Zero was getting used to attending the night classes at the prestigious Cross Academy, a school with a secret; both humans and vampires coexisted together. The humans attended class during the light of day, and the vampires of course attended their classes by the light of the moon. The famous pure- blood vampire, Kaname, the leader of the night class, also held a secret himself. The beautiful, and graceful raven had a lover, Zero.

It was unheard of for a pure- blood to hold a lover that was an ex- human, and the fact that Zero was a male was scandalous all on its own. If the vampire council ever found out, they would have Zero killed, and Kaname would surly be punished for his unlooked upon behavior.

Once it was found out that Zero was a vampire, the chairman of the school allowed the silver haired man to switch his classes from day to night. This change allowed the two men to become closer, and eventual lovers.