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Trinity looked at the scene playing out in front of her. Ghost had pinned Neo to the floor, his hands firmly locking Neo's arms to the ground. Neo had advanced on him quickly, but his blindness rendered him completely defenseless and Ghost overpowered him easily. Neo was stronger, but Ghost was quicker.

"Calm down!" Ghost shouted above Neo's angry groans.

Neo didn't respond, but instead summoned his strength enough to tear one arm out of Ghost's grip and land a hard blow to Ghost's chin. Ghost wavered and Neo took the opportunity to shove him off and advance on him once again.

Trinity reacted this time, running forwards and grabbing Neo's shirt, her fingers clinging to the worn fabric desperately.

"Neo, stop!"

Neo completely ignored her, hitting Ghost repeatedly as he lay helplessly on the floor, his hands up in defense. Neo was acting on pure animalistic instinct, swinging hard and aiming as best he could with his poor vision. His rage gave him power.

It wasn't until Trinity jumped on top of his back that Neo finally stopped and fell over in surprise. They both slammed to the floor beside a badly beaten Ghost. Neo yelled in anger and frustration.

"Get off!"

"No!" Trinity yelled back, equally loud and threatening.

Trinity could feel his body reacting to her. He wanted to throw her off violently, but something must have been holding him back as he remained where he was. His body was heaving with rage and exhaustion.

"Neo," said Trinity, more calmly now. "Please."

Trinity hoped he could hear the desperation in her voice and perhaps some part of him would still be willing to listen. She needed Neo back, the old Neo, the one who would do anything for her. His love had taken a dangerous path. Trinity didn't need him to protect her or fight for her. He'd already won. She needed him to understand.

Ghost moaned beside them, regaining consciousness, but only barely. Trinity looked over to see his blood covered face and knew he needed to get to the medical center immediately.

She climbed off of Neo and bent over Ghost, pulling his shaking hands away to see the damage. A broken nose. Ghost groaned loudly again, his eyes closed and his mouth open in shock.

"Shit," Trinity muttered. "Neo, help me."

Neo got up and looked in her direction. Trinity couldn't read his expression, but he seemed to be debating whether or not to stay and help or flee the scene. A sense of remorse and fear seemed to flash on his face and Trinity noticed his uncertain movements as he made his way over.

"Oh God," he said softly, reaching down to feel Ghost's limp body. "What did I do?"

"Just help me!" summoned Trinity, losing her patience.

Together they hoisted him up and dragged him out of the apartment. Thankfully the medical center wasn't far, as Trinity wasn't sure they could've managed had it been more than a few floors down.

They got many horrified faces from passing Zionites, but Trinity stayed focused on Ghost, making sure he was still conscious. A concussion could be deadly.

Neo stumbled in his movements, but Trinity led them diligently, moving slowly so he could keep up. She breathed heavily, trying not to let her mind wander to the millions of questions popping up in her head. What will the council say? Will Neo be punished? Will Ghost be alright? Will Neo be alright?

When they reached the center, the doctors quickly took Ghost out of their hands and rushed him into a medical room. Trinity led Neo over to some chairs in the corner of the waiting room and sat down heavily, still pushing down all her fearful thoughts.

Neo sat beside her, his head down, a look of deep shame on his face. He swallowed and put his head in his hands. Trinity looked from Neo's stoop down to her own shaking hands and felt her own shameful thoughts break free. She felt as if the whole thing was all her fault. If somehow she'd only known how to let Neo open up, she'd never have needed Ghost and none of this would have happened. The situation seemed irreparable and a sense of tremendous failure settled in her heart.

"What have I done?"

Trinity turned to the sound of the failing words, Neo's face still buried in his hands.

Trinity responded with the only thing she could think of.

"I don't know."

A man suddenly walked over to stand in front of them. Trinity looked up, though Neo kept his head down. Trinity wasn't sure if Neo didn't notice the man, or if he simply didn't care.

"Who's responsible for this man's injuries?"

Trinity immediately noticed the man's dark uniform, cold stature, and commanding words. He was a councilman.

Neo looked up at his words and swallowed again nervously.

"I am," he choked out.

The councilman was silent a moment and Neo looked afraid, unsure of the man's reaction as he was unable to read his face.

"I need you to come with me," the councilman finally answered.

Neo stood up slowly, his head down again. The man took a hold of his arm and a jolt of fear ran through Trinity's body.

"Wait! Where are you taking him?"

The man looked at Trinity unsympathetically. "I'm not at liberty to discuss the matter at this time. He must be apprehended until the council makes a judgment."

Trinity knew it was no use trying to argue. She knew the policies of Zion as well as anybody. Neo might have been 'the One,' but no one was above Zion's laws.

Trinity looked at Neo intently, watching his face. She saw another flash of fear and her heart crumbled instantly. Neo was only afraid. He was always only afraid. She tried to reach her hand out to him, but the man pulled Neo quickly. Trinity was left standing alone, watching the love of her life being taken away.

Trinity collapsed down in the chair again, hating herself for ever letting it get this far. She leaned her head back against the cold steel wall, and waited.

A few hours later, a woman came out, looking cheerful, as she stood in front of Trinity.

"Good news. The man you brought in is going to be just fine. He has a fractured nose and a slight concussion but no permanent damage. He should be released any moment."

Trinity sighed and nodded her head, her face expressionless. She was relieved, but somehow knowing that Neo wouldn't be home that night made everything else feel irrelevant.

Ghost stumbled out a few minutes later, holding his head and walking slowly. He looked over at Trinity with a slight smile as he sat down beside her.

"It's alright. No harm done."

Trinity let out a sarcastic laugh.

"No harm done, huh? Try telling that to the council."

"What do you mean?" Ghost asked, taking the hand from his head and leaning forward in his chair concerned.

"Neo. They took him away."

Trinity thought perhaps Ghost hadn't heard her as he didn't reply for a moment and simply kept his gaze fixed on her.

"It'll be alright."

Trinity said nothing, but stared at the same spot on the floor she'd been staring at for the past three hours. She stood up slowly and held out a hand for Ghost.

He took it and stood up gingerly. They walked back to Ghost's apartment in silence, neither one feeling any words were necessary or appropriate. It was dark already and Trinity was grateful since no one was around to gawk at them once again.

Trinity opened the door and let Ghost walk in first. He immediately headed for his bedroom and looked back at Trinity before walking inside.

"Thanks. You're still welcome to stay."

Trinity gave her best attempt at a smile but shook her head.

"I need to go home."

Ghost nodded and went into his room, closing the door quietly. Trinity stood a moment, collecting her thoughts, before heading out of the apartment. She walked along, feeling the day's events weigh down on her. The long stretch between their apartments felt like only a few feet as Trinity was back before she'd even processed leaving Ghost's apartment.

Trinity walked in and closed the door, inhaling the familiar scent that was her and Neo's home. It was a mix of rusting metal, her musky soap, and Neo's own essence, the one that had drove Trinity crazy since the day they'd met. Even if he'd been gone for days, she could always smell it, as it was burned into her memory and all over their apartment.

She hadn't eaten all day but her stomach was in no mood to digest. She headed straight for the bedroom, not stopping to take off her boots at the door. She stumbled into the room, bypassed the light switch, and lay down on the bed in the dark. She rolled over to Neo's side and his strong smell immediately rushed into her nose, causing her heart to jump violently. She broke down entirely, her body giving way to the intense emotion which had been threatening to spill out all day.

Her tears fell on his pillow, quickly wetting it, and Trinity hastily brushed them off, not wanting to wash away any trace of him that might have remained. She tried not to think about the idea of spending the rest of her life alone, the bed only hers, with Neo far away somewhere else. The thought alone seemed to split her in half, and the pain only made the tears fall faster.

Trinity turned over to face the dark ceiling and sighed heavily. She prayed that wherever Neo was, he knew that she'd never leave him again.