Kyuubi had woken Naruto up before ten as he still had a ways to go before he reached the borders of Hi no Kuni. Like the night before, he fed his chakra into his legs and a small amount into his eyes like Kyuubi had suggested an hour in, after a run in with a tree. The fox had told him that it would allow him to see slightly better at the speeds he was traveling, but he couldn't help but think Kyuubi wasn't telling him something. His reason for not confronting the fox about his suspicions was quite simple, he didn't want the one helping him to get angry and stop. So he just kept running.

Naruto had been running for three hour straight when the wind changed direction, coming at his back, and carried a weak scent. Naruto stopped for a moment to catch it before taking off again. 'Smells of dogs, but there's something about it. Kyuubi, does the scent seem familiar to you?'

It took a moment before Kyuubi replied. 'It does vaguely, but I can't recall who it is. An Inuzuka more than likely, they were probably sent to find you. Best step it up kit, if they're moving as fast as you, they're about two hours behind.' Naruto nodded and added more chakra to his legs and eyes.


Kakashi, with the help of his ninken, a pug named Pakkun, had found Naruto camp around noon, where he summoned his remaining five ninken to find out which way he went. Once they found it they took off at incredible speeds, the dogs in front while Pakkun stayed at Kakashi side to translate. "I'm surprised the kid could get this far so fast, how long do you think he ran before stopping back there?"

Kakashi shock his head. "I don't know, but his body shouldn't be able to keep up with that kind of stress. He got what, a half-hour, hour tops, head start last night, and we just now got here. You said he was gone an hour or two before we got there, so if he actually slept, we're talking speeds that could give Gai a run for his money. The only way I can figure this is even possible is that he's using chakra, and a lot of it, but if he is, he shouldn't be able to see well enough to maneuver around trees and shrubs." There was a bark from a ways ahead and it was Pakkun's turn to shake his head. "What is it?"

"Seems you were right about him not being able to see very well, they just found an imprint of him in a tree."

They sped up a little and found the five other ninken sitting at the base of a large oak. There, about an inch into the trunk, was an indent of a small person. Looking upon it, Kakashi visible eye widened. 'He was going that fast?' "Sorry guys, but I'm only going to use Pakkun to track, we're going to have to speed up quite a bit to catch him it seems and I'm don't think all of you will be able to keep up." A large gust of wind blew in the direction they were heading as the five ninken disappeared in puffs of smoke. After only fifteen minutes of running at high jonin speeds, Pakkun growled, and it got Kakashi concerned, as it was not like him. "What's wrong? Did you lose his trail?"

"No, we're still on course, but he's sped up again."

Kakashi sighed. "Then I guess I'll have to go all out on this one. You won't be able to keep up Pakkun, I'll call you out in an hour to make sure I'm still headed in the right direction." In a puff of smoke the little pug was gone. 'Hokage-sama better appreciate this, this wears me out every time.' "Kaimon open!" A large burst of chakra erupted from Kakashi as he lifted his hitai-ate revealing a crimson eye with three coma-like marks spinning around the pupil. Kakashi took off, becoming nothing but a blur against the trees.


Naruto felt the blast of chakra, and ground to a halt. 'Seems they noticed the increase of speed, but that has to be close to a Kage level chakra amount being put off, why would the old man send someone like that after me?' He started off again at the same speed.

'You mean besides me? There was also that bit of bragging in the note you left kit. By saying no one will catch you ensured he'd send one of the fastest people in Konoha.'

'So Kyuubi, any ideas on how tolose them?'

'I'm a predator kit, I don't do prey. But as a predator, I know that if this person is tracking you by scent they won't be able to at that high of speed.'

'So what, I sit tight and let them pass me?'

'You could, except when they did slow down they would notice the lack of scent to follow and head back this way, and they'd be in between us and our destination.'

'Well unless you have a better idea, it's our best bet.'

'I say we keep going, we still have a bit of a lead on them, if they start getting too close than let them pass us by and find a new route, agreed?'

'Alright, the closer we get, the shorter the detour we might have to take.' Naruto kept up the same pace for some time, but his sprint faltered when he felt the chakra flare quickly weaken and all but disappear. 'Must have stopped to make sure they still on my trail. Now's my chance to put some more distance between us.' He ran at the pace he had started with that morning until sunset constantly keeping tabs on the chakra despite how weak it was compared to before, he stopped at the top of a hill because of the breath taking view he had. In the fading light, the sea glittered with shades of yellow, orange, and red. He could smell the salt of the sea from where he was, and his destination was in sight, the biggest port city in Hi no Kuni. A large smile spread across his face as he started down the hill.


At the same time Kakashi and Pakkun were leaping through the trees at as fast as they afford to go after Kakashi use of the first gate. "You cut the distance by half, but he's still probably has an hour and a half lead on us, and I don't think he'll stop for the night. Even if the Kyuubi wasn't helping him, he would have known we're following him after you opened the gate."

"It doesn't really matter, if he keeps going in this direction, he reach the port city, and he won't be able to get a boat till morning. With any luck he won't change course, but we'll still have to be cautious, he's extremely fast, we don't know what he's capable of, and if he taps into the fox's power, he could potentially (I bolded this word to hopefully avoid reviews stating something like 'there's no way he could hope to fight Kakashi even with the fox helping him' he doesn't know what Naruto's skill level is so he's stating worse case scenario.) give me some trouble in a fight." Kakashi's pace faltered as he land on a thick branch.

Seeing this, Pakkun jumped back to him. "Everything alright?"

"Yeah, I just need to rest a bit, the combination of Kaimon and the Sharingan just took a lot out of me." The pug nodded and sat beside the jonin.


Naruto reached the city just before the sun completely set, and at Kyuubi's request, rented a room from a hotel near the center of the village while under a henge of a random villager that Naruto remembered being attacked by in Konoha. After he had shut the door, he dropped the henge and laid spread out on the bed. 'Hey Kyuubi, why did you have me pick a hotel near the center of the village, and not one near the water?'

'That is where our pursuer would expect you to be, and would look there first.'

'But if they're tracking me by scent like you think, wouldn't they be able to just follow it here?'

'While that would be true if we were still in the woods, here in a populated area, your scent would be diminished by all of the other humans' scents. They could find a weak trail, but would be unable to determine how long ago you passed. Unless you spent a long period of time in one place, then your scent there would be stronger. Which is why you should sleep while you can, I awaken you in a few hours to leave and find something to eat before we head to the port.'

'One last thing Kyuubi, where are we going?'

Naruto was surprised to hear the ancient fox sigh. 'To my former home.' Curious, Naruto mentally urgedthe fox to continue. 'Whether or not you believe me is up to you, but I was once the demonic guardian of a clan in Uzu no Kuni. Now try to sleep, I'll tell you more in the morning.' An eager Naruto fell into a dreamless, but fitful sleep.


Due to the stress placed on his body from the use of both the first gate and the Sharingan, Kakashi and Pakkun didn't arrive at the port village until the sky started to lighten, though the sun had yet to rise over the waves. He looked down at Pakkun as soon as they made it to the edge of the village. "He's definitely came through here, but the scent is weak, he was here hours ago."

"Can you track him?"

"Yes, but once people start moving around it's going to get a lot harder." It took them till the sun had completely risen to find a strong scent as the trail winded through several back alleys. When they did, they stood outside a small hotel. "This is the strongest scent I've found of him, and it seems fairly recent, a few hours ago maybe, he may still be here."

Kakashi nodded and as he walked in, the receptionist smiled at him, to which he gave her an eye smile. 'She's pretty cute, but this isn't the time.' "Excuse me miss, has anyone come in alone in the past four hours, someone that seemed out of place here?"

"Well, there were two men that fit that description, one looked to be a merchant, but I've never seen him in town before. He had short black hair, a kindly face, and he was really polite, he left about an hour ago. The other was a larger man with long white hair, red lines coming down from his eyes, and looked kind of like a kabuki actor came in shortly after the other man left."

"Could you tell me which rooms they used?"

"It's the same room for both of them. Normally it's against policy to give out rooms so quickly after they've been used, but due to the festival next week, the merchants that are setting up stands have rented almost every room. It's the last door on the left on the second floor." Kakashi thanked her and went to the room she mentioned and knocked.

As he heard the door handle turning, he lifted up his hitai-ate revealing the Sharingan with its three tomoes spinning slowly around the pupil. When the door opened, he came face to face with the white haired man. Kakashi sighed and covered his eye again. "What the hell Kakashi, I have a perfect view of the hot springs from my window, and you pull me away from my research to look at me with that Sharingan of yours? I know I'm amazing, but an autograph would work just as well." The man laughed a little at his own brilliance. (In his own mind maybe.) "All joking aside, what do you need?"

"It's Naruto Jiraiya-sama."

Kakashi saw worry pass over Jiraiya's face. "Sensei asked me to come take a look at the seal. Did something happen?"

The silver haired cyclops hung his head. "He's left the village, and he knows everything."

"And by everything you mean?"

"Kyuubi, depending on if he read the scroll he took, his parents, he has at least a few of the Hiraishin kunai, and he's taken three jutsu out of the Forbidden Scroll."

He raised an eyebrow at hearing Kakashi mention the blonde's parents sounding irritated to say the least. "And you're here because?"

"He left this hotel about an hour before you arrived, using this very room."

"Well then, that probably means he's still in town, let's see if we can find him."

Jiraiya walked past Kakashi who hurried to catch up. "There are some things you should know Jiraiya-sama, he's incredibly fast, he left the village late two nights ago and from what I can tell has been here for several hours. A Kumo jonin swears he saw him disappear without any sign of it being a Shunshin, and he's able to use the fox's power, whether unconsciously or not, but the note he left said the fox is helping him."

"Then he'll be headed for the port."

"How can you be so sure, what if he's just trying to make us believe that's where he's going? He had a cunning mind before the incident that Sandaime-sama believes they came in contact, and if Kyuubi really is helping him, it's won't be hard to believe."

"That's exactly my point, Kyuubi isn't just some dumb beast, he would know that the only place Naruto could be safe from Konoha ninja would be outside the country, and while it's not without its risks, the quickest way would be to get on a boat here."

"Shouldn't we head to the harbor then Jiraiya-sama?"

The white haired man shook his head. "The first boat doesn't leave for about another hour. I don't think he'll wait around the dock, he'll probably show up last minute." Jiraiya stopped in front of a small stand. "Since we've got some time to kill, let's grab something to eat, this looks like a good place." Jiraiya walked inside and sat down at a table, that Kakashi realized was a ramen stand, before following after him, though thoroughly confused, at least till he saw a head of familiar blond hair sitting at the counter. Kakashi made to go over to him, but Jiraiya grabbed his arm and shook his head. "Not here, there are too many people around, and if we confront him, he may draw on the fox."

As they ate, they discreetly watched the blond, and when he left the stand, they followed, until he walked into a deserted alleyway and stopped. "I know you're following me, who are you and what do you want?"

"My name's Jiraiya, and this is Kakashi. You're a long way from home gaki, and we've been asked to bring you back."

"Home? That's a laugh."

"Listen Naruto, I know why you left, and if I had to live through what you have, I wouldn't want to go back either, but there are people there who want you back."

"Like you can talk, Ojii-san told me about you, you come back maybe once every five years for a day at most, and even then it's only because you have to."

Naruto turned around and caught sight of Kakashi. 'That explains the smell of dogs.' "You look different without your mask Inu-san… the animal one anyway."

'Kit, it's almost time for the boat to leave, and from the looks of it, this will be your only chance.'

"Yeah, I know." Naruto sighed and noticed that the other two were looking at him with worry, or maybe like he was crazy, he couldn't tell. "As fun as it was talking to the both of you, I got to go, bye." They both felt a small build up of chakra, but Kakashi was already moving forward.

He went to grab the blond, but his hand passed right through him before fading away. "A Bunshin?" Kakashi shook his head. "No, an afterimage, the chakra we felt was probably used to increase his speed."

"With that kind of speed, he'll already be at the dock, and we'll be hard pressed to make it there before the boat leaves, even with Shunshin."

"I have to try." The white haired cyclops was gone in a puff of smoke.

Jiraiya looked towards where he knew the docks to be. 'Kushina, I hope you're right about the fox.'


When Kakashi appeared at the dock, he found the blonde looking right at him and waving as the boat pulled further away from the dock. Kakashi sighed because he knew he'd be able to get to the boat, but by the time he got the boy, he wouldn't have enough chakra left to get them both back to shore. He walked up to a man who was pulling in the ropes that had kept the boat against the dock. "Excuse me, but could you tell me where that boat is heading?"

"Can't say I know all of its ports, but I know that they stop in Nami no Kuni, and Mizu no Kuni."

"I see, thank you." 'Sandaime-sama isn't going to be very happy that I was unable to retrieve Naruto, and even less so that he could be heading for another Hidden Village.' Letting out another sigh, Kakashi turned and started the trek back to Konoha to give his report to the Hokage.


As soon as Kakashi was barely visible to him, Naruto moved from the railing to the small room he had rented on the ship. He flopped down on his bed and started up at the ceiling. 'It cost what was left of my money, but it was worth it.'

'But was it wise kit? You now have no money to acquire food or lodging once we reach the island and it's at least a day's travel from the ship's stop to the village even at the speed you've been traveling at for the past few days, not that you'll be moving at that speed again for a little while.'

'Why won't I be able to?'

'Remember what I told you about what's left of my yokai settling?' He got the mental equivalent of a nod. 'Well it going to over the next few days and it seems to have picked behind your eyes as the spot to do it. It's going to be a painful process. It was pulled there along with the chakra you used to increase your vision while running.'

'You were the one who told me to do that.'

'I know kit and I'm sorry for what you're going to go through, but I swear to you I never meant for this to happen. I merely wished to see if you had inherited the doujutsu, which you have, but I have no way of knowing how my yokai will affect it, if at all.'

'Will the process be done by the time we reach the island?'

'For the most part, the pain should all but pass by then, though there may be some residual pain, at most it will be a few hours after we get off that the process should finish. Until it's time to disembark, I suggest you only leave the room at meal times. Even after the process is complete, it may still pain you slightly to use chakra for a short time.'

'Why did you think I might have a doujutsu?'

'Because the clan I protect in Uzu no Kuni was the Uzumaki clan. At first I chalked it up to being a coincidence, but I had to be sure, so I told you to put chakra into your eyes as you ran and I monitored them.'

'What would have happened if I didn't have one and I put chakra into them?'

'A normal person would probably go blind, however, I would have notified you of the damage before it became too severe that my yokai couldn't repair the damage, and with what's happening, even if you didn't have one, there's would be a possibility that you would gain something like one.' Kyuubi paused a moment for Naruto to absorb this information before continuing. 'How you came to reside in Konoha is unknown to me as the clan was thought to have been whipped out, even by me, a few weeks before I attacked Konoha.'

'Why did you attack, did they have something to do with the clan's destruction?'

'I don't know about the village as a whole, but when I was summoned, only one Uzumaki was alive and he was facing an Uchiha. He was able to subdue me with his eyes, through it wasn't for long, he killed my summoner and ran off when I didn't disappear. I couldn't pick up his scent, but I knew his clan resided in Konoha, so I made my way there and you know the rest.'

'I don't understand, why would they destroy my clan? Sure most of the ones I've met were assholes, but they don't seem like the kind of people to destroy a whole clan without a reason.'

'Fear has motivated normally peaceful people to do things they would have never considered doing otherwise. Your doujutsu, while not being considered one of the great doujutsu can give two of them a run for their money, a fact the two clans know full well. The two are the Uchiha's Sharingan, and the Hyuga's Byakugan.'

'What's the third and how is it better?'

'I never said it was better kit, it's just that no one from your clan has ever faced it as it is said to have died out long ago, it was known as the Rinnegan. Now back to your Doujutsu, it is known as the Uzugan, because when it's activated, the curved lines that appear in the user's eyes start to spin making in look as though they are whirlpools, this is also where your clan name originated from. Making eye contact with someone while they are spinning allows you to hypnotize them, similar to an ability of the Sharingan. However the effectiveness of theirs is determined by how much chakra they put into it while yours is a battle of wills, if the person you're using it on has a stronger will, it won't work as well or possibly at all, so don't rely too heavily on this skill. And while the Sharingan allows them to read their opponents movements, yours allows you to see more clearly than them while moving at extreme speeds like while you were running. You can also see chakra, both outside the body and within, however unlike the Byakugan, you cannot see the chakra points, but being able to see the coils, even if it's not to the extent of the Hyuga, you are able to see any stops in the flow and correct it if you have enough control and know what you're doing, if you don't you could permanently damage a person's coils or even kill the person. Kit, I will have to monitor how or if my yokai affects your doujutsu until it's completely settled, so you may not be able to contact me until then, but I will try to keep you informed about what I observe.'

'How will I know when to get off?'

He felt the Kyuubi smirk. 'In two days, when the ship reaches the first port, head out to the rail, you'll know when to get off, trust me. Now you should try to rest, sleep won't take away the pain, but it will help deal with it.' Naruto locked the door before crawling into the king size bed that his room had and closed his eyes falling asleep quickly, the exhaustion from the past few days catching up with him.