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Chapter 5 – Another Birthday

Kagome smiled happily as she picked up the last of the food and carried it out into the main room where the party was currently underway. It was so hard to believe that today marked a full year that he had been with them.

Kagome smiled as she entered the room and looked around. Sango and Miroku sat happily on one side of the room, Miroku's arm around his heavily pregnant wife as the two of them sipped their drinks as they waited for her to sit down before eating. Shippo, who sat next to Sango, had been unable to restrain himself and was already stuffing the goodies Kagome's mother had sent along for the celebration into his mouth as quickly as he could. With Kagome now living full time in the this era and returning to the modern era less and less, candy had become a rare treat and as such when it did appear Shippo made sure to eat as much of it as he could.

On Shippo's other side, her mate sat looking up at her with a smile. Their son sat in his father's lap, paying with the stuffed dog his grandmother had given him for his birthday, his golden eyes bright with excitement. As always, the site of her quarter Youkai son evoked feelings of joy and love so great that they threatened to overwhelm the miko. Her beautiful little Haruki, who looked so much like his father that she just knew he was going to grow up to be so hansom. It was his birthday that she, her family and friends were celebrating. Today marked one glorious year since the Kami had seen fit to bless her and Inuyasha with the wonderful gift that was their son.

She and Inuyasha had been mates for three years now. The first two years had been pure bliss. The last year had been somewhat harder as they tried to readjust their lives to suit around being parents. Not that either of them regretted it of course, far from it. The day Kagome had found out she was pregnant had been one of the happiest days of her life, second only to the day Inuyasha had asked her to be his mate, on her eighteenth birthday. The day Haruki had actually been born had been up there too, despite sixteen hours of labour she had been forced to suffer through to bring him into this world. Of course, the second she had seen his beautiful face the pain had seemed like a distant memory. Kagome had no doubt that Inuyasha loved their son every bit as much as she did, he was so proud of his son and spoiled him rotten. Actually, so did she. The way the boy was going, he was going to be the most spoiled part Youkai child in all of history. Although he may have some competition soon, if Inuyasha had his way, Kagome mused. Ever since he had found out Sango was now pregnant, Inuyasha had been asking Kagome when she wanted to have another pup.

Kagome smiled as she sat down next to Inuyasha, placing the last tray of food down with the rest. Her smiled grew as she looked around the room, her eyes coming to rest on the birthday boy as she reflected how lucky she was that her life had gone this way. Maybe she would give Inuyasha that second pup sooner rather than later. But for now, it was time to give Haruki a birthday to remember.