Campaigning for Heretics

(A D.Gray-Man fanfiction)

By P.A. Lovas

Pairings: Lavi/Allen, Kanda/Lenalee

Warning: Major spoilers for the current chapters (119+ to be on the safe side).

. . . .

. . .

. .



"I'm so bored!" cried Lavi for the hundredth time that morning. He was seated upside down on the small couch in the control room, his legs bent over the back. Allen laughed.

"Nobody said you had to be here," Link said, a small tick appearing above his eye.

"But this is my room," Lavi explained, smiling at him, albeit upside down. His face was starting to redden as the blood rushed to his head, and Allen was pretty sure it would rival the color as his hair soon.

"Yes, well, when you invited us, I believe the words you chose for deception were, and I quote, 'It's really super quiet in there because it was built for study.' Wasn't that it?"

"Actually, what I said was-"

Deciding to defuse the situation before it got out of hand (which was certainly possible with these two), Allen crawled over and tugged Lavi's headband up to wrap around his mouth, causing his words to come out muffled and distorted. "There we go, Inspector Link. That should make things go smoother, don't you think?"

Link rolled his eyes and gave a small sigh while Lavi was trying to school his expression to look shocked and wounded, though Allen could see the laughter in his visible eye.

Lavi pulled the headband away with an exaggerated gasp, before yanking Allen into a headlock. Allen expertly ducked out of it, only to find arms wrapped around his waist as he made to escape. The two wrestled in this fashion for a while, tugging at hair and faces as they shouted nicknames and small un-pleasantries at each other.

"That's enough!" Link rose to his feet, and seemed to loom angrily, the act impressive considering his small stature. Allen and Lavi stopped, and turned to him. Allen's finger was hooked on Lavi's mouth while Lavi had been pinching at the Allen's cheek. Timcanpy was latched onto Allen's head, chewing silently at his hair. Allen had woken that morning to find Tim nestled sleepily atop his head, and since then the golem seemed to refuse to wander very far away.

Lavi and Allen released the hold on each other, looking embarrassed as Tim rose to flutter around their heads giving a dizzying illusion.

"It's bad enough for the noise, but it's like trying to work in a room of lumbering circus bears!"

"Sorry," they said in unison.

Link sighed and rubbed at his forehead. He had to remind himself that, exorcists and world saviors aside (and possible heretics, must not forget his mission), these were also just two teenage boys. Two teenage boys, who've been locked in a room silently, well for the most part, for the last 3 hours. Not everybody had his dedication, Link realized. He sighed.

"I think it's time for a break."

"Really?" Allen's face lit up and he smiled happily.

Lavi rose to his feet, brushing his hands on his pants. "About time. So, Allen, where to? The cafeteria,? What about the Science department? I'm kind of wondering about how my Innocence is coming."

"Nobody's including you," Link said, his gaze firm and level. "You stay here." His words were said in the tone one would use to scold an unruly dog and Lavi frowned in response.

Allen shook his head. "Sorry, Lavi, but I actually have something else in mind."

. . . .

. . .

. .


This boy never ceases to wonder, Link thought as he sat in the infirmary with his charges (well, one charge and one infuriating tag-along). Allen just stood alongside Krory's bed, talking to him sofftly as if he was awake and could answer him at any moment. Link wasn't sure if it was sweet or sad. He decided it was probably a little of both.

"When you wake up, we'll make sure to get you lots of food," Allen said, as Krory's stomach grumbled through his sleep.

"Well, that's only if Allen doesn't eat it all first. You better hurry and wake up, Kro-chan, before all the food in the Order is gone."

"You see? We need you. Lavi's obviously out of control without you around to scold him. And Lenalee misses you as well. I hear she comes to see you sometimes with Miss Miranda. That must make you happy."

The figure on the bed never moved or spoke back, though the occasional murmur of "Eliade" could be heard.

Allen hung his head, grasping Krory's limp hand with both of his. "We miss you around here, Krory. It feels like something important is missing, though I suppose that's because there is." He paused. "I'm so sorry I wasn't able to save you. I'm sorry I abandoned you."

Lavi's voice was gentle as he spoke, "Hey, where's that Allen that believes in his friends and in all the good things in life? Kro-chan wouldn't want you to be upset. Have faith in his strength to pull through, k?"

Allen nodded, keeping his eyes on Krory's face. He had never known a coma could look so much like sleep. It was deceiving and gave the false sense that everything was fine. But it wasn't fine, and Allen swore a new resolve. He would believe in Krory, but he would never leave a comrade behind again. Never again.

"I haven't seen much of Lenalee around lately," Allen mused as they started their walk back to the control room, Tim flapping between them. "I bet she's been visiting Komui."

Lavi caught Link's eye and knew they were both thinking the same thing: Not likely. It was common knowledge that Rouvelier was looming over the entire science department and had tabs on everything going on there. Despite the deep, unyielding bond between the Lee siblings, there was no doubt that Lenalee was nowhere near Komui and his very unwelcome companion.

"It must be nice to have family around." Allen sighed a dreamy little sigh and Lavi was sure his thoughts were full of Mana.

Link seemed to perk up at Allen's words, obviously seeing an opportunity to interrogate Allen further on his foster father.

"You know," Lavi piped up, successfully cutting off Link. "We could go down and pay him a visit, see if Lenalee's down there." He knew this would send Link into a riot on duty and work and his favorite expression at these moments:

"Playtime is officially over," said Link, not letting Lavi down.

"Come on, this isn't playing." He dropped an arm around Link's shoulders, bending at the waist to do so. It was almost as much as he had to bend with Allen, although, Link was not nearly as fun to hold, though that was neither here nor there. But his reactions are good, Lavi thought as Link stiffened, glaring at him full force.

"If you don't remove yourself right now, you won't need to worry about your innocence, because you'll find yourself without a hand to hold it." It was enough to make Lavi let go and step backwards, hands spread out.

"Woah, woah. Easy there, Two-" Lavi stopped as Allen gave him a warning look. "Easy there, Inspector," Lavi tried again. "I just thought it might help jog Allen's memory if we saw the Ark."

"You're just worried about your silly hammer."

Lavi laughed. "That's true. It definitely feels awkward not having Ouzuchi Kouzuchi around. I'm not denying that's part of it. However…" Lavi pierced Link with a serious look, all traces of his usual playful demeanor vanishing. "Your goal is to get Allen to admit something about the "Fourteenth", right? You may not believe it, but Allen doesn't know what that even means."

"I've already-"

"We know, you've explained it. God help us, we know you've explained it." Lavi shook his head. "That's not what I mean. If you were in the position of the Fourteenth, would you go around announcing your abilities, especially to somebody so obviously imbued with Innocence?"

Lavi noticed as Allen stiffened at these words and tugged at his left sleeve and he silently made a small vow to make it up to Allen later. Their eyes met and an unsaid conversation passed between them in seconds.

A simple stare. Follow my lead.

A small raise of a delicate eyebrow. Are you sure about this?

He tilted his head to the side. Allen, you need to learn trust me.

Raising a shoulder in a tiny shrug. I do, I do. Ok, here goes nothing.

"Actually," Allen said, offering a sweet smile. "I hear they've got cake down there."

. . . .

. . .

. .


"You know," Lavi said poking at his cake with his fork. "That was easier than I thought it would be."

"Mm hmm." Allen had just polished off his own pieces of cake and was busy eyeing Lavi's.

"However, with Two-spot now reporting to Rouvelier, guess that means you're stuck here."

"Yep," Allen said distractedly, eyes following the motions of Lavi's fork as he pushed a strawberry slice around his plate.

Smiling, Lavi handed his plate over. "I'm not really in the mood for sweets," he said. He did promise himself to make it up to Allen for that comment he made earlier about his arm. He supposed this was a pretty good start.

Allen beamed and dove in before Lavi could change his mind. After all, when it came to food, Allen's motto was "Eat first, ask questions later."

Lavi let his gaze wander over the science room as he sucked at the lingering icing on his fork. It was probably messier here than even his room was on a bad day. He turned to Allen to say as much, but stopped as he saw Allen blush and turn away. His confusion only lasted a moment until he pulled the fork from between his lips, licking the remaining icing off. Oh, he was remembering last night.

Lavi was unprepared on how happy it made him that Allen was thinking about it, though Lavi was sure it was a hard thing to forget; getting kissed by one of your best friends. And, judging from that reaction, he probably didn't dislike it, Lavi told himself. He looked around the office. Link was issuing his report and Komui and the rest of the Scientists were all still huddled around the Ark. They found themselves blissfully alone and it was hard not to assume that God or somebody was urging them on.

He leaned over, placing his hand over Allen's right hand (knowing it created less of a chance of startling Allen away than if he had grabbed his left) and Allen stiffened in response, and turned slowly. Their eyes met, faces only inches apart and Allen's lips moved soundlessly in question. Lavi just smiled a silent reply before pushing his mouth to Allen's.

Lavi could taste the cake on their tongues as the kiss deepened, his hands rising to Allen's face, holding him there. Allen made no indication of wanting to move one way or the other, his arms held at his sides, not pulling, though more importantly, not pushing Lavi away. But Allen's eyes were closed and he made small, whimpering moans deep in his throat.

Lavi broke the kiss, leaning his forehead against Allen's, both of them breathing a little heavier than normal.

"Why?" Allen asked in a soft breath, his eyes closed, his cheeks flushed.

"Icing," was all Lavi said, tipping Allen's face back up, running his tongue along Allen's bottom lip. He felt Allen shiver and lean forward in a silent plea for more and Lavi was more than happy to oblige.

. . . .

. . .

. .


Allen knew Lenalee's habits rather well by now, so he had purposely asked Link if it was possible for them to have breakfast out in the garden. It was a beautiful day, the sun beaming down warmly, warding off the bit or early morning chill that swept from the large moat around the Order. The air smells distinctly salty, mingling with the full blooming hydrangea bushes, giving the area an overwhelming feeling of summer. The area was wide, containing various flowers and bushes lining the veranda that was adorned with typical, though carefully arranged patio furniture. This was the only spot in the Black Order in which you could get a clear view of the sky, and even despite that, it usually felt quite peaceful. Though today, the mood was anything but relaxed.

"He did WHAT?"

Allen stared at Lenalee with wide, unblinking eyes, as she slammed her teacup into its saucer. "Lenalee, SHH!" The porcelain cup chimed loudly, vibrating from the force, though with some luck, the small, delicate cup managed to remain intact. "You're going to break something," he warned, heaving a sigh.

"Who cares about that?" Lenalee asked, waving her hand. She blushed when she realized Link was staring directly at her from the next table over, an eyebrow raised in interest. "Sorry," Lenalee offered, and scooter her chair closer to Allen. She ducked her head in, lowering her voice as she whispered at him. "So what happened?"

Allen shook his head and pulled his hair in front of his eyes. When he spoke, it was in a nervous rush of breath. "I…I'm not sure. He came to see me last night and one minute we're talking and the next he…he had…."

"He kissed you?"

Allen nodded, his hands twisting violently into the hem of his shirt. "Why would he do that? Do you think he's making fun of me?" Allen asked, picking up his head to look at Lenalee. The emotions she saw in his eyes concerned her: anger and fear and anxiety and there was also doubt, though for Allen, that was nothing new.

"Lavi wouldn't do something like that to tease you." She paused as Allen raised an eyebrow at her, and they both seemed to be echoing the same thought: Yes, he would. Lenalee coughed. "Let me rephrase that. I don't think Lavi would do something like that JUST to tease you."

"What's the difference?"

Lenalee placed a finger to her lips, tapping gently as she thought. She had to consider her words carefully. There was no doubt in her mind that Lavi would be quite upset if she said something insensitive and cause Allen to clam up. Lenalee knew Lavi would never do anything to physically hurt her, but revenge can come in many forms, and Lenalee had no desire to see what would come from an aggravated Lavi; his temper always seemed to boil under the surface and always just a little too hot where Allen was concerned. She'd seen him angry, truly angry, only once and that had been more than unsettling enough. "Well, what I mean is, I don't think he kissed you with the sole intention of making fun of you. For Lavi, that always seems like gravy."

"Gravy?" Allen perked up at the food analogy, and Lenalee had to giggle.

"It means it's like an added bonus."

"A bonus to what?"

"Kissing you, I would assume. Unless, he did something else." Lenalee's eye narrowed slightly, protectively. "He didn't do anything else, did he?"

Allen flushed darkly. He hadn't even considered that. "N-no! There was only that one kiss. Well…and the second one."

"There was a SECOND?!"

"Lenalee, SHH!"

Again, Lenalee noticed Link's attention drawn to the pair, his eyes narrowing in scrutiny. She settled back into her chair and lowered her voice. "I'm sorry. But Allen, what are you possibly confused about? He kissed you twice that obviously means-"

"Three times," Allen said, his face flush behind the curtain of hair he pulled over his face.

Lenalee sputtered ungracefully, brows drawn together. "He kissed you on three separate occasions?" she asked slowly, not wanting to misunderstand.

Allen shook his head lightly, his eyes still hidden, though his mouth was pulled into an uncertain frown. "No, it was only two times, but he kissed me twice in Komui's office."

"My brother's office?" Lenalee raised an eyebrow. Suddenly, her eyes widened and she slammed her hands on the table, obviously panicked. "Oh my God, my brother wasn't THERE was he?"

Allen's head shot up. "W-what?! Why would you think that?"

"Was he involved in this somehow? Did he make you eat or drink anything…odd? Did the room smell weird or anything seem out of the ordinary?"

Allen's expression changed from flustered to genuinely confused. "Komui wasn't there at all. Why?"

"I was just checking," Lenalee said, relief flooding her features as she, once again, had settled back down to her chair. She picked up the small, silver spoon that she had set on the saucer earlier and began stirring her tea, idly. The tea had long since grown too cold for drinking, but the act of stirring it seemed to sooth her, even if just a bit. "So did you like it?"

"Huh? Like what?"

"The kiss," said Lenalee simply, clinking the spoon against the side of the cup before turning toward Allen. She twined her fingers together creating a sort of sling to which she dropped her chin into, propping herself up on her elbows. "Did you like it?" she asked again, regarding him with intense, violet eyes.

Allen blushed and seemed as if he was trying to curl into himself and disappear. His hands rose to his hair, tugging it almost vehemently in front of his face, and Lenalee winced sympathetically. "I don't know."

"Ok, let's try it this way," Lenalee said, waving the original question away with her hand. "Did you DISLIKE it?"

Lenalee hadn't thought it was possible for Allen to have blushed any further, and as soon as Allen processed the question, he proved her wrong. His face was now a violent shade of red, starting from under his collar and creeping over his face and even darkening his ears; Allen was blushing with his entire body.

"I…I don't know. I don't think so."

"Well, did you kiss him back?" asked Lenalee, and she watched as Allen nodded in response. "Well there you have it."

"Have what?"

"Your answer."

Allen blinked at her. "What was the question?"

Lenalee made to answer, but paused, realizing she wasn't sure what the original question had been, or in actuality, if there had been a question at all. Her mouth was left hanging open as she furrowed her brows and Allen startled her by placing a finger under her chin and clicking her jaw shut. Their eyes met, and all at once, the two of them were laughing quite ridiculously. Link grunted at them, as he looked at the giggling pair, obviously with the intent of letting them know they were being disruptive. However, the act only succeeded in making Allen and Lenalee laugh harder, and Link sighed, rubbing at his temples. For him, there appeared to be no sanctuary.

. . . .

. . .

. .


Allen sighed for what felt like the hundredth time in the last 5 minutes. In fact, based on the black look Link gave him, it very well could have been. After the visit to the Science Division (in which Rouvelier and Link unanimously decided that Allen was to be nowhere near the Ark), Lavi had left to do whatever it was that Lavi does. That had been yesterday afternoon, and they found themselves oddly (and thankfully, in Link's case) sans one hyperactive red-head.

Allen's thoughts started to wander back to the last two days and he had to scold himself. He shook his head clear and tried to concentrate on the accounting reports before him.

Fifteen thousand dollars in food costs this week. Check. One million in mechanical parts. Check. Two million for robot damages. Check.

The words and numbers became nonsensical blurs as his pen moved along the page, not really reading. Check. Check. Check. This and that one too. Check.

"What is all this?!" Allen jumped. He hadn't seen Link get up. He was now reading the report over Allen's shoulder, and he did not look happy. "This isn't right at all! You can't just check everything off as a deductable expense."

Allen blinked at Link, before dropping the pen and letting it roll across the table and onto the floor. "Well, I don't know how to do this stuff! I'm sure you, of all people, know I haven't exactly been to school. Besides, who let's a fifteen year old fill out these kind of reports?"

Allen watched as Link eyed the stack of papers that Allen had already "completed". He sighed and waved a hand. "Whatever. I don't really care anymore."

"Really?" Allen was surprised. It wasn't like Link to shirk duties.

"Most of these papers will never see the light of day once they get filed down to the head office, anyway."

Allen smiled as he thought about Komui's unique filing system. "That's probably true enough," he said, getting up from his desk, stretching. He felt Link's eyes on him as he fell onto the bed and began flipping through the report he was writing for Bookman in exchange of his earlier amnesty.

After reading the same sentence for almost ten minutes, Allen snapped the book closed. All this was getting him nowhere. He rolled into his back and placed his palms over his eyes, letting out an irritated noise. Something was happening to him, that he was sure of. The last time he had been so unsettled was when he was trying to restore his damaged arm. But this felt different. It wasn't that panicked sort of feeling that had settled along his spine, hard and prickling. It was warm and sank into the pit of his stomach where it sort of squirmed uncomfortably.

If this had been anybody else, it would have caused a loss of appetite. But this was Allen Walker, parasitic innocence user and a teenage boy at that. It would take more than a wormy stomach to stop him. So with renewed vigilance, Allen proceeded to roll around the bed crying, "I'm HUNGRY" knowing it was only a matter of minutes before Link caved. He saw a tick in corner of Link's eye. Maybe only a matter of seconds.

. . . .

. . .

. .


"Thanks for the meal," Allen said happily, rubbing at his stomach. He had good food, good company, and best of all, Link was one table over. He had said that the incessant chatter was keeping him from work, though Allen was sure Link was just as sick of Allen as he was of Link.

Lenalee giggled. "You seem to be feeling better."

Allen gave an embarrassed laugh, rubbing at the back of his head. "Yeah, I'm sorry. I think everything was just getting to me. But I've decided not to let it bother me. I'm sure everything will work out, right?"


"What about you?" asked Allen.

"What about me?" Lenalee cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"You've looked a little down recently. I was so caught up in my own..." Allen paused, searching for the right word. "My own problems that I didn't really notice until now. I'm sorry."

Lenalee averted her eyes and poked at her food. "Don't worry about it. I'm fine, really," Lenalee added, as Allen gave her an uncertain look and she gave Allen a smile and forced a laugh. "I'm just a little tired from everything that's happened. I'd wonder how you're fairing so well, but I bet it's all that food you eat. Alright, I'm going to try to eat as much as Allen-kun today!" She threw a fist in the air to show her resolve.

"Lenalee-chan, is that really wise?" asked Miranda, her eyes wide as she took in the multiple towers of plates nearly obscuring Allen.

Allen and Lenalee laughed. "I agree with Miss Miranda. I don't think that's the answer. In fact, it'll probably make you worse."

"Or fat," came a voice. The trio turned to find Lavi, chin propped in his hands, watching them with a smile. His smile didn't last as Lenalee promptly punched him across the mouth, knocking him to the floor.

"That's so rude, you jerk!"

Lavi rubbed at his jaw. "Whoa, I was just stating a fact."

"You never call a girl fat," Lenalee griped.

"I didn't call you fat!" Lavi pouted, pulling his chin up to rest on the table. "I said you would GET fat. There's a huge difference between the two." Lavi flashed what he knew was his winning smile. "You're still pretty hot."

"Yeah, yeah." Lenalee waved a hand, dismissing the remark. "And you're just saying that because you're such a flirt. You hit on everybody. Right, Allen?"

Allen looked up suddenly, a small blush coloring his face. "Wha-what are you asking me for? It's not like I understand him any better than you do." The next part was mumbled to himself. "Maybe even less."

Lavi frowned as Lenalee gave Allen what he knew was a sympathetic, understanding look. He could make a pretty good guess to what exactly Lenalee understood, so he wasn't too surprised when Linalee rose to her feet and said, "Come with me." She raised a hand as Allen made to go with her. "Not you, Allen-kun. Just Lavi."

Lavi shrugged and jumped up, following her from the room and Allen could only watch them go. He wanted to shout at her to stop, having a good ideas what she was going to be say, but he knew that would create an even bigger scene. Besides, it was Allen, himself, that had gotten Lenalee involved in this whole thing to begin with. So, Allen continued to eat and did his best to try and not look at Miranda, even though he knew all she would do was look at him quizzically. That's the great thing about Miss Miranda, Allen thought, allowing himself to smile at her. She never asks any questions.

. . . .

. . .

. .


AN: Forgot to include last time that I'm now using the correct omake spellings for character names from now on. Oops. Nom Nom sap sure is fun to write.

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