AN: Hiiii First WMC fanfic. This was randomly dumped into my brain and made me ammused so I thought I'd write it, short and sweet. But I like it anyway. Oh and I have to appologize to any of my HiME fans, I swear I'm working on Mama Fujino lol. Oh yes, I have to thank my awesomely awesome friend Amanda for being my beta :D lol And I suppose I have to give a small warning that it's slash of the womenly kind so go away if you don't like it.

Disclaimer: WMC and all that in between are wonderful characters thought up by James Patterson. Not me, sadly enough. I can hope one day! lol...


Right at this very second I can't remember what I said. Oh how I wish I did, because I'd repeat it over and over if it got her to give me this back-breaking hug every time.

"If you weren't, well you, I could kiss you!" Oh wow, now I definitely wish I'd remember what I just said.

"Uh, well you could do it anyway?" Oh hell, did I just say that? I think I did if Jill's amused raised eyebrow and Claire's smirk are any indication. "Uh I mean, you know it's not like I'd be offended or anything. Cuz you're hot and stuff or you could just keep with the hug, that's good too." You know, trying to get myself out of this just doesn't seem to be working.

Jill turned around, I know she's laughing at me; Claire isn't even bothering to hide her laughter. "Right, I'm just going to, uh, go. And um, get out of your way. If you need any more leads or discoveries or if you're feeling the need to be, you know, affectionate or something, well yeah I'll be around."

Ok, now all of them are laughing, even Lindsay. I guess it's something since that's the first reaction she's had since I started to babble.

"I can't believe I just said all that." Apparently I didn't say that quiet enough, Jill's holding her side from laughing (serves her right) and Claire has tears in her eyes.

"Humph." Before I could put any distance between myself and the damn hyena's those wonderful arms were around me again.

"You're too damn cute for your own good, Cindy." I couldn't even ask her to explain that one because I was too tongue tied from the fact that Lindsay just kissed me.

Ok so it was only on the cheek, but it still counts!

Doesn't it?

"Cindy, I think you can stop gaping. She's not even in the room anymore." Leave it to Jill...

"But she-, I mean I- what?"

"For a reporter you sure are struggling with your words." Of course Claire has to put in her two cents. "And yes, sweetie, she did just kiss you. Now can we please stop gathering around my work? Dead people tend to smell if you leave them too long."

Oh yeah, we're in the Morgue, forgot about that...

Oh god, what if that was just a friendly kiss? And she doesn't mean it like I want her to mean it and what if-

"Cindy, I know you think we're a club and all, but I really don't need to hear you talk to yourself. Just to ease your hectic little mind, I'm positive she meant it the way you wanted, now can we PLEASE stop gathering together down here, it gives me the creeps!"

Oops, I need to learn to censor myself... Though it does prove to have some positive results...

But really, what did I say!?


:3 That was fun.