A/N: I saw a picture of this from another anime and the idea just rushed into my mind in an instant. Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach, the characters, or the idea for this drabble.

Title: Battle to End All Battles

Rating and Genre: K/Humor

Characters: Ichigo, Byakuya, Rukia

Coal-black eyes horrifically sparkled in triumph.

"Finally, I have you right where I want you...Kurosaki."

A bead of sweat trailed down Ichigo's brow. No...this can't be...

"Byakuya...you wouldn't..."

"Please Nii-sama," Rukia begged, "don't do it!"

"Silence! He has already chosen his fate by choosing me as his opponent. You're time of begging has long ran out."

An elegant hand was raised.

"Prepare, Kurosaki, for utter defeat."

Ichigo closed his eyes and gulped. This was the end...


There was a long silence...then...

Ichigo slammed his hands on the table. "NO!! You sunk my battleship!!"


A/N: Hope you enjoyed. :)