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Sasuke growled at her.

Vivien smiled. "You know you set yourself up for that one." she grinned. Sasuke snorted and looked away. "Yea, right." he growled sarcastically, rolling his eyes in the process.

Vivien frowned; if she didn't do anything now, Sasuke would be mad at her for a while.

Suddenly she gasped, scaring Sasuke at the same time. He jumped, and whipped his head around to look at her with wide eyes. "What?" he asked, pretending that nothing abnormal had happened.

"We haven't seen Sakura for a while now, haven't we?" Vivien squeaked. Sasuke's eyes grew wide, and seemed to brighten. Vivien inwardly smiled, she knew that Sasuke would want to see Sakura after all this time.

Vivien looked up at the sky above them. "Hmmmm…" she mused. It was bright, but not as bright as it could be, meaning it was at least past mid day. She remembered passing a clock in the hallway as she walked through the Uchiha estate. 'What time is it?' she wondered silently. Then she remembered that the short hand on the clock was on four.

"Hey Sasuke?" Vivien asked. "Hm?" he said turning his head again to look at her. "The short hand on a clock means hours right?" Vivien asked.

Sasuke looked at her incredulously. He sighed. "Yes, baka, it dose." he chuckled. Vivien glared at him. "Hey, I haven't needed to read a clock in my entire life. At least not a manual one. Only digital." She huffed.

"Come on, we got about four hours till the others wake up. And I think that you want to see Sakura before then." she giggled. Sasuke blushed, even though he was still a panther, Vivien could tell.

Vivien giggled again. "Well come on baka, we gotta go!" she laughed. Sasuke grumbled under his breath but fallowed Vivien out of the forest.


"OK!" Vivien said. "It is absolutely, positively, Certain! That you must be in your vampire form when we get there." she instructed her fledgling.

"And, why, is that?" Sasuke asked with a bored expression.

Vivien sighed. "Because otherwise, when she sees you, she will freak out, you will be sad, then she will be sad, and your emo enough as it is and we don't need another one runnin-er,… hmmm… s...sulking? Around…..yea." she started out strong, but stumbled on the last bit. Sasuke glared at her.

"You can glare at me all you want, but you cant fight my logic and you know it." She replied to his silence.

The two were walking down the main street in Konahona, and to avoid a lot of freaked-out and traumatized citizens, they were speaking in the cat language.

Vivien looked around at the people staring at them and sighed, closing her black eyes. Sasuke looked over at her. He could tell that Vivien was getting stressed. Fast. She wasn't used to being around humans. At all. Except for Bella and Vicky, and the people that she and the group hunted. (btw! Bella is from Twilight and Vicky is from Blood Ties, those characters (and more) will be reviled later.)

Not to mention the fact that all of the villagers were staring, pointing, and whispering to each other. And unfortunately, the two vampire cats trotting down the street could hear every word of it.

Suddenly Vivien hissed and spun around. Sasuke stayed put, the man behind them's comment offended him, though he didnt think anything of it. But he knew that Vivien would be a bit peeved about it.

The man had wondered how a panther pelt would look in his home. And Sasuke happened to be the panther, he didn't mind though, he knew that the man couldn't harm him.

But for Vivien it was a different story.

To her, the man had threatened, not only her fledgling, whom she loved like a brother, but also the child of her late friend.

Vivien's hiss turned into a demonic growl, and her eyes glowed red. The man backed up, and ended up against a wall hyperventilating.

Vivien yowled, her left ear twitched, and she thrashed her tail four times. (translation: Its worth the consequences.)

Sasuke's ears twitched, and he yowled, opening his jaws as he did till the yowl became a low roar. He dipped his head and flicked his tail. (Translation: He's not worth it Vivien, let it go, it didn't mean anything.)

Vivien shook her head and stalked forward towards the man. Sasuke growled. He couldn't let Vivien kill the man just for a thought. Even if it was offensive, it would cause more problems than it would solve.