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Trinity was sitting in the small bar, alone, staring down at the hard steel table in front of her. She listened distractedly as a group of people beside her noisily broke out into laughter, probably much too drunk for their own good. She sighed deeply and tried to suppress the aching feeling inside of her. She longed for the days when she was a part of such a close circle of friends.

She looked up when the chair beside her scraped on the floor and someone sat down. It was Ghost. He smiled pleasantly at her while she sighed again and took a large swig of her drink.

"Sorry I'm late," he said.

He leaned in close to speak since the group beside them seemed to be escalating in volume.

Trinity shrugged indifferently and emptied her glass. Ghost watched her put it down roughly on the table, making a loud clang reverberate in the space around them.

"You don't look well," he said softly.

A man came over and offered Ghost a drink but he waved his polite refusal. Trinity caught the man's arm before he walked away and eagerly handed him her empty glass, signaling for him to get her another one.

"Don't I?" asked Trinity, turning back to Ghost and responding quite late to his observation.

Ghost gave her a pitied look and gently put a hand over hers. This small action seemed to break Trinity's hard composure as she let out another deep sigh, this one sounding more weak and fragile.

"It's Neo," she said calmly, while looking around the room dreamily, "he's just not the same, since we got back you know?"

Ghost made no motion to speak so Trinity continued.

"His eyes… they've done everything, and he still can't see. I know it's hurting him. He feels more vulnerable and… inadequate. He won't look at me anymore. I mean I know he can't really look at me but I mean he won't face me, even when I ask him to. I know that since the war is over he feels like he doesn't have a purpose anymore. I've tried talking to him but everything I say just seems to make it worse. I can't concentrate on work and Morpheus needs me to help him with the new ship. I just… don't know what to do anymore."

Trinity finished her spiel right as the man returned with her drink. She picked it up quickly, almost spilling it in her haste, and downed the entire glass, before slamming it back down on the table.

"You should stop drinking," said Ghost after a moment, "that's not going to help you deal with this."

Trinity gave a short sort of sarcastic laugh and looked intently at Ghost.

"I don't know how to help him," she said, with an expression that showed she was about to crack under the pressure at any moment.

"You need to talk to him, keeping trying," replied Ghost, speaking firmly as if she were an upset child, "if you can't help him… no one can."

Trinity sighed again and nodded. She felt exhausted, as if she hadn't really slept in years. She hadn't felt so defeated even during the war. At least then she'd had Neo to pull her through. She knew he needed her, but she was at a complete loss on how to help him.

When it came to the ship, the equipment, their missions, everything she'd always known how to do. Even when she was stuck there was always some way to figure it out. With Neo she felt completely lost. Neo didn't come with a manual or training program.

"I'm worried that you're right," said Trinity, breaking the silence.

The noisy group of people had just left and the bar was now almost deserted, making her low voice carry.

"What if I can't help him? The war is finally over and Zion can rest easy again, but he doesn't realize that I still need him."

For Trinity, talking about her less than satisfactory love life was never something she ever thought she'd do. She was the one who mocked those pathetic codependent women who relied on a man to define who they were. She, Trinity, second in command to the greatest captain in Zion, had suddenly been reduced to sniveling over her emotionally cold boyfriend in a bar. She felt like a fool.

"He'll find his way Trinity, you just need to give him time."

Trinity swallowed down her pain, letting go of the rest of her pride and allowing her silent tears to fall. She opened her mouth to apologize but not before Ghost enveloped her in a hug. At first Trinity felt awkward and embarrassed but she soon reveled in the feeling of being comforted.

It'd been so long since anyone had shown her affection. She supposed it was partly to do with the fact that until now she'd never really opened up to anyone since the war. She'd tried to be strong for Neo, to show him that she could take care of him and he could depend on her. But in the process, she'd bottled up her own feelings and allowed them to take over her completely. The release felt good.

A man suddenly bumped into their table by accident. He mumbled a quick apology, while Trinity sharply pulled away from Ghost and took on a look of guilt and embarrassment.

"I'm sorry, I…" began Trinity, averting her eyes and wiping at them furiously.

Ghost too seemed to feed off of her and cleared his throat awkwardly, "Ahem… uh, no, it's fine."

Trinity looked back at Ghost before standing up slowly.

"I should go but… thanks," she said genuinely.

"No problem," replied Ghost, looking down at the table, as if he regretted coming to meet her.

Trinity felt her guilt increase. She was well aware of Ghost's old feelings for her and hadn't really considered that fact that seeing her, and sharing such an intimate conversation, may have been difficult for him. She felt selfish for thinking only of venting her own feelings, and completely ignoring his.

"I'm sorry if I…" began Trinity, but not before Ghost interrupted her.

"Don't be sorry. We're friends."

"Right," said Trinity, giving him a kind smile, "friends."

Trinity stood where she was awkwardly for a moment, their eyes locked, before she turned and headed out of the bar. She walked slowly, feeling the booze suddenly rush to her head.

She left the bar, closing the door behind her, and took a deep breath, before walking back toward home. She knew Neo would be there waiting, and she decided perhaps she should be discreet about her meeting with Ghost. It wasn't that she felt she wasn't entitled to share a drink with a friend, but if she knew Neo, and she felt she did, he wouldn't see it that way.