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It was around 11 O'clock at night in Konoha. Jazmine, Naruto, Vivien, and Sasuke were walking and almost to the north gate entrance to the large Ninja town. It was storming outside, but the four Necklace vampires, who were in their animal forms, didn't mind the foul weather. The actually enjoyed it a bit.

It had been exactly six months since Kakashi and Iruka went to Toronto to bring Sasuke and Naruto back to the village. Jazmine and Vivien had been good on their word, that if Sasuke and Naruto wanted to come back, or visit Konoha when they could control themselves, then they would bring them.

They were all about fifty yards from the gate, so they all transformed into their vampire forms. The gates weren't heavily guarded at the moment, like they were when the weather was nicer. There was only one person guarding the gate tonight, and he didn't seem to happy about it.

Vivien squeaked happily and started to run ahead of everyone else. Jazmine smiled, Vivien was too enthusiastic for her own good.

The man guarding the gate had started to nod off, and Vivien couldn't resist sneaking up on him. She smiled hugely and couched down low, so if the man looked up he wouldn't see her.

Sasuke shook his head, Vivien was such a moron, but he couldn't help but grin at her enjoyment. After all, she was the one who turned him, he couldn't help the fact that seeing her enjoying herself made him happy.

Vivien was crouched down hiding below the height of the counter that the man was sitting at. She transformed into her cheetah form, the sudden bright light making the man jump to attention. She purred and drug her claws on the short wall just in front of the man.

The man's eyes grew wide, and he quickly stood up taking out a kunai and readying himself for a fight. Vivien purred again and sat up all the way, exposing her head above the counter. The man saw the huge cheetah and yelped, stumbling back. "What the hell!?" he shrieked.

Naruto chuckled and started to run to catch up to Vivien. "Vivien, stop scaring the man!" He laughed when he finally caught up. "That thing has a name?!" The man behind the counter stuttered, clearly shocked.

"Yes," Jazmine said smiling, her and Sasuke had caught up to the group. "And her name is Vivien." she finished with a nod.

The man gapped for a moment and seemed to remember that he was guarding the gate. He straitened up and put his kunai away, and then sat down in the chair behind the counter. He crossed his arms. "Who are you, and what is your business here?" He asked as politely as he could, though he was still shaken by Vivien's fun.

Vivien purred and Jazmine smiled. "I am Jazmine, and this is Vivien, Sasuke, and Naruto." she said, pointing to them as she said their names. The man was steadily scribbling their names on a sheet of paper in front of him, but when Jazmine said that Naruto and Sasuke were in the group, the man stopped and quickly looked up examining all four of them.

"Sasuke and Naruto?" the man asked. "I thought they were on an extended mission?" he asked confused. 'so that's what the said happened to us,' Sasuke thought. 'EXTENDED MISSION!? Man Kakashi and Iruka are so in for it!' Naruto thought, his eyebrow twitching. Jazmine noticed Naruto fuming and patted him on the head and sighed. "The mission has been completed," Jazmine said simply. You could count what they were doing as a mission, learning how to control their vampire instincts and learning to hunt discretely was hard work for new-born vampires.

"Oh," the man said. "Well, welcome back guys, the entire village has been worried about you two. Especially Sakura." the man said with a smile. Sasuke felt his heart do little flips. Sakura was worried about him? Even after what she had seen back in Toronto?

Vivien looked at Sasuke and grinned a furry grin. She nudged his leg with her paw. He looked down and scratched behind her left ear. Vivien purred.

"Well, you are free to enter the city." The man behind the counter said gesturing for them to enter. "Thank you," Jazmine smiled, and started off into the city. Naruto, Sasuke and Vivien fallowed her. Jazmine stopped, turned around, and walked back to the man behind the counter.

"Yes?" he asked. "Do you need something?"

"Yes I do," Jazmine said. "Do you know where Kakashi Hatake is?" she asked.

The man flipped through a few pages in a book in front of him. "Umm, yea, he's in a meeting with Iruka and the Hokage." the man said looking at a schedule in the book. Jazmine's yellow eyes brightened and she smiled. "Perfect." She purred. "it's a very important meeting though, you cant interrupt it. No mater how dire the situation." The man said noticing Jazmine's pleased expression.

"I think that this is just as important," Jazmine said walking away. "Come on guys, were headed to the Hokage's office." she declared. Vivien squeaked happily, she had always wanted to see the inside of the Hokage's office ever since she had learned about Konahona. Sasuke nodded and started to walk in the direction of the building. Naruto stood still for a moment and then started running to catch up with the group.

"Its already been six months!" A black-haired man growled. He had a scar on the brim of his nose, and by his outfit, was clearly a Jonin. "You cant expect them to be back so soon! From what you've told me, they were in a bit of situation when you went to go get them!" A woman with blond hair pulled back in pigtails yelled. She seemed young, and had and extremely large chest area. A white haired man with a mask covering most of his face stood in the corner.

"It doesn't matter!" The black-haired man screeched. "What if those things are holding them prisoner!? We would never know it!" he yelled puffing.

"Well," Said the voice of none-other-than Jazmine LeBlanc. "us things, may be monsters, but were not that bad." She said coolly, leaning against the frame of the door. She was smiling broadly and her eyes were closed for emphasis of her neutral mood.

The black-haired man jumped, and whirled around to face Jazmine. "YOU!" He growled pointing a finger in her direction.

"Who me?" Jazmine asked innocently, opening her eyes and putting on a false hurt face. "Now what did I do?" she cooed and shrugged away from the door frame, letting the rest of the group enter the room.

"Hi Iruka!" Vivien chirped happily, she was still in her cheetah form, so this naturally freaked all of the humans out. She flinched. "um, oops?" she dipped her head and grinned innocently.

The blond woman smirked. "So these are the horrible monsters you spoke of eh?" she said. Jazmine smirked as well. "I wouldn't underestimate us," she growled, but strangely was still smiling. "At least if I was you I wouldn't." she said grinning widely.

Sasuke and Naruto were still in the shadows, trying to keep out of view, but they sensed that it was time to appear. They stepped forward, but also stepped to the side, and avoided eye contact with Iruka and Kakashi.

"Yes, well this is all very interesting," the white-haired man said. "but we have more pressing matters to attend to,… like Naruto and Sasuke, for example…" he said looking their way. The blond woman, and the black-haired man, Iruka, both shifted their gaze to Sasuke and Naruto.

"Naruto?" Iruka asked cautiously. "Yea?" Naruto said staring strait at Iruka. Iruka nearly gasped. He had forgotten about Naruto's new red eyes. Naruto shifted uncomfortably under Iruka, Kakashi, and the Hokage's gaze. "What?"

"Interesting,… and ironic, I would say." The blond haired woman said sitting back in her chair. "Yes, very interesting…" The white-haired man mused. "WHAT!?" Naruto shouted/asked. He was getting annoyed with them studying him like a science project.

Jazmine growled at the others. "Will you shut up! Your so annoying!" Her eyes glowed red, and she growled a demonic growl. All three of the humans in the room, and some down the hall, grew very still, three ANBU took off down the hall and stopped behind Jazmine with kunai held to her back and neck.

This time it was Vivien who growled. "Get away from her you morons!" her eyes were glowing red as well. She crouched down low and threatened to pounce, her shoulders squaring, and her tail flicking.

"Vivien," Jazmine warned. "Stop. I can take care of this." she ordered the fuming cheetah. Vivien stayed in position for a moment, but finally slacked her stalking posture. "Fine," she huffed. "you guys better be grateful!" She growled at the ANBU. "If it weren't for Jazmine, you guys would be dead by now!" she warned, she trotted off and sat by Sasuke, glairing at the floor.

Sasuke tried to calm her down by scratching the top of her head. Vivien resisted at first, but finally gave in purring and twitching her tail.

Kakashi watched Sasuke questionably. He had never shown tenderness or kindness of any sort, to anyone, let alone this strange creature that suddenly came into his life. The blond woman was also staring. Maybe, these things were not as bad as Kakashi and, mostly, Iruka, had played them to be.

Jazmine had looked over at Vivien, and almost purred with joy. She was starting to feel so happy that she had forgotten the AMBU entirely.

A sudden flash of white light blinded everyone in the room.

Jazmine raced forward in her lion form and tackled Vivien. "YOUR SO ADORABLE!!" She squeaked. She and Vivien giggled.

The ANBU were speechless, what the heck was this girl?! What strange jutsu was this! (their like oh mah god! D:)

Both the lion and the cheetah were giggling madly and rolling around on the ground, sometimes pouncing at each other and play fighting. The Hokage couldn't help but laugh, even though she had no absolute idea how these two girls could transform into animals. Iruka gave the Hokage a confused look. Kakashi just stared at the two animals pouncing and swatting at each other and sometimes giggling.

The Hokage dismissed the ANBU, they left quite reluctantly, easing out the door, then coming back, but the Hokage insisted that they leave or she would strip them of their titles.

"You don't have to do that Tusunde," Jazmine said between lasting giggles. "If they want to see what we are then let them." She said finally free of the giggles, and striating up into a sitting position.

The Hokage looked at her questionably. "Are you sure?" she asked. Jazmine nodded. "Absolutely. If their curious I think they have a right to know."

Tusunde sighed. "All right," she said and called back the ANBU.

"Yes, Hokage-sama?" The leader of the ANBU group asked Tusunde. "You have been given permission to witness this meeting." Tusunde told them. "Hai, Hokage-sama!" all of the ANBU said at the same time, kneeling down.

The room was silent for a few minutes, say for Vivien, who was purring and grinning like a moron.

"Ok," Tusunde huffed, finally breaking the awkward silence. "why are you here?" she asked looking at Jazmine. Jazmine seemed surprised, hadn't Kakashi and Iruka already filled her in on this?

"Well isn't it obvious?" Jazmine asked stretching. "Sasuke and Naruto wanted to visit, so we came back." she said simply. "And a Necklace never goes back on their word." she added matter-of-factly.

Iruka was taken aback, he had picked up on the key word of 'visit'. "So their not staying permanently?" he asked, heartbroken. Naruto and Sasuke ,who had been talking amongst themselves, low and quick, so that the humans couldn't understand them, suddenly looked up, sensing the distress in Iruka's tone.

"Well don't ask me!" Jazmine retorted. "I'm not their dictator or something! It their choice, not anyone else's." she said stalking off to sit by Vivien. Naruto smiled a big goofy grin at Jazmine. But suddenly realizing the dilemma he faced, his smile faded.

Jazmine looked at Naruto and saw his expression of agony. She paused. "But I don't think that they should choose right now." she said turning her gaze to Tusunde. "I think they should spend some time here and then make their decision." she said. "Its only fair that we not pressure them, they have been though enough." Naruto grinned again and Sasuke smirked.

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