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Juana la Cliker-Rooster



One: Fine

"Is everything all right, Jazz?"

I resist the urge to jump at the sudden interruption as I stare at the flickering screen before me. I've discovered human television, and even though I've flipped through the channels and stopped on one very flashy and interestingly obnoxious channel designated as 'emm-tee-vee', I can't pay the slightest bit of attention to it.

I've got something…someone…more interesting on my CPU.

Ultra Magnus walks over to me and places a battle-worn, aged hand on my shoulder and asks again,

"Is everything all right?" He acts as though he were my creator sometimes. I merely nod in response quickly; I'd rather not discuss my current stream of thought with my commander, especially when it has to do with one of the Autobots we've found stranded on this interesting planet.

"I'm fine, sir," I add, after noticing that my commander does not believe me, "I really am. I'm just…taking in this new planet. It's nothing like Cybertron." Magnus nods and replies,

"It is indeed exotic. The organics here are not as threatening as Sentinel was leading us to believe."

"No, sir," I answer, hoping to Primus the conversation will go in another direction soon. We stand in silence, watching the 'emm-tee-vee' program but not really caring about it. Magnus chuckles, then reaches over and switches the screen off. I turn to look at him, arms crossed, pretending to be annoyed, but he knows better. He knows me too well for that.

"I know you better than you think I do, Jazz" he says with a rare grin. See? What did I tell you?

"Oh?" I ask, cocking my head to the side. He answers gently,

"Indeed. You always get this way whenever you find something intriguing, interesting, or, as you sometimes say, 'solid'. And considering we're on a new planet, surrounded by new creatures, places, customs and technology, I don't blame you. Something on this planet has captured your attention, and knowing you, you won't stop obsessing with it until you've experienced it for yourself firsthand."

Oh, if only he knew….

"It's…a lot of stuff here, sir," I answer, returning the smile. "Humans have these things called 'traffic lights'; it's like a light show, right in the middle of the street! And they have music blaring everywhere! I saw organic-based product advertisements; I heard multiple languages being spoken in the streets; and there were these strange, fuzzy organic creatures with four legs and tails. And the organics, the humans themselves…each individual organic has its own style, its own physical vocals, its own look...it's astounding, sir."

"Hmm. And what of the Autobots we finally tracked down?"

Scrap. I was hoping it wasn't going to get this far. I'm not yet ready to discuss the Autobots, especially not 'the one'. But I can tell by my commander's expression that he's already figured it out, and there's nothing I can say or do to change that. So I answer truthfully,

"I wouldn't say I'm obsessed, sir. Not yet, in any case. Perhaps I will be in the near future, when I get to know him a bit better." Ultra Magnus takes his hand off my shoulder and places both his hands behind his back, then says,

"He's good, but not as good as you."

"I know, sir."

"But I don't blame you. He is rather attractive."

"Who is?" yells Sentinel somewhere across the room; it's clear he's been hiding back there, listening to our private conversation, but Ultra Magnus and I laugh loudly and I answer,

"None o' your business, Sentinel."

"Go back to your post, Sentinel," Magnus suddenly growls. He rarely speaks to his perfect Sentinel like this, and it makes me realize just how important this conversation really is to him. We watch Sentinel stand up and walk away, looking as though he'd been rejected from a youngling game of Cyberball. I laugh again and turn my head to look at my commander, but stop as soon as I see the aggravated look on his face.


"Jazz, I don't think you should let him know about your sudden infatuation with this particular mech. Of course he's going to pester you about it now, but if I were you, I'd keep it down. Sentinel is not a bad person, but he is cocky, obnoxious and vengeful. His dislike for Optimus Prime was clearly evident today, and even though I know he would never attempt to harm any of Prime's men, I have to advise you to be very careful. It's more of a precaution thing, you understand."

"Of course, sir. I'm not worried about Sentinel. Besides, this mech can take care of himself, even if he isn't as well-trained as I am."

"I know," answered Sentinel, grinning again, "I think you two would be very happy together, if given the chance. I'm old, Jazz, I've experienced love myself. I know the signs. And if you play your cards right, you'll be fine. And you, Jazz, will most definitely be fine."

I smile and nod, because I know he's right. I...hopefully someday we… will be happy together.

Please, please PLEASE forgive the shortness of this chapter. I have a tendency to do that, don't freak out on me. I'm writing it at a rapid pace, which means the whole thing will be done soon. Also, I have read and re-read this for typos, mistakes, etc...but chances are high you'll catch something. No worries, please. It's a mere fanfic, not a novel you have to pay for.