Heres chapter two. Involves naked boys and more naked boys and naughty naughty naked boys being naughty together! If you dont like...dont read...Otherwise enjoy and leave me some more awsome reviews!

Ryoma rolled onto his side to face Fuji and leaned into the kiss. Fuji's arms wrapped around him and pulled the smaller boys body against his own. Fuji's hands traveled down Ryoma's back and slid under his shorts to sink his fingers into the flesh under his hands. Ryoma moaned softly and followed Fuji's lead. As Ryoma's hands mirrored his own, Fuji bucked his hips against Ryoma's, causing his own erection to press into the boys thigh.

Watching the action on the bed before him, Tezuka pushed his shorts off and kneeled on the bed. He wrapped a hand in the shorts of the other boys and pulled them off in a swift movement that made both of them gasp in surprise and turn their eyes to the taller boy. Tezuka grinned down at them and slid his body behind Ryoma's.

Ryoma was breathless as four hands and two pairs of lips roamed his body, fingers searching, nails scratching lightly, lips kissing and sucking at his skin. He was paralyzed by the attention on his body, his hands resting lightly on Fuji's waist, his head tilted back by one of Tezuka's hands buried in his hair as his lips worked his neck. Ryoma arched his back and moaned loudly as Fuji's mouth latched onto one of his nipples and sucked roughly. His fingers dug into Fuji's hips and his own thrust forward to drive his stiff member into Fuji's stomach.

Ryoma moaned in protest as Tezuka's body suddenly pulled away from his as he rolled over to open a drawer in the nightstand. Ryoma watched as he reached inside and pulled out an unlabeled plastic bottle.

Ryoma's eyebrows raised curiously and Tezuka answered his unvoiced question. "You don't want to do this without some form of lubrication do you?"

Ryoma swallowed and shook his head. He was about to say something but his voice came out only as a loud moan as Fuji's hand wrapped around his erection and squeezed. Ryoma turned his eyes back to the other boy, who was smiling up at him, his head hovering over his hand where it was wrapped around the boys throbbing and weeping member. Ryoma watched, his breath coming in frantic gasps as Fuji's hand slowly worked up and down. Fuji's eyes locked with his and held his gaze as he lowered his face and opened his mouth. Ryoma gasped and moaned as Fuji's tongue darted out and licked away the line of fluid that was leaking out of his slit.

Ryoma's eyes rolled in his head and he gasped out Fuji's name in a breathy voice as he wrapped his lips around the head of his shaft and sucked lightly. Ryoma moaned and buried his hands in Fuji's hair, trying and failing to keep himself from thrusting himself into the warm, wet mouth. Fuji laughed softly around him, making an amazing wave of vibrations play up Ryoma's shaft.

Fuji's hands gripped his hips and held them in place as best he could as he continued to work the flesh in his mouth. He could tell by the boys moans and the strain his hips were putting against his hands, that the boy wouldn't last much longer. He looked up to see Ryoma's head thrown back, resting against Tezuka's shoulder. Tezuka grinned at Fuji and nodded, he was waiting for Fuji to finish what he was doing before he would do what he would do next. He didn't want to rush things with the boy since it was his first time, he could wait. But he knew it would be a long wait. Ryoma's face was turning red from the strain of fighting the orgasm that was building. Tezuka put a hand on Ryoma's face and turned it to him, locking the boy in a passionate kiss. Tezuka's own erection was throbbing painfully from the sound and feel of the boy moaning into his mouth as their tongues danced together.

Fuji gripped the boys hips harder and moaned around the flesh in his mouth. He looked up as Ryoma's hands took a death grip on his hair and saw the boy tear his mouth away from Tezuka's and throw his head forward his eyes meeting Fuji's for a moment before he tossed his head back again, screamed in pleasure, and released himself in a wave after wave of hot fluid into Fuji's mouth.

Ryoma's body shook from the effects of his orgasm and Tezuka's hands snaked around his waist and gently pulled the boys hands free from Fuji's hair. Fuji looked up and smiled, wiping away some of the fluid that leaked from his mouth and licking it off his fingers. Ryoma's looked down at him with unfocused eyes.

"You taste good, Echizen. I will be doing that again some day." He pushed himself up and laid on his back next to Ryoma, watching as the boys eyes slowly cleared and his body stopped shaking.

Ryoma nodded and cleared this throat twice before he could speak. "Yes, please."

Tezuka rolled Ryoma onto his back and smiled down at him as he moved his body between the boys legs. "The night isn't over yet. Are you ready for the next part?"

Ryoma swallowed loudly and nodded, lifting his legs enough that his knees were locked around Tezuka's waist. "What are you going to do now?"

Tezuka grinned and wrapped his right arm around Ryoma's thigh, his left moving between his legs to run his fingers gently over the boys inner thigh. "Just watch. You can tell me to stop at any time." At Ryoma's nod he held his left hand out to Fuji, who flipped open the bottle Tezuka had set on the bed and poured some of the liquid onto Tezuka's fingers. "Make sure you relax so it doesn't hurt you."

Ryoma nodded again. "Don't go to fast, okay?"

Tezuka smiled. "Don't worry." He kissed Ryoma softly as his hand moved back between his legs. "I know what I'm doing." With that, he slowly slid a lubed finger into Ryoma's opening.