'Morning Gisborne!' Vaisley strutted up behind him and begun rubbing Guy's shoulders. 'Such a pretty-pretty morning'.

'Good morning Vaisley' Guy wondered if it was meant to be a massage or torture session – his hands were freezing. 'Why are you so happy this morning?'

'Oh could it be due to the fact it's the last day of term and we'll soon be on holidays? Or could it be that our math test was cancelled because the fatty teacher finally went into labour?…A clue: no! I'm happy because last night, we kicked Hood and his little posse out and now they'll rock up all tired, and shivering, and dirty from their night on the streets'.

'How can you be so sure they'll return? Paying for a home is expensive, perhaps they can't afford to return to school' Guy mused.

'Ah! An excellent point! Oh I don't know what to hope for: their dirty humiliated walk of shame or never seeing their faces again?' Vaisley grinned, giving up on his massage and begun walking in pace with his follower.

'We'll soon find out, the bell goes in two minutes' Guy whispered. Both boys walked the rest of the way to homeroom in quiet imagination. Guy couldn't wait to see Marian's face hwne she saw how pathetic hood would look. She's be sorry she ever let him touch her. Eventualy they made it, both boys staring at the heavy oak door, wanting to savor the moment. Vaisley couldn't wait any longer, he shoved his grubby small hands onto the knob and swung the door wide open.

The sound of laughter immediately met them. All of the students had gathered around two couches that face sone another. Hood, Little John and Much sat laughing on one, and Will and Djac were on the other. Guy thought he was seeing things, but sure enough, Marian was sitting on the ouch too, next to Djac, her cheeks red from laughing.

'But how can you be so sure?… We never even see them together' Much asked, his words broken by hilarity.

'Oh come on Allen!' Marian giggled. 'Miss Long and Mr.M are totally sleeping with each other! (Based on two teachers at my school – freakiest relationship EVER!) Didn't you see how he was looking at her in the hallway?'

'She's way out of his league!' Will chuckled.

'Oh that's harsh' Djac punched him on the shoulder.

'Yeah - Mr.M's got a great personality!' Marian defended him, still trying to control her giggles.

'I think you're the one who's got a crush on him' Robin mused. A giant 'Oooh' rippled through the students followed by more laughing.

'As if! You know I like brunettes' Marian grinned, 'I mean honestly, could you ever see me dating a guy with black hai-… I mean…'Marian up and saw Vaisley and Gisborne staring at her. 'I mean… Mr.M is taken all ready and I don't wanna get into a fight with Miss Long for him – she's scary'.

Robin looked over and saw Gisborne and Vaisley standing dumbly in the door, 'Ugh, I thought I smelled something' the gang chuckled and Marian put a hand up to cover her smile.

'Something funny Marian?' Guy asked coldly across the room.

'Oh so you're speaking to me now?' Marian raised her eyebrows, giggles forgotten. 'Or is there a new girl called Marian I don't know about?'

'Best show some respect missy' Vaisley spat. 'I could have you expelled too'. Marian rolled her eyes, secretly hoping he would do just that.

'So how was your night Sherriff? I personally have never slept better' Robin grinned over at Marian. Last night she's helped them move into the flat above the pub. She'd been so exhausted at around two in the morning when they were done; he insisted she stay the night. They were too tired to mess around so they just curled up in some duna's on the mattress. Robin wondered if Marian was awake or asleep when she's pressed her body to his…

'Yes, there's nothing like sleeping with a roof over your head is there?' Vaisley was convinced the gang had spent the night on the street and cleaned up in the school bathrooms before homeroom.

'Nothing at all' Robin agreed. 'In fact, if I could repeat last nights sleeping arrangements I would'. He fought the urge to wink at Marian that would be way too obvious.

'Well don't expect to be re-admitted into the dorms any time soon' Vaisley spat then shooed off some kids from his usual seat. 'Actually, I'm quiet tired, I helped Gisborne move into your old dorm last night you see'.

Guy rolled his eyes. Vaisley had not helped him at all; just sat on his bed, babbling about something while he did all the heavy lifting. Still, Guy was happy with his new room. Not only was it bigger and had a bathroom, it was located across the corridor from Marian. Now he could keep a better eye on her.

'Well I'm glad your helping your significant other with the housework like a good husband should' Robin said, hating Guy could now watch Marian coming and going.

'Please' Vaisley scoffed. 'Maybe I should just get Marian to look after him – she's a woman after all, it's her place to do our housework'.

'You little-' Djac cracked her knuckles.

'Oh sorry did I offend you Curry-Eater?' Vaisley leered at her dark skin. 'But I would appreciate if you women knew your place – the kitchen'. Robin and Will both stood, ready to fight but they were beaten to it.

Marian stood quick fast, glaring at the boys to sit. 'I agree completely Vaisley – women should know their place in society'.

'What!?' Djac was fuming.

'But I was just wondering… if we belong in the kitchen… why aren't you joining us?' She stood, arms crossed in front of him, rasing her eyesbrows.

'i'm not a woman!' Vaisley spluttered.

'actualy you are – or at lest you were.' Marian corrected but he just looked more confused. She roled her eyes, 'obviously you weren't listening in science last term – All babies start out of females in the womb, so technically – you're a girl'. (Yes, freaky as it is, that fact it real – look it up if you don't believe me! Works every time on sexist pigs: give it a go!)

'But I'm not a girl now' Vaisley stared angrily at her.

'True' Marian shrugged. 'Eventually the babies grow a pair of balls – some bigger than others' She walked off back to the couch followed by impressed 'Oooohs' from everyone in the room. Robin was hysterical.

'Shouldn't you be defending her?' Guy asked Robin, as Vaisley seemed momentarily unable to speak… or blink.

'Marian can handle herself' Robin grinned. 'Besides, there's no way I'd risk getting on her bad side, not after that. Cat got ya tongue Vaisley?'

Just the bell rung and everyone begun pushing past Gisborne in an attempt to get to class. The halls were crowded and Marian just went with the crowd, happy to be pushed along, at least it was in the general direction of her next class….

'That was impressive' she felt Robin's voice in her ear and she shivered. It took every ounce of self-restraint to keep from turning around and wrapping her arms around his neck, but she had to keep up the appearance of indifference.

'Thanks' she smiled walking forward, she could still feel him behind her and her smile got bigger.

'Keep this up and Vaisley'll expel you from the dorms any day now' Robin shoved his hands in his pockets to stop himself from touching her curls.

'Fingers crossed' Marian mused.

'It will happen' Robin couldn't resist and he slid his hands to hers, wrapping his fingers, feeling her rings. If he kept close behind her in the crowd no one would notice.

Marian sighed, loving the feeling of his warm hand on her's 'its gonna be such a fun conversation with my father, trying to explain how I got expelled and will now be living with you – he'll probably disown me!'

'I think your father would be happy you're finally free of the freak with eyeliner' Robin loved the idea of her moving into their flat.

'You don't know my father' Marian laughed humourlessly. 'So are you all unpacked?'

'All most' Robin sighed when he looked up at the door number and realized it was Marian's class. She leaned up against the wall next to the door, waiting for the teacher. He reluctantly uncurled his fingers and stood opposite her, making sure there was a gap. 'a still have a few things to find a home for, why?'

'I was thinking I might come around and help' Marian smiled. 'But if you only have a few things-'

'Oh I just remembered' Robin smacked his head, 'I have like four huge boxes full of my clothes and then their my flat screen and I'll definitely need help plugging that in…' he sighed dramatically. 'I guess you'll have to spend the whole night, I can get us some food from downstairs and if you're too tired we can just have a repeat of last night'

Marian laughed, 'flat screen? Sounds too perfect… but I can't – Guy will be watching my door and he'll know if I don't come home'.

'Heaven forbid you should be in the arms of some-some outlaw!' Robin grinned. 'Well if you can't be my blankey-buddie, will you at least go see a movie with my Saturday night?

Just then, the succeeding bell rung, reminding students to get to their class, fast. A second wave of late students crashed down the corridor. Marian, safe against the wall, laughed and watched Robin try to fight against the tide. Eventually he unhooked himself from some kids backpack and tripped forward. He landed, one hand either side Marian's waist, his body pressed against hers, their lips just inches apart.

'Ro-bin. The walls have ey-es' Much sung quietly, hinting to separate as he passed the couple.

Robin suddenly had his breath return and he pressed off Marian.

'Saturday night' Marian confirmed, she sounded just as breathless as him. He managed to nod before running off, late for history.


'What the hell was that!?' Vaisley screamed, his voice suddenly returning to him. 'Gisborne, please tell me I just lapsed into a realistic feeling fantasy and Marian Fitzwalter didn't just call me a girl in front of everyone – tell me now!'

Guy squeemed. 'To be fair – you did insult her first. And I think your insult was far more memorable'.

'Are you serious? That little missy just called me a girl! A girl! And you let her walk off!'

'Well what did you want me to do?' Guy spat.

'She's your girlfriend! You should have a better control of her' Vaisley screamed.

'Yeah well she's not actually… she's not my girlfriend anymore' Gisborne finally said it out loud.

'What? Two days ago you were pining after her – what changed?' Vaisley was suddenly interested.

'Hood' was all Guy could say.

'Ohhh' Vaisley smiled. 'yeah he couldn't take her eys of her this morning'

Guy glared at him. 'so what – are you going to expel her now?'

'huh? Expel her?' Vaisley asked. 'no way – this is too perfect! You've finally come to your senses and forgotten the leper and now I have the perfect leverage agsint Locksley'.

'Marian? Marian's not leverage' Guy said.

'I thought you were over her' Vaisley smirked. 'any way – you can help. It'll be great revenge for you… Oh this is gonna be sweet! We need to plan, plan this carefully… Sunday, I should be ready on Sunday morning, early… its decided, bring her to me Sunday at sunrise' Vaisley's eyes were boggling with the possibilities.

'What are you going to do to her?' Guy didn't know if he was excited or worried.

'I don't have the details yet but I can promise you it will be painful' Vaisley grinned.

Suddenly Guy couldn't swallow, what was wrong with him? Marian had gone off in Hood's arms so what was the problem? 'I can't do it – I have plans Sunday'.

'What?' Vaisley spat.

'I said I have pla-' Guy said.

'I don't care if you have plans to do your nails on Sunday or whatever!' Vaisley actually sprayed spit onto his face in rage. 'Just bring her to me, use force if you have to, but just do it!'

'Vaisley-' Guy cut in.

'Gisborne!' Vaisley stared down at him. '…I don't have time for this, I'm late for class' he pushed past Gisborne then stopped at the door, 'Remember Gisborne, Sunday, my dorm and bring the little missy'.


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