This is my first story

This is my first story. It's a story about two different people that met on a place that they never imagined that they will meet there. On their hours of being together, the girl was a bit snob to the guy because she liked the guy in some way but she can't express it to him. Days past by that the guy doesn't know what the girl really feels about him. And the one day the guy falls for her. But on an unfortunate day, something happened….

Disclaimer: I don't own Bokura Ga Ita. I only used it for the sake of writing this story.

Is this the way that it should be? Is this the end of our relationship?

Nanami Takahashi, a 16 year-old student of their local high school, is a typical girl that you usually see in the school campus. Yano, a 17 year-old student of the same school is your average student with average kind of lifestyle. They were classmates when they were in elementary. Nana doesn't like Yano so much because she looks at him in a different way. And also, Yano doesn't notice her also that much because for him she's just your average student. And years past by, they don't barely know each other, not until they reach second year high school.

Yano has a friend named Takeuchi. He is his friend since they were in elementary. They share many different things with each other. They share their problems to each other and find the answer to their problems together. They almost share a thing or two.

But one day, his friend decided to visit his friend that Nanami, who belongs on a certain group that Nana belong to. He likes another girl in their group named (name). He likes her for almost 3 years. At that time Nanami doesn't expect him that he'll be joining them for lunch. Days come and go like this and as every days past by, all of them became close friends. And also, as days pass by Nanami starts to fall for Yano, but she doesn't tell it to Yano, and then one day, a friend of her named Yuri told Yano that Nanami likes Yano, as usual, he doesn't believe it, he wants to hear it from Nanami's own lips.

Days pass by like this, and then one day, the group left the two of them alone at the table, they pretended that they will jus go to the restroom and they'll be right back. On the other hand, Yano and Nanami were left in at the table, not knowing of what the others are up to. While they disappear in the crowd, the two of them talked while they wait for them, and while they're talking, the rest of the group was watching them from a distance. Then on a fortunate moment, Nanami suddenly leans on Yano's shoulder, resting her head on Yano's broad shoulder. The group was there to witness the scene. But Yano doesn't care, he only wants to make the most out of it. For Nanami, it's the most special minutes of her school days…. For Yano, the event made it clear for him, that Nana-chan (Nanami) indeed like him.