Later that night everyone was getting ready to sleep

Later that night everyone was getting ready to sleep. All the bats would sleep, and the owls would watch over them until the next night. On one of the branches was where Cassiel, Ariel, Shade, Chinook, and Marina roosted. Marina and Shade next to Ariel, and Chinook next to Cassiel. All three were shivering a bit cause of the cold. Ariel folded a wing around Shade and Marina to give them extra warmth; Cassiel did the same for Chinook. Chinook on the other hand was happy for what has happened. He had got another chance with another family. He was glade that this family cared for him so much that they invited he into their family, he was really lucky to have them. He would still miss his parents he will never forget them, the thought of them now didn't bring him much pain. He knows now that everything would be ok. Everyone slept, but Chinook stayed awake for a bit. He looked over at his new family and couldn't help smile. Thank you, all of you. You don't do know how much this means to me, thank you for this chance. Chinook thought. He looked at Ariel and Cassiel. Thank you Mom and Dad for the offer, thank you for getting me through this depression I had. He thought. He looked at Shade. Thank you most of all Shade. I know that the invite was your idea, thank you so much. I thought I've given up on everything after relishing my parent's death, but you helped me through it. Thank you… Brother. Chinook thought. Shade opened his eyes and looked a Chinook. "Go to sleep Chinook we still have a long way to go tomorrow," he said shutting his eyes. Chinook smiled and closed his eyes, sleep overtook him moments later. Dreaming about his good times with everyone, and his new life with his new family.


Authors Note: hope you enjoyed my story, I plan on making a short sequel for this. It still in development. Please read and review.