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... And One More Makes Three

Chapter 1 - The Admittance

Updated: 4/21/2008

The Living Room at the X-Mansion - 2 Weeks Before the Wedding

The entire X-Team clan had gathered for the black-tie celebration of the upcoming marriage of Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm and her fiancé T'Challa, AKA the Black Panther.

Scott Somer, known as the leader of the Mutant Combat Team X-Men stood with his champagne glass raised high in a toast to the happy couple to his right. "Ororo and T'Challa..." The happy couple beamed at one another as they raised their glasses also. "... May your love always bring you happiness and your happiness always bring you love."

"Here, here..." Was echoed throughout the large decorated room by the prestigious gathered guest as they clang their champagne glasses together.

The X-Man known as Bishop watched from the back wall where he had been leaning all night as everyone took a celebratory sip of his or her champagne. The toast Cyclops had made was bad enough, but then when T'Challa leaned down and kissed Storm possessively on the lips and everyone erupted in applause, he gripped the almost empty glass in his hand so tight it broke. It wasn't until he felt the cool liquid running down inside his tuxedo shirtsleeve that he had realized what he had done.

Bishop looked around to see if anyone else had noticed him breaking the delicate glass, thankfully they hadn't. Everyone was too busy either filing by greeting Storm and T'Challa or they were busy enjoying the elaborate buffet table.

I gotta get out of here. Bishop carefully dropped his hand down as he made his way out of the room by the main staircase. He felt like he desperately needed some fresh air before he blurted out something and ruin the night for everyone.

His steps carried him by a small trashcan where he tossed the broken glass. He then made his way to the back of the house and out the side door toward the pool area. There were guest mulling about the pool admiring how it had been decorated with candlelit magnolias. What do I have to do in order to get away from all this?! He groused to himself as his steps took him to the top of the steep steps that led down to Jean and Cyclop's boathouse. Surely no one is there ... he thought as he walked down step by step ...Perhaps I can just watch the water for a couple of hours, no one will miss me.

Once Bishop got to the deck of the houseboat, he took off his coat then sat down in one of the deck's chairs that overlooked the large lake. Laying the coat over his lap, he finally let himself relax as he watched the various birds fly over head and the slight waves lapping against the large boathouse caused by the even wind.

Taking a deep breath, he let his head lean back then closed his eyes. "Maybe it will all go away if I wish hard enough." He said to himself.

"Dat not gonna happen Pup."

The sound of Remy's voice made him open his eyes and sit straight up. "What are you doing here?!" He grated as he turned to see the tux clad Cajun member of their combat team standing at the bottom of the steps near the corner of the boat house deck.

"Miss'ya at de party." Gambit smiled as he walked closer to where Bishop sat. "Ya not gonna get dat woman by hiding out here."

"Who says I want to? And I am 'not' hiding."

"Please man. Who do ya t'ink ya kidd'in...?" He pointed an index finger at Bishop as he spoke, "... I've seen de way ya look at Stormy when ya t'ink no one look'in."

Bishop rubbed tips of his fingers against his temple as he closed his eyes, Remy saw me? Nice going Bishop. Dropping the hand down to the armrest of the chair, he turned to watch Gambit walk in his direction then asked, "Have I been that obvious?"

Gambit sat down in the chair on the left side of Bishop. Turning back to his friend, "Non ... ya haven't. But I tend ta notice t'ings."

Bishop turned to look listlessly out over the deep blue lake, "I wish Storm had."

"How ya know she hadn't?"

Bishop turned to Remy with a puzzled look on his face. What's he getting at? "She's never said anything."

Gambit shrugged his shoulders up, "Did ya?"

Bishop took a deep breath, as he turned away, "No."

"Then why should she?"

What Remy said made a lot of sense to Bishop? If he hadn't made his feelings known to Storm, why should she stick her neck out to him. Turning back to his teammate, "O.K. Remy. Suppose I tell her about the way I feel? It's too late for they're to be anything between us. This is her engagement party for crying out loud!"

Gambit nodded Yes. " 'Jis t'ink 'bout it dis way ... suppose ya don'?"

Bishop shook his head, No. "I can't do it! I won't do it!" He said slicing one hand down in agitation.

"Yes ya can! Look dey not get married for a couple of weeks yet, dere's still time Pup!"


"Tell her!"


"Ya'll ne'vah know until ya try."

I've heard enough of this! Bishop sat up in his chair preparing to leave, "You don't understand ... " Bracing his hands on the chair's arm, he stood up to leave. He looked down at the man that sat before him. "She's happy now..." He used the thumb and index finger of his left hand to rub his eyes momentarily. Taking a deep breath, he let it out as he dropped the hand to look at Remy again. "... As long as she's happy . . . I love her enough to let her go." With that, he threw his jacket over one shoulder, turned and walked to the end of the deck.

I don' believe this! "Ya mean ya 'jis gonna let her go ... 'jis like dat Pup?!" Gambit called out.

Bishop placed on foot on the first step then turned back to look at Gambit. "Remy...?" He shook his head dejectedly, No. "... she's already gone." He then proceeded up the steep steps that lead to the pool area at the back of the large house.

Gambit watched Bishop leave with a heavy heart. He just didn't think the situation was as cut and dry as Bishop seems to think it was. As his teammate went out of sight, he relaxed back in the deck chair as he thought about his next plan of action. "Been long time since me play Cupid. Hope I can find my bow and arrow. I wonder if my wings still fit?"

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