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Chapter 6
The New Technique

Goku didn't know whether he was relieved, or worried. Or which one he should be. But one thing was for sure: he was shocked. Not because he didn't think Piccolo would show up, but rather, in a way, because he could. His timing played it's part as well.

"Piccolo! What are you doing here?" Goku asked him.

Piccolo turned his attention Cabesh. "I came for him."

"How can that be!?" the evil Saiyan said. "I killed you!"

Krillin and Bulma withdrew further from the front side of the house, trembling in near terror. As if it wasn't bad enough some strange alien was trying to kill everyone, now Piccolo had miraculously risen from the grave.

"I was wondering when you'd get here," Goku said, surprising the spectators.

"You knew he was alive?" Krillin said. "How?"

"Gohan's hat," he replied without ever shifting his focus.

Bulma pulled Gohan away from her and looked, the orange orb attached being the first thing she noticed. "The Dragon Ball?"

Goku nodded. "If Piccolo had died, it would've turned to stone."

"That's right..." Krillin said in an 'I remember now' sort of way.

"It did take long for me to arrive," Piccolo said. "He is very strong, I am surprised you are still alive. Not that he would be entirely sure you would be dead considering how careless he is about making sure if you are."

Cabesh rose and dusted himself off, then smirked. "I was careless," he admitted. "But I'll make up for it now."

"How will you know if you really killed us?" Piccolo asked in a mocking tone.

"I'll be sure this time."

Goku had an idea, hesitating to mention it. "I guess... I guess we'll have to team up, Piccolo. It's our only chance."

Piccolo nodded. "The thought sickens me, but it will only be this once. After he is done, you're next."

He grasped his cape and turban in each hand and tossed them aside. A heavy sound made as they made a trench in the sand.

"Piccolo, you were armored too?" Goku asked in slight surprise.

"As are you, boy," he answered.

Done with talking, they readied for an attack and counted off before charging in.

The sight of Piccolo and Goku fighting along side caused an uneasy feeling to sweep over Krillin as he remembered the horrible things he did all those years ago. "I have a bad feeling about this," he said. "I don't trust Piccolo one bit!"

"It's the only thing we can do," muttered a weakened voice.

Krillin's face face lit up at that moment. "Roshi-sama!"

The Turtle Hermit slowly sat up, struggling the whole way.

"Are you okay!?" Krillin exclaimed.

"Boy, you forget I'm a martial arts master," Roshi said. "No matter how strong he is, it would take more than one hit to kill me." He then looked toward Goku. "If those two can't beat him, we're done for."

Krillin and Bulma hung their heads grimly, praying that they would succeed, and that Piccolo wouldn't double-cross Goku during the fight.

Cabesh slammed his fist into Piccolo's jaw then aimed a roundhouse at Goku, who jumped to avoid then formed a fist with both hands and brought it down on the evil Saiyan's head. After stumbling, Piccolo rushed back and punched the flincher as many times as he could. Cabesh waited for the gap between the times Piccolo hit, quickly cupping his hands in front of him and catching Piccolo's flying fist then tossing him aside.

Goku jumped in and thrust his palm, striking the opponent's defensive arm, starting a bursting match. He couldn't hold up his own for long, his adrenaline dwindling as his sore muscles began to ache. In one quick maneuver Cabesh drove one elbow into Goku's stomach and smashed his forehead with the other. Goku stumbled backwards. His voice quivered as he held his hands close to the broken skin, letting the fresh blood ooze down his face.

Piccolo came up and shoved Cabesh aside violently.

Panting heavily, Goku chuckled. "We may actually be done for..." a weak smile appeared on his weary face.

"Maybe," Piccolo said. "Unless you have a new technique."

"Sorry, I got nothing."

"Well, while you have been taking a break, I have been training for the past five years and developed a new technique to kill you that might do the trick." He went on. "But it will take about five minutes to gather enough energy to use it."

"And you want me to distract him," Goku said.

Piccolo gave him an assuring look.

"Right," Goku said, smiling at the irony; the attack Piccolo invented to destroy him would be used to help him. He wiped the blood from his face and stood, then took off when Piccolo raised his index and middle to his forehead.

Cabesh finished dusting the sand off his shattered, yet intact armor when Goku came after him. He held out his arm to catch Goku's and brawled with him. After the brief match, they pulled away and stood ten feet apart.

"Why don't you just die!?" Cabesh spat.

Goku gasped for air as he struggled to keep standing, hoping Piccolo wouldn't take too long. His muscles were nearly screaming. He didn't know if he could last the next five minutes this way, but he was going to try.

Goku sprinted and tackled his opponent in hopes of bringing him down to buy some time. Cabesh brought his foot back for balance and caught Goku, throwing back. Goku instantly sprung forward the moment he touched the ground and locked fists with Cabesh.

Piccolo watched them brawl from the side while keeping focus on charging. He observed Goku's movement rapidly decline from fluid to mechanical, soon watching him get beat up when he was unable to keep up with Cabesh's movement.

Cabesh ended the session with a knee to Goku's chest, followed by one fist to the stomach then the other to his jaw.

I can't go on like this... Goku chuckled in his mind. He started thinking of a new strategy. "If I don't make it," he whispered, looking to Gohan with weary eyes. "take care of your mommy for me."

He wobbled to his feet and took a deep breath.

Cabesh gave Goku an icy stare as he waited with his arms folded, waiting for him to get up. He looked like he was hesitating to give Goku a fair chance by letting him stand, but was really just as worn out and didn't feel like moving.

"What are you waiting for?" Goku asked in a taunting voice.

Cabesh responded with a 'hmph' and went after him.

Goku crossed his arms in an X in front of him—a defensive position, and tightly shut his eyes, jaw clenched to keep from wailing in pain when his sore arms were struck. Cabesh pounded on him repeatedly, taking note of his target's pained expression. This continued for a short time, before Goku tumbled over from the constant impact.

"Why isn't he fighting back!?" Bulma cried. "That guy will kill him!"

"He doesn't have the strength," said Roshi, who was still coming to, trying to get up again.

Krillin jumped to his side, so to speak. "Roshi-sama!" he exclaimed. " Should you be getting up so soon!?"

"Like I said, I was once one of the world's strongest," Roshi said. "It would take more than one hit to finish me."

The truth was, that one hit almost did finish him, much to his dismay. But for everyone's sake, he kept it to himself. Only one thing concerned him now anyway, and that was Goku.

How much longer, Piccolo!? Goku couldn't say it aloud even if he wanted to. His breath was short, and his body felt as if it would fall apart at any moment. The metallic blood taste in his mouth wasn't helping either.

Cabesh snarled as he swung tiredly, his frustration increasing with every swing; why wouldn't he die? He stopped.

"I've had enough of this..." he said calmly.

Goku fell on his rear from exhaustion and looked up at him. He knew what his foe was planning to do next: finish him off. The thought gave him a terrible feeling, but he kept calm and thought.

Cabe sh walked up to him casually, then grasped Goku's collar and slammed his fist on the side of his face. Blood rushed to his mouth, then flew out after Cabesh hit him again. Goku's only thoughts were: Hurry, Piccolo, hurry!

Finally, the longest five minutes of his life ended as Piccolo, who was still in his line of sight, gave him the signal. Goku gave him a do-it-now type of nod, then attempted to gather any leftover strength and drove his knuckles into Cabesh's stomach.

With a yelp, the evil Saiyan released his grip on the gi and held his stomach. Goku, as fast as he could, threw himself flat on the ground as Piccolo shouted.


A spiral beam zoomed through the air at lightning speed. Cabesh didn't even know what hit him when it sliced cleanly through him, destroying almost every vital organ he had. His eyes glazed over and he crashed limply onto the fine sand, only living long enough to curse at them.

Goku breathed a sigh of relief and smiled weakly. The battle was finally over, it was time to go home and take a long nap.

Piccolo approached the body and sneered at it, then turned to Goku.

"Now it's your turn."

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