Title: Shortest Distance
Author:Moonlit Flowers
Fandom:The Big Bang Theory
Characters: Sheldon/Leonard
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings:Just a mild reference to sex.
Summary: Sheldon gives a direct answer. Leonard muddles it up. In the end, they'll get to where they need to be.
Notes: Preslash, but it's at the inception of being slash. If this slash were a fetus, it'd be far enough along to prevent people from aborting it.


Sheldon would sometimes like to stop the questions he asks before they spill out. Like to, meaning that in actuality he can't. If he could, then he'd no longer would like to stop them, but rather would have succeeded in stopping them and no longer contain that desire. Unless some obstacle made it unfavorable to act upon that desire despite it being available as an option.

"Excuse me?!" Leonard screeched from under his mass of blankets.

Sheldon's head didn't move but something in him definitely snapped back to reality. Perhaps his consciousness.

"I just thought it'd be a logical deduction.", Sheldon explained.

"Okay. One," And Leonard waved his finger in emphasis. "I don't think logical deductions come to people at three in the morning. Half-baked, crazed thought, maybe. And two... Well, ... That's just not a socially acceptable question! I can't even wrap my mind- my doctorate carrying mind- around how you came to that conclusion."

"It was something you said. "

"Something I -. Fine, what was it that I said?"

"When we met Penny today, you said that we were living together in separate heterosexual beds. But there hasn't been any sexual maneuverings in any of our beds lately. Het or not. This, on my part, due to a disinterest in the proximate female population and due, on your part, to the proximate female population's disinterest in you."

"And you decided that...what? Any sex was good sex? There's more attached to sex than just motions, Sheldon. Emotional compatibility for one! And physical attraction for another!"

Sheldon smoothed down the front of his plaid pajamas.

"You said I looked nice in my shirt yesterday. And we've been living together many years and friends for even longer. I'd say the physical attraction and emotional compatibility are there.", Sheldon bit back.

"You asked me how'd that shirt looked on you! And it's just different alright. How we are. I really...just go back to sleep and we'll never mention that question again." With that, Leonard flopped back into his blankets.

The other physicist walked back to his room and re-tucked the blankets around himself.

The question had just been a manifestation of his internal monologue, really. Except the more he thought about it, the more entering into a homosexual relationship with Leonard seemed not only plausible, but attractive. It already had a sound, established base of their friendship to be set upon and was convenient since they were already living together. Besides, Leonard had a tendency to ignore the best solutions for complex, sloppy and ultimately useless ones in his work. This was probably another occasion of that tendency.

In that case, he'd just wait it out till Leonard exhausted himself on that wrong solution and finally comes around to the solution that he had pointed out in the first place. Like he always would.

Satisfied, Sheldon fell to sleep.