his entire body hurt…and his head was worse than ever…it can't be normal…whatever they did, it had to be it…

"It is faint, but we have you locked," Tuvok said.

"Tom?" Harry asked. This time, Tom couldn't even respond…

God, kill me, it hurts…

"Beam us directly to sickbay," Janeway said.

"ARGH!" Tom screamed as he felt himself being teleported.

It was ten seconds of utter agony, and it didn't stop, but only lessened, when he fell into sickbay.

He gasped in pain.

"What happened?" he heard the Doctor ask.

"We don't know," Janeway said. "Just heal him for now."

Tom tried to hang on. But he felt a hypospray against his neck, and then all he knew was darkness.

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