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"I spy with my little eye... Er..." Crazy Hand was wedged in between Yoshi and Ganon. He peered over his left, and then his right. "I spy... With my.. eye..."

"You don't have any eyes." Falco interrupted wearily.

"HOLYSHIT! NO EYES?!" Crazy Hand then proceeded to have a seizure. "HGGGTTTHHHPPTH!" Ganondorf, Ness, Yoshi, and Falco shared a group sigh.

"Crazy Hand?" Ness's voice was barely audible as he turned around in his seat. "Could you please stop being so crazy for the remainder of this trip? Please?" His eyes grew wide and his lower lip trembled. "Please?" He begged. "Hrrrrrmmm-rrm--rmmmm-rrrrrrm" Crazy Hand pondered. "HReeerrmeeemmmmm... Hrrmm..." He wriggled uncomfortably. "HRRRMMM... RRRHHHEEEMMM... UHHHRRRRRMMMM...Huurrr... Hurr... Pfft..." Ness's eyes remained hopeful. "Um. I farted. If those noises weren't already giving it away." Crazy Hand stated smugly. Ness froze, his left eye twitched. "You-" His arms fell limp. "YOU DIP-" Ness followed that up with all of the obscenities he knew, in every language he knew. He pulled his bat from behind his back and started to climb over the seat.

"Wait!" Falco pulled him back down. "We're here! WE'RE FINALLY HERE!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. The car pulled to a stop in front of a fancy mansion. "We. Are. Finally. Here!" Falco sobbed between each word. "R-really?" Tears began to stream down Ness's cheeks. He flung his door open and ran outside, Falco followed his actions. The two gulped in the air and rolled all over the cement. Ganondorf walked casually out of the car and stretched out his ams. "Wow..." He scratched his back. "That was short." Crazy hand floated out next, spotting Falco and Ness flipping out all over the floor. "HEY!" He shouted as he approached them. "You think you're crazier than me? YOU THOUGHT WRONG BITCHES! Prepare yourself!" As soon as his last word was spoken, Crazy Hand dropped to the floor, asleep.

"Yes! YES!" Falco and Ness raced up the steps, paying no attention to their surroundings. They burst through the door and stood thanking the Lord inside.

"Um, wassup guys." A familiar voice sounded beside them. They stopped their mumbling to see who it was. "Um, so.. where've you been." The voice's owner stepped out from the shadows. It was the one and only Kirby! The lovable fluff ball! "Welcome back!" He greeted them.

"Auuuugghh..." Falco groaned. "Kirby? You were the contest winner?"

"Um.. No. Crazy Hand was." He pointed to Crazy Hand, who was just walking in. Crazy Hand was about to explain when Falco silenced him. "It's okay..." He sighed. "You're crazy... You can't help it... I have a way to take care of my frustration." He took a deep breath.

"Peace... Serenity... Ummmmm..." Falco closed his eyes. "Haugh-Augh!" He shouted and punched Pit, who had appeared next to him just moments before. "Okay!" He dusted his feathers off. "I'm going to bed!"

"Me too!" Everyone chimed. Ness walked across Pit's unconscious body to get up stairs. Ganon did the same, but with high-heels.

"Mughh..." Yoshi walked in through the door. "What did I miss?"

"Hell Yoshi. You missed hell. PURE hell." Ness responded.

"Aw... man..."

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