A/N: This is what you get when you lock a girl in a car for eight hours with her dad, brother, and grandfather while blasting the Beastie Boys on the stereo. Okay dad, it's your fault. Each character is based off of a person I rode with. Let's see if you could figure them out. Oh, and most of these events actually occurred... The ones in the car at least...

Disclaimer: I own nothing.


Ness was leaning against the wall of Smash Mansion. He was at the bottom of the long staircase with a great number of bags and cases at his feet.

"Okay, so... Water bottle, snack, Gameboy SP, CD player... and..." Ness mumbled under his breath as he checked multiple necessities off his note pad. "Extra hat, playing cards, doodle pad, stuffed animal rock lobster, blah blah.. Okay dude! I'm set!"

Just then, Yoshi slid down the rail of the staircase, clutching his fiery red DS. His feet met the floor, sliding forward a bit. The dino grinned at his unexpectedly smooth entrance. His smile left when he spotted the mass of luggage Ness had with him. "Dude, we're not moving out, it's just a road trip to some contest winner's house." Yoshi commented.

Ness set his note pad down on a suit case. "Yes, but It's my FIRST road trip, eight hours man! Plus there is a return trip, not to mention the stuff between."

"You mean the actual visit? We're only staying a couple hours."

"Yeah, well... you..."

Ganondorf appeared at the top of the staircase, waving to the two young smashers.

"Whew, saved by the weirdo..." Ness muttered under his breath.

Ganondorf reached the bottom. He was about to say something evil and ganondorf-ish when Falco came stumbling down the stairs with an over-sized luggage bag in his arms. He dropped it on the floor and dusted his wings off.

"Okay, lets go! Ness, use your powers to move all of this stuff into the van." Ness nodded and began lifting the luggage into the air. He stopped, struggling under the immense weight. "Arr... Yoshi... help." He called for his friend, who was busy playing the Pokemon Pearl version on his DS. "Yoshi..."

"..." Yoshi clicked the buttons on his DS.



"Dammit Yoshi!" Ness dropped all of the luggage on the floor with a crash. "When I say help, you help!"

Yoshi flipped his DS into sleep mode, glaring at Ness. "Rude! Maybe if you'd just wait a fungus flippin' second! I was in the middle of a battle!"

"I couldn't care less! Don't make me come over there and thunk you! You know I--"

The (awesome) sound of Falco's ray gun broke into their conversation. "Now," Falco began in a calm tone. "we're all just gonna get in the car and--" A piece of rubble fell from the ceiling and landed in the middle of the smashers. "Uhh..."

"DID SOMEONE JUST SHOOT THROUGH MY CEILING?" Master Hand's voice rang through the Mansion.

"Oh shit, RUN RUN RUN!" Falco, Ness, Ganondorf, and Yoshi all bolted out the door. They hopped into the car a skidded off, leaving their luggage behind.


A/N: ...Yep. I actually own a stuffed animal rock lobster. It looks disgusting... but you have to love it, and you do. Heh. Ganondorf-ish.