Ok I know I could have updated my first story but I had the urge to update this

Ok I know I could have updated my first story but I had the urge to update this. I need help on Alive and Scarred. I am having writers block! Help!

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I didn't have much. I grabbed my bible, my guitar, a brush, and my journal. The only expensive thing I had was a video nano ipod, but I had won that. I had my own box in the library full of my favorite books, but that would be too much to lug around. I stuffed my gown in the duffle bag along with everything else besides my guitar. I quickly changed into my normal uniform. My uniform and my gown was all my wardrobe consisted of. I would need more cloths if I was going to live in the outside world. Lord help me, why was I doing this? Sure I was going to forks and flying by night, but what about the danger? I had known idea how to survive. I mean, I knew how to hunt and everything but what about the people. I should probably just stay away from them.

I was so lost in thought that I didn't hear Sister Olga coming.

"Isabella!" she said in a sing song voice. She new I hated the use of my full name. "The Cab is waiting!"

I sighed and took an unneeded deep breath.

The dark hall ways were totally disserted. Normally the girls would cheer and yell goodbye to their friends as they left. Well I guess I was a different case.

Opened the huge wooden doors and stepped into the warm night. There by the cab was an extremely dirty fat man with grease stains on his shirt. I scrunched up my nose: he smelled worse then he looked. He dropped his cigarette and mashed it with his foot. He looked me up and down. His eyes lingered on my chest and I avoided the urge to cross my arms. I would not let him scare a vampire. He was simply not worth it.

He let out a low whistle. "Hop in baby cakes." I twisted up my face. I was normally never this rude, but I did not trust this man. He was the first one I have met and I am praying to God right now that this is not how all men are.

"The Earth is not your ash tray." I said curtly, getting into the cab.

The man got the picture. I could have gotten to the Huston airport much faster if I ran. But I decided to lean back and get as close to sleep as I could. I did have a lot to think about. I was about to meet my Relatives.

The cab came to a stop in front of a bus that was to take me to my terminal. I jumped from the cab not bothering to thank the old fart in the driver's seat.

Almost at a vampire speed I jumped to the bus that was a couple of yards away. I was the only one aboard except for a business man. He looked up at me and smiled in what he thought was a charming way and wagged his eyebrows. What did that mean? I smiled back timidly not showing any teeth. He went silent in awe for a moment. Well that was a new technique. Did he think I missed his wedding ring? These men were giving me a awfully bad first impression of the opposite sex.

Soon enough I was settled in the plain with my ipod blaring in my ears. I was listening to a Christian band called Flyleaf. I liked them. They were not like most Christian bands. Not every other word was god and they even wrote about other things. I fully understood their lyrics and the girl's voice was amazing. (AN: really yall need to check them out! I saw them 2 days ago and they are kick ass!)

As the stewardess announced are departure I began to pray that I would not regret this.