This is a little Songfic/Oneshot that I though of in the middle of the night.
Please read and review. All comments and creative critism are appreciated.

The song is 'Unknown' by Chely Wright. I've only used the first verse and the chorus.
I own nothing.

'Fire and Rain' is my favourite song.

I say a prayer at 11:11.

I could watch old movies all night long.

I'm not sure about hell, but I know there's a heaven.

Amy Dumas lay back on her couch and pressed the little 'play' button on her DVD remote control. She fast-forwarded the disc to what she was looking for- 'Lita's' last match. She grabbed a tissue from the stand next to the couch, knowing she'd need it. It had been two years since everything had happened, two years since she had made one of the biggest decisions of her life.

Sometimes I feel so alone it scares me,

I talk in my sleep but there's no-one to hear me.

Amy watched as her wrestling 'alias' Lita stepped out onto the ramp for what would be her last match, the Womens Title around her waist. The crowd booed and jeered. A tear rolled down Amy's cheek and she wiped it away quickly. Lita would drop the title to Mickie James that night. Usually when someone retires they retire with the title, but not in Lita's case. She was different.


I don't wanna be unknown.

Amy didn't mind the crowd booing her. She was a heel; it was her job to get booed. She was one of the ones who raised the ratings for the show. Well, she did back then. Boos and jeers were her specialty. Sometimes she even enjoyed it.

But Amy couldn't even go out in public anymore without being called a number of obscene names, names which she wouldn't call others; without being reminded of what happened; without being reminded of her past.

The little things that make me who I am,

Amy couldn't help the fact that Creative had brought her personal life, her little… Incident, that happened with Adam and Matt into their storyline. She had no choice but to go along with it. She knew it was getting too much when people verbally attacked her on the streets. Wherever she went, people called her names, saying she screwed Matt over. That's why she'd let her contract expire, why she'd decided to retire.

I need to share, I need to know,

That someone cares.

People only knew Lita. Hell, not many of them even knew Lita that well! Yet, Amy was the one being judged. When she went to the shops, walked her dog or even just driving down the street. She was judged like she wasn't there, like she wasn't human, didn't matter or was incapable of feeling human emotions.

That I drink coffee black,

I sing when I drive,

I sleep with the TV on,

People had no right to judge Amy, but they still did.

They didn't know the real Amy, not many people did. But she was judged all the same.

The real Amy was over the whole incident with Matt and Adam. Matt and Adam were over it too… Well, as over it as they would get for the time being. They spoke. Things were a little awkward, but they still spoke. Lita, Matt and Edge weren't over it. Lita wasn't, but Amy was.

Amy was being judged not just for her actions, but for Lita's too. What Lita did controlled her life, how people saw her.

Lita was who mattered.

Amy was unknown.

More than anything,

I don't want to be unknown.