The Sleeptalker

Summary: Yuuki finds Zero dozing under an old oak tree… Unexpectedly though, he reveals a secret. YuukixZero

Author-person: Yeah… I was itching to write another VK fic…

This is a something of a drabble.

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He looked so peaceful as he sat there, sleeping under the shade of an oak tree. Zero stirred a little and then mumbled something inaudible.

Is he talking in his sleep?

The dark-haired Guardian smiled and walked closer to him. She'd been looking for him for the past hour… In his room, in the gardens, the classrooms… even in the stables where she was most unsafe… Luckily though, Lily had been too busy eating to notice Yuuki tip-toeing in stealth.

She had seen him like that a few times before, but Yuuki hadn't really taken her time to notice how attractive he was and how gentle he looked as he napped. He seemed completely different from the Zero that was always grumpy and frowning and distant…

For a moment, she thought he looked like Kaname…

Yuuki shook her head vigorously. This was Zero! Zero sitting against the tree! Zero sleeping! Zero looking incredibly handsome!


She looked at him again with growing interest, kneeling in front of him, and her face getting extremely close to his.

Zero's hair was slightly ruffled by the passing wind, but in a way, it made him look charming. A little more charming than she actually expected him to be. Yuuki thought he resembled an angel, even though he was the complete opposite of that when he was awake.

His neck was free from his tie and his coat was in a small heap beside him. He looked so innocent. So serene. And so… un-Zero. But it was him… no doubt. Yuuki felt the strongest urge to brush a hand against his pale face.

He stirred again, eyebrows slightly raised and mumbling in his sleep.

He was adorable.

And Yuuki loved every bit of what she was seeing.

"Yuuki…" He was actually talking this time.

The female prefect felt her heart stop at the sound of her name.

"I love you…" His voice trailed off at the last syllable, and it almost looked like he was…

Is he smiling?

She felt a blush creeping to her cheeks. What the hell was he saying? Was he dreaming or something? And having a dream of her of all people? It was weird hearing him say that. Even weirder that he was grinning as he said it.

Yuuki laughed softly and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"I love you too."

And with that, she left, skipping down the halls of Cross Academy and gaining a few awkward stares.


Back in the school grounds, Zero's eyes fluttered open, a small smile gracing his handsome face.

"I thought so."


Author-person: Yeah… it wasn't that good. I practically wrote this on an impulse.

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