AUTHOR'S NOTE: This isn't mine. Except for sarcastic, logical Yuui. He's mine, and I've got no idea were he came form. Showed up previously in my story 'Get Well Soon.' Though, there is so little of Yuui in cannon, that I guess anything is possible for his personality. Names correspond to the Horitsubasa verse.

theMasterchef: SO, how are things? Am I going to get to hear later from Fai all about the whirlwind of romantic passion that you swept him away in? Most inportantly, have you done whatever it is you do to make my brother sane.

theMasterchef: And when is he coming home? it's twelve thirty.

BlackDragonNinja: Fai's asleep.

BlackDragonNinja: I make your brother sane?

theMasterchef: Well, sane-er

theMasterchef: He should at least stop trying to emotionaly scar Sayoran. There are still some underlying issues that I don't even think you can fix.

BlackDragonNinja: No idea.

theMasterchef: Well, I'll tell Ashura that his 'sleepover at a friends' has run late.

BlackDragonNinja: You two get away with whatever the hell you want, don't you?

theMasterchef: How dare you suggest that we take advantage of our own adoptive father's trust!

theMasterchef: ...Ashura is NO match for us when we work together

BlackDragonNinja: yeah

theMasterchef: Well, not everyones parents are as understanding as yours! How the hell did they take it the first time you brought Fai to spend the night? They freak?

BlackdragonNinja: No. I'd almost of prefered that. My mom gave me some speach about the mechanics of gay sex, then a speach about how it was nothing to be ashamed of. Then she asked if we were using protection, and if Fai was my first. Then she made my dad get us some condoms.

theMasterchef: LMAO!!!

BlackDragon Ninja: SHut up.


theMasterchef: Subjest jump! How much fun was florida! Any matching outfits by your dear aunts?

BlackDragonNinja: Matching swim suits. Which I refused to wear. Otherwise, stupid bugs biting constanly, and it was too damned hot out, and way too fucking crowded on the beaches.

theMasterchef: Oh! you must really have enjoyed yourself, if that's the best you can do for complaints.

Black Dragon Ninja: Ie2wlllyre93725rtigfkj

theMasterchef: What?

theMasterchef: Hello?

BlackdragonNinja: Yuui!!!!

theMasterchef: Hey, Fai. So, did you hijack Kurogane's computer from him?

BlackDragonNinja: No.

BlackDragonNinja: I tackle hugged him and said that I was hungry, and made him go get me a bowl of cereal.

BlackDragonNinja: Then I hijacked his computer. Hang on a second.

BlackDragonNinja has changed their display name

BigGrowlyPuppy: Much Better.

theMasterchef: I'd be a little more careful if my boyfriend knew like, four types of karate and had threatened to kill me using them.

BigGrowlyPuppy: Oh, Kuro-pyon is just a big softy. He'd never really hurt me.

theMasterchef: Yeah, because then, I'd hurt him so much worse.

theMasterchef: I think that 'Kuro-pyon' should be about done getting the cereal soon

theMAsterChef: Hello?

BigGrowlyPuppy has changed thier display namet

theMasterchef: Hello, dear Kuro-peanut!

BlackDragonNinja: Don't you start with nicknames too!

theMasterchef: But I'm starting to agree with Fai' they're cute!

BlackDragonNinja: You're stupid brother will be home in about an hour.

theMasterchef: No problem. Ashura thinks he's with Watanuki.

theMasterchef: Just please, keep him in one piece.

BlackDragonNinja has logged off.