A new family

Summery- Takes place during sunwing. (my version on how Chinook joins Shade's family)

Chapter 1: The problem

It was a cold silent night as they flew all the way back to the northern forest. They were all flying to bridge city to prevent a war from starting. In the meantime Shade was happy to have his to have his family together. He spent every moment with them ever since they were together. As they flew shade took a look at Chinook, he had gotten sadder and less sociable since they left the jungle, and that worried him. His thoughts were interrupted when Marina spoke to him. "You okay shade" she asked. "It's Chinook haven't you noticed how has been acting?" he replied. "Now that you mentioned it he has been keeping to himself ever since we left the jungle, think there's something wrong with him?" She explained. "Maybe, it's not like him to do something like this so something has to be wrong." He answered. "What do you think we should do?" Marina asked. "I think I'll have a little talk with him when we stop again." Shade answered. They both stopped talking and kept flying for a few more minutes when they came to a small clearing with a small stream running through and a few leave less trees. The leaders up front, Caliban and Orestes, stopped the whole pack and turned to everyone else. "We are going to stop here for the night, hunt well and get some sleep for tomorrow!" Caliban informed everyone. After all that was done everyone went their way to either hunt or rest. Shade roosted on one of the near by trees, his parents were a couple of feet away talking to each other, and Marina was hunting. Shade looked around the area to see if he could find Chinook. He finally found him roosting on a tree by himself staring at nothing; shade decided that now was his chance to figure out what was wrong with him.

He unfolded himself and flew to where Chinook was, when he got there he roosted right next to him. It looked like Chinook didn't notice him. "Hey Chinook you all right?" shade asked. That seemed to knock him out of his daze. "what.. oh hi shade." Chinook responded in a low voice. "is there something wrong?" shade asked. "no just thinking," he answered back. "about what?" shade asked. "just the everything that has happened" Chinook responded. "is that all that's bothering you?" shade asked. "yes, why?" he lied, "it's just that you been sad and less social since we left the jungle." Shade explained. "it's nothing," Chinook responded. "come on I know that there something wrong," Shade said. "I said it's nothing," Chinook said raising his voice and looking at shade, "look you don't see me trying to get into your personal thoughts..." Chinook stopped and looked down. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get mad," he apologized. "It's all right, but I just want to know what's troubling you that it," shade said. Chinook sighed in defeat knowing that shade wasn't going to stop asking until he knew. "it's just that when I see you, Ariel, and Cassiel together I just get sad," He explained. Shade was a little confused when he said it, then the answer struck him. "this is about your parents' isn't it?" shade asked. Chinook nodded, his closed his eyes and a tear came out of his eye. "I don't know what to do now, I have no family anymore, no one to look after me, no one to comfort me, no one to raise me, no one to be there," he explained bursting into tears. Shade had never seen this side of Chinook before. He was always tough, proud, and happy, and here he was depressed and crying his eyes out like a newborn. This was the side that he didn't want anyone to see, this must of made him feel weak, and helpless.

Shade's POV

I never seen Chinook like this before, this must really must be tearing him up inside. I never seen him so broken. He needs help now, but how? I have to find a way to help him before he does something bad to himself. I have to tell Marina about this see what see thinks about this, and how she would help with this.

Chinook's POV

What am I doing? I'm crying my eyes out in front of the runt. I can't believe he seeing me like this, I never wanted anyone to see me like this especially him. Why is this all happening to me? Why do I have to break down like this? Although it does feel good getting all this out, it feels like all the pain inside is starting to lessen. I never felt so helpless and weak before but still what am I going to do now? Who's going to take care of me?

it took a few minutes for Chinook to stop crying, but even after that he didn't say anything. "you alright?" shade asked, Chinook finally spoke. " yes, shade thanks for the concern, but please I really want be alone," Chinook requested. Shade didn't want to upset him anymore then he is now so he unfolded his wings and dropped from the branch and flew away. He had to find Marina and inform her of the situation. So now he was off to find Marina,

Authors Note: this is my first story, Please RR