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What is the greater sin, loving another man or loving one of the demons so scorned that they are condemned to the fiery pits of hell and the land of ruthless murderers? But am I not one of those that gods and even humans hate with an unrivaled passion? Or does this body exempt me from those rules? Does the mortal shell that I am bound to now cleanse me of the sins from my former life?

Is heaven decided upon the body or the soul? If it is the soul then I am damned to the hell that awaits all of our kind without question. If it is the body however, I may have a glimpse at the elusive paradise of the afterlife.

But even heaven would be hell without him, without his touch. If it was a choice between heaven without the one I love and hell with him in my arms, I would choose my lover every time. Besides I always loved the way he looked by the firelight.

I'll see you in hell… Hiei.


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