Sorry about the late update, I wrote this and then read your reviews; apparently you guys want some reconciliation for Allen. Not what I'd originally written but hey – you're the fans! Hope you like and review so I know what you want for my next chappie. Merry Christmas. xx

A male voice came from the door. 'Marian?'

Marian looked up, her colour draining. 'Oh…Allen…'

'Hey' he said sadly.

Marian squared her shoulders and sat up straight in her bed, trying to look dignified in her awful nightgown. 'I suppose you have a message from Vaisley. Out with it'.

Allen looked hurt. 'I'm not here for him. I came to see if you were ok'.

Marian studied him critically. 'Well you've seen it. Now you should leave before the nurse returns'.

'I-I thought I could give you some useful information about Vaisley' Allen stood awkwardly in the doorway.

'Are you sure you're not here to collect information about me for them?' Marian asked.

'Haven't I proved my loyalty?' Allen walked towards her. 'I could have let Guy beat you blue but I didn't. I stopped him'.

'Yeah and now he knows my identity. I could've handled a beating but now he has leverage' Marian said angrily.

'He would've done both if it weren't for me. He wanted to tell Vaisley bout you but I stopped him'.

'One good deed does not erase months of betrayal' Marian spat. 'You work for a mafia that exploits innocents. You joined Vaisley and kicked the gang outa school. And you tried to break Robin and I apar-'

'Then why haven't you called in a nurse to send me away?' Allen's anger flared in his defense.

'Because I want to do that myself!' Marian flung back her covers and threw her legs to the floor. It was cold and her legs wobbled uneasily as she tried to stand. She could tell she wouldn't be able to hold her weight yet she stupidly stood up, making barely a step before the wind begun rushing past her face as she fell forwards. Closing her eyes for the impact, Marian felt a hand wrap around her, steadying her. 'Hey! Get your hands off me!' Marian growled as Allen held on to her securely.

'And let you fall and hurt yourself?' Allen raised his eyebrows but gently helped her back to sit on the bed. 'Yeah Robin would love that. Me hurting you is another reason he doesn't need to kill me. The gang would all help – jump on me and then dance on my grave'.

Marian sat back awkwardly on her pillows, scrutinizing Allen's' face. He was only half joking and she knew him well enough to see the pain behind his words. 'Allen…we would never dance on your grave….we'd just dance near it'.

It worked and Allen gave his signature chuckle. 'Well then that's ok. So long as you're dancing to decent music'

'Oh it'd be Brittany Spears for sure. We can't let you have too much peace in the afterlife' Marian laughed gently.

'Make sure you girls are wearing skirts – that way I can look up them while you dance' Allen joked.

Marian groaned teasingly. 'Then the boys would dig you up and kill you again'

'It'd be worth it' Allen smiled, sitting comfortably on the side of her bed. Marian noticed it was exactly where Robin had been sitting only minutes before. The thought brought back all those memories of Allen's crush on her, his betrayal, his departure. 'Allen…' she sighed. 'I know' he nodded but made no move to leave or stand. He closed his eyes gently. 'Do you think I could ever come back?'

'Do you want to?' the words came out harsher than she'd meant. Allen nodded without opening his eyes. 'Allen you're with Gisborne's lot – I don't know if there's any coming back from that'.

He kept his eyes closed, refusing to show he the pain there. 'You once said, when he left, that you could never love Robin again. You said there wasn't a popsicles chance in hell you two would ever become a couple again. But now… well you're together. You're in love'.

Marian chewed her lip. She heard the resentment and pain behind those last words. 'I guess our popsicle was made outa some freaking ice or something' Allen didn't laugh bu he did opene his eyes, though they were now fixed on her hand. He watched as a few drops of clear liquid swam through her drip and into her hand. He wished he could hold it. Had Robin held her hand? Of course he had.

'so what your saying is; my popsicle is mad e outa plain old H2O?' he asked.

Marian watched his silently, an internal war raging inside of her. Yeah, she had the bad memories of Allen but she also had the good ones too; them as kids, him chasing after her. He was there when Robin left, along with the gang by her side in those hard few months. He was there, helping her learn the rules of sporting games on TV so she could watch along with him. She smiled softly. 'Allen…I'll talk to the gang.'

His eyes shot up, meeting her. Then the hope faded. 'They'll never welcome me back'.

'Well maybe not throw you a parade. But we all still care about you – though we'll never admit it to each other. I know Will misses you, so does Djac'.

'Yeah but in the end it'll be Rob's decision' He said glumly.

'Well he's not invincible to my charms' Marian smiled. 'He thought of you as a brother. All the shit we went through. And then he was pissed – fair enough – but he's gonna realize that brother fight and they also make up'

'He'll never go for it' Allen shrugged. 'But thanks Marian' his fingers grazed hers. 'I miss this, us, talking, laughing'

She frowned, 'I guess Vaisley isn't much of a comedian'

'Oh I have a few laughs – at him not with him' Allen grinned at her chuckle.

'Marian! Oh my god – why haven't you called me?!' a voice bellowed from the door. Marian and Allen's head's both shot up to see Edward standing in the door.

'Shit' Marian said under her breath.

'Excuse me?' Edward apparently heard. 'That language isn't ladylike and I will not have my daughter using it.' He stormed in next to her bed. Allen stood up awkwardly; he'd never really had a proper conversation with Marian's dad and now didn't seem a good time to start. 'Oh ruined the moment have I?' Edward fumed. 'Wait outside – I'll have words with you in a minute Locksley'

'Oh uh I'm not Locksley-Robin, I'm-'Allen stuttered but was cut off.

'Now is not time for your jokes. My daughter is hurt and perhaps maybe her father should've been informed. Leave us' he ordered, returning his stare to Marian. Allen didn't need to be told twice as he practically ran from the room. Edwards's chest heaved under his angry breath, 'Well, what do you have to say for yourself young lady?'

Marian met his gaze defiantly then she smiled. 'Fuck'.