A four-year-old Naruto stands in the Hokage's office at just passed mid-night, staring at a scroll that bares his name. 'Kit, you should get moving, a patrol of ninja could come at any moment.'

'Yeah.' He sticks the scroll and a small piece of a large jutsu scroll into the duffle bag that hung on his shoulder. Inside said bag was clothes, weapons, and supplies he had acquired from the stores he had been literally thrown out of. He then pulled a kunai and piece of paper from his pocket and stuck it to the desk with said kunai before heading out the window. He moves through the shadow as he made his way towards the eastern wall, as he continued, he couldn't help but think back to how he had met the voice that aided him.

Flashback: One Week Prior

The young blond was running from a large mob of villagers and some chunin. But being such a young child, they caught up with him, and it also didn't help that he turned into a block alleyway. They beat him into unconsciousness, and a chunin went in to finish him. The scene the Sandaime and Anbu came across was reduced to a crater with Naruto at the center, kunai still stuck into his stomach with a long deep gash across his belly. The Anbu moved around to see if any of the others around him were alive as the Sandaime rushed to Naruto. The boy was still breathing, but it was labored and the wound was gushing blood.

"Get a medical ninja here now!" A kuma (Bear) masked Anbu nodded and disappeared. "Hold on Naruto." He gently removed the kunai and was about to administer the limited medical jutsu he knew when red chakra burst from the wound and sealed it with a small amount of smoke raising from where it had been. A seal was clearly visible on the on the boy's stomach, he could still see the near invisible line that had been the gash, it went through the seal and end just outside of it where the kunai had been.

The Anbu had found that every one of the assailants were only unconscious and had taken them all to have a very special session with Ibiki Morino, the head of the Torture and Interrogation Departments. One Anbu slowly walked up behind the Hokage, taking in the damage done to the surrounding area. "Sir, what do you think happened here?"

"One of them dragged a kunai through his stomach right across the seal, my guess is that its chakra that was trying to heal him erupted and caused a shockwave, but if that's what happened, why did no one feel such a release of energy? The seal isn't broken, so this was an accident or at most an act of defense." The aged Hokage picked up the young blond and took off towards the hospital with the remaining Anbu close behind.


Naruto opened his eyes to find a sight like nothing he had ever seen, unseen flames flickered light upon walls of stone that were so high the ceiling was shrouded in darkness. But the thing that caught his attention was the two large gate doors that were slightly ajar, but still held together by a piece of paper with the kanji for seal on it. Behind said gate, he could see movement in the darkness, and being the curious, but cautious child he was, he moved towards the gate. Two large glowing red eyes appeared just beyond the gate and Naruto jumped in shock. "What are you, and where are we?"

"We are in your mind. And I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune." Naruto fell on to his butt and started to scoot backwards. A sharp-toothed grin appeared next. "Normally I would take your fear as a compliment, but you don't need to fear me, I won't hurt you."

"Why are you here, Ojii-san said that the Yondaime killed you. And for that matter, why am I here?"

"The simple truth is you were lied to. The Yondaime couldn't kill me, no mortal has the power to do so, so instead he sealed me into the one thing that was able to hold me, a newborn baby, you."

"So that's why I'm treated badly?"

"I sorry to say it is, but I'm afraid that that isn't the most pressing matter. As you can see the seal was slightly weakened in the last attack, that is why you are here. Because it's weakened, my chakra is flooding your body, unless the seal is strengthened, your body won't be able to handle the stress."

"What do you want me to do, I don't know anything about seals."

The fox chuckled. "I don't expect you to. There is another way, I can direct the chakra that is already in your body to strengthen it so you can withstand it, but I need your permission. It won't be much, just enough to insure your survival."

"What will happen to me?"

"Like I said, your body will strengthen, there may be visible changes as well, but it will be painful. It's up to you, if you choose to get the seal strengthened, it will have to be soon."

"I don't know, Kyuubi, what should I do?"

"It's up to you kit, but if I were in your position, I would take my offer, simply because there is no guarantee that there is someone who can strengthen the seal or that they'll be able to in time. But the question is if the pain is worth what you'll get from it, that only you can answer."

Naruto become uncharacteristically quiet for several moments before looking the fox in the eyes. "Alright, but should I tell Ojii-san?"

"That's also up to you kit. No matter what you decide, I'll support you, but I will be giving you my opinion on some matters. Now brace yourself, this is going to hurt." A thick red mist came through the bar and surrounded Naruto before it tightened around him, slowly becoming like a second skin, that was when the screaming started. He spent the next three days unconscious in a hospital bed, sedated, and with an Anbu in the room at all times, normally Kuma. (A/N I don't know what his real mask is, but so you know it's Yamato. It doesn't really matter, it's just so I can say this.) Of course they didn't tell him, but he was letting off a small amount of yokai that they wrote off as his healing ability. He didn't speak a word to anyone about that night, and the Sandaime didn't pressure him to.

His visible changes were minimal, his whisker marks became a little wider and the base of his hair took on a red tint. His other changes were harder to get use to, his hearing and sense of smell had enhanced to the point that they were only slightly less than an Inuzuka. His eyesight also got better, now he could see perfectly day or night. On top of that, the rest of his body was working better, his muscle become stronger, but he could also think more clearly.

Flashback End:

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he hears mumbling and curses. His curiosity once again getting the better of him, he goes to see what's going on, what he finds, is a man wearing a Kumo hitai-ate with someone tied up and thrown over his shoulder. As the man walked, the person flopped around, and for a brief second, he saw a face. His eyes went wide, he had seen the girl before. Whenever he went to the playground, she was the only one to not look at him with hatred, but whoever was with her wouldn't let him even talk to her.

Unknown to him, his eyes turned red as he pushed off of the branch he stood upon, straight at the man. He smashes into the man's leg, sending him to the ground and the girl into the air. Naruto catches the girl and sets her against a nearby tree, his back to the man as he gets backs to his feet. "You damn brat, how dare you attack me!"

"You are attempting to kidnap the heiress of one of Konoha's clans. But that doesn't matter to me, what does is that she is different from the others here, a saint among sinners."

"Who the hell are you?"

"Why should I tell someone who is about to die?"

The man starts to laugh. "You think you can kill me?"

"No I don't." The man's laughing stops as Naruto turns his head, revealing glowing red eye. "I know I can."

Without any sign of movement, Naruto disappears. The man snorts. "He talks big and then just run away."

"Who says I'm running?" The man didn't even have the time to turn around before he was sent back to the ground a few feet away.

The man stared at him in shock. 'He's just a brat, how the hell did he do that?'

"What's the matter, you were so confident before." The man's shock gave way to anger of being taunted by the boy. He stood up, and charged in blindly. He tried to grab Naruto, but the boy evaded every attempt and planted his right fist into the man's gut. He went crushing to the ground again. "Is that all you've got? That was pathetic."

The man could feel Naruto's killing intent rolling over him in waves, and he couldn't move a muscle due to his fear. The glow of Naruto's eyes grew to a darker red as his voice deepened and dripped with malice. 'What is he?' Then the voices came, they were close, but he couldn't make out what was being said.

Naruto looked towards the source. "You got lucky, the Hyuga are looking for her." Naruto disappeared again as two Hyuga men ran into the clearing.

The two look exactly the same except that one had a bandana around his forehead. "Where is my daughter?!" The Kumo nin's hand shook as he pointed towards the girl. Her father went to her and untied her as the other man approached the Kumo ninja.

The Kumo nin got to his knees and bowed before them. "Thank you, that boy was going to kill me."

The man approaching him stopped. "What boy?"

"The blond boy with glowing red eyes and the voice of a demon."

"Hizashi, take him to the Hokage." The father glared at the man. "You will tell him everything, or you death will be slow and very painful." Both man nodded and left as the father picked up his daughter. 'He couldn't be the one that man spoke of, why would that monster save her?'

The girl stirred in his arms. "Father? What happened?"

"I'll tell you in the morning Hinata, for now go back to sleep." She nodded and closed her eyes again as the man start home.

From up in a tree, Naruto watched them leave. 'Good thing they didn't use the Byakugan or I would have been found.' When he was sure that they were gone, he continued towards the wall. He reached the wall not long after, but instead of trying to go through the gate, he found the highest tree near the wall itself. Climbing as high as he could into the tree, he jumped towards the wall and when his feet hit the wall he stuck. 'Useful trick, thanks Kyuubi.'

He walked the rest of the way up the wall and down the other side. 'You need to get moving kit, your helping the Hyuga girl will alert them of your absence sooner than we had planned.'

'Didn't think of that.' He pushed chakra into his legs and took off like a bullet.


The Sandaime Hokage was walking towards his office, flanked by Kuma and Hizashi Hyuga. The old man sighed. "Are you sure?"

"Unless he has the Sharingan. Sir, if it's alright, I would like to check on my niece."

"Yes, of course. Thank you for informing me Hizashi." The Hyuga bowed before heading back the way they had come. The Hokage sighed again. 'When this gets out the council will demand his life, citing that Kyuubi really has taken over. If that were true, I doubt it would be saving anyone.'

"Sir, what are we going to do about this? Jiraiya should be contacted to examine the seal."

"The messenger was sent the day after the incident, and for now, we won't do anything. Tomorrow, I'll speak with Naruto, it could just be that he tapped into its chakra accidentally." He opened the door only to stop. "Get Kakashi and tell him if he's not here in ten minutes, I'm outlawing Icha Icha." If it weren't for the mask, the Hokage would have seen Kuma's eyes widen before he disappeared in a puff of smoke. The Hokage walked towards the desk and removed the kunai so he could lift the paper. What surprised him was the design of the kunai, it was glossier than normal, had kanji on the handle, and had three prongs.

The Sandaime's eyes were wide, as he hadn't seen a kunai like this since the Yondaime died. He lifted the paper and his eyes went wider as he read.

Old man

I'm sick of the shit the villagers put me through, so by the time you read this, I'll be gone. I know you'll send someone after me, but it would be pointless, they won't find me and if they do, they won't catch me. 'He' is helping me, and a lot has happened in the last week.


Sandaime fell backwards into his chair continuing to stare at the note. 'So he knows, can't say I blame him for leaving after what he's been through. He turned towards the window and looked at the craved face of the Yondaime. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect him better, or tell him the truth like you wanted." He turned from the window, he saw that the scroll vault was slightly open. He moved to it with speed unthinkable for a normal old man. He threw the vault open and the first things he saw were an open wooden box and a large scroll. On the top of the box were two spirals, one was like the spiral that was found on the back of the vests given to Chunin and Jonin ranked ninja except it spun in the opposite direction, the other had nine lines in the pattern of a whirlpool.

The old man smiled sadly as he lifted the box, only to have the large scroll unroll, revealing the torn edge and some of it's contains. His eyes were the size of dinner plates. "That's the Forbidden Scroll!" He knew every jutsu on this scroll, and in what order they had been placed. Quickly snatching it up, he begin to identify which had been taken. There were three missing, these three jutsu were in the top ten for most chakra usage. He was torn away from the scroll by a popping noise from his office. He took both the scroll and the box back to his desk. A man wearing a blue long sleeved shirt, pants, and facemask, was standing there at full attention. He had bandages from his ankles to the middle of his lower leg, blue shinobi sandals, sliver gravity defying hair, and his hitai-ate covering his left eye. "Sorry about the late hour Kakashi, but this couldn't wait."

"Sir, why did you threaten such an wonderful book that you yourself enjoy?" Setting down both objects, the Hokage turned to Kakashi.

"I'm sure you know of the attempted kidnapping of the Hyuga heiress Hinata." Kakashi nodded. "What you probably don't know is that the Hyuga weren't the first to find her, when they arrived, the Kumo nin was shaking in fear of someone that was no longer there. He told Hizashi that they had saved him from a boy with glowing red eyes, the voice of a demon and blonde hair."


We assume so."

"That doesn't explain why I'm here, he saved her, but left when he heard the Hyuga coming. With everything that's happened, he's probably deathly afraid of most of the villagers." The Hokage picked up the note handed it to Kakashi, who's visible eye widened. "He knows? How?"

"I don't know, but I'm afraid there is more to it than that. There are three things that I have to show you." The Hokage walked back to his desk with Kakashi just behind him. "It seems that before his encounter with the Hyuga heiress, he took a peek at the forbidden scroll, he took three jutsu from it as well as the scroll that was in that box."

"Do you know which three they were?"

"Considering he ripped them off the scroll, yes. There were Kage Bunshin, Chidori, and Rasengan"

"And what was in the box, if you don't mind telling me of course."

The Hokage placed his hand on top of the now closed box. "If I tell you, it can not go beyond this office. Do I have your word as my subordinate to keep this secret until I deem necessary?"

"I swear it on my life."

The old man smiled and started forming the seals for the privacy jutsu. "Until a few hours ago, this box contain a scroll that held the village's greatest secret, even greater than that of Kyuubi, Naruto's heritage."

"I was under the impression that no one knew who his parents' identities."

"Only myself, Jiraiya, and Tsunade know because that was they wish. They both died fighting the fox, sacrificing themselves to defeat it. His mother came from a small country near the Mizu no Kuni, Kushina Uzumaki."

Kakashi eye bulged out. "He's sensei's son?"

The Sandaime nodded. "That note was stuck to my desk with a kunai, I wouldn't normally have been too bothered by this, but it wasn't a normal kunai." The old man held up said object and saw Kakashi's shock. "I felt the same way when I first saw it. I don't really care how he got them since they were probably gathering dust anyway. My concern however is if what I think is in that scroll is, he'll already have what he needs to use it, and it could be dangerous for him."

"What are my orders?"

"Find him and bring him to me. Try not to harm him, unless it's unavoidable. According to the Kumo nin, he can disappear without even making a blur of motion, so you may need to use that left eye of yours'. You have 72 hours, if you haven't found him by then, return. He would be too far gone by then."

"Yes sir. I'll leave immediately." He was gone in a swirl of leaves.


Naruto ran though the night until his body demanded rest and food. He stopped in a heavily wooded area and sat against a thick tree trunk, setting his bag beside him. He rummaged though it to pull out an M.R.E., he unwraps one portion and sniffs it before placing it in his mouth. He shudders at the taste. "I really got to find a village soon. These thing taste like crap, but it's better than nothing at the moment." Once he was done eating, he stuffed the trash into an unused side pocket of his bag and pulled out the torn section of the Forbidden Scroll.

'I wouldn't try any jutsu until you leave Hi no Kuni Kit, your chakra might attract ninja patrols.'

'I wasn't planning to, I figured I'd just read more about them for now.' He wasn't sure how, but he could feel that Kyuubi read along with him. He found it kind of funny that the hand signs were drawn next to two of the jutsu, but surprised that the third didn't.

Kage Bunshin- B-rank, Supplementary- A solid clone, that appears in the same manner as the academy taught clone. Though they are solid and able to attack, they dissipate after they are struck. The chakra of the user is divided even, allowing for the clones to use jutsu. The clones will disperse when they're hit, they run out of chakra, when the user wills them gone, or, if given a separate task, they cancel themselves. While they will follow the original's commands, they have a will of their own, and can act independently of their creator. Because of this function, anything that they learn in their 'lifespan', the original learns when they dissipate, making their usage versatile.

Rasengan- A-rank, Offensive- Jutsu created by Minato Namikaze. This jutsu has no hand sign because it is pure chakra manipulation. Jutsu has many uses, one being assassination. As the name suggests, it's an orb of chakra that, when it hits, twists holes through whatever's in its path. The Rasengan itself is broken down into three steps, Rotation, Power, and Control. Must have mastered both tree climbing and water walking as the concepts of both are applied to using this jutsu.

Step 1- Pop a balloon filled with water by spinning the water with chakra.

Step 2- Do the same as Step 1 except with a solid rubber ball.

Step 3- Apply Steps 1 & 2 inside an air filled balloon, without popping it. Once this is done, attempt to do the same without the balloon.

Chidori- A-rank, Offensive- Jutsu created by Kakashi Hatake. An assassination jutsu recommended to using against a single enemy due to, as its name implies, creates the sound of one thousand birds chirping. A lightning based attack that surrounds the user's hand and acts as a spear. Requires high-speed movement to gain its piercing power, which in turn causes tunnel vision.

'What's tunnel vision?'

'Exactly what is sounds like Kit, you don't see anything except what directly in front of you. That proves a problem as it leaves you vulnerable to the sides while you use it, and with the high-speed movement, you won't be able to do anything if someone crosses your path or if they counter. Unless you can predict their movements, this jutsu is basically worthless.'

'Couldn't you or someone else teach me to read them?'

'It is technically possible, but even then it's not completely reliable. Sorry Kit, but I suggest you reconsider learning that one.'

'Then how could the guy that created it use it?'

'He might not use it after learning about the tunnel vision, or it's possible he has a kekkei genkai that allows him to predict another's movement, if I remember correctly, Konoha's Sharingan can do that.'

Naruto was shocked, but not for the reason most would think, well maybe they would. 'How did you know that?'

'Just cause you didn't listen to the Hokage, doesn't mean I didn't.'

'I don't remember him ever talking about it?'

In his mind, Kyuubi sweat dropped. 'You asked him, and I quote, 'What's up with the Uchiha clan's eyes' after spying on one of them training. Anyway Kit, I need to tell you that while the physical changes finished before you woke up after the attack, the chakra has been slowly settling itself out, it's almost done now, but there may be some pain as it finishes. It will most likely be while you're resting and not using chakra, any pain will be because of how quickly you had to adapt. That being said, you should rest now Kit, you still have a ways to go.' Naruto nodded and pulled out a sleeping bag while returning the piece of scroll.