The sky opened up, a gentle sprinkle started to fall, softly peppering the sidewalk around them, which quickly turned into a territorial downfall.

Ziva's hat blew off, her hair started to blow in the wind as Tony held tightly onto her, both of them soaked within seconds.

Kate floated smiling next to them, watching them embrace.

Tony looked skyward, his face getting pounded with harder falling rain..."You better get out of this r..."...He started to say, lowering his head back towards Ziva, she quickly kisses him.

Her hands cupping his face, kissing him deeply, she leaned back, slapping him across the face as hard as she could. She quickly wraps her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly, she kisses him again, deeper than before. Her grip around his neck tightened, her mouth was now pressed against his ear..."Don't scare me like that, ever again."...She whispered..."Do you understand me?"

Tony lifted his hands up, gathering her hair and pushing it back, holding it with both hands on the back of her head. He looked into her eyes..."Will you marry me?"...He spoke, without a moment of hesitation.

Kate gasped, covering her mouth with her hands.

Ziva was motionless, she started to hyperventilate.

"Breathe, Ziva."...Kate urged..."Breathe!"

Tony tilted his head, leaning forward, he slowly kissed Ziva lovingly on the lips, she sprung to life, kissing him back, slightly opened her mouth as she closed her eyes, reveling in the moment.

His hands dropped, letting her hair fall, he pulled away, loosening his suction on her mouth, she moaned softly into his mouth, showing a smile, she went on the attack, she was now feasting on his mouth, sucking his tongue between her lips.

Kate cleared her throat loudly..."Umm-hmmm."

Ziva opened her eyes, her eye swung towards Kate, she opened her lips, her teeth were clasping at Tony's tongue, she opened her mouth, allowing Tony to escape.

"Thank you."...Kate spoke up, her hair started to blow.

Ziva squinted looking at Kate..."Your hair is blowing."

"Yours is, too."...Tony replied.

"What?"...Ziva said, looking back at Tony, she quickly smiled and kissed him..."Not you."


"Kate is here, Tony."...Ziva spoke.

Kate turned her head as a whirlwind of air blew towards her, she breathed in and smiled..."I know that smell anywhere, it's my Grammy's apple strudel."...A bright oval white light started to open and pull at Kate.

"It's time."...A voice spoke to Kate.

Kate just smiled and looked at them, Tony was still looking confused, Ziva was looking up at Kate being pulled away..."Kate Todd?"...Tony asked, he shook his head..."She's dead, Ziva."

"I know."...Ziva replied, still looking at Kate..."I can see her."

Tony moved his hand to Ziva's face, turning it towards him..."You're telling me that Kate Todd is here? THE Kate Todd? The dead one? What is she...a ghost?"...Ziva nodded..."Wait, wait, wait...y-y-you're a ghost whisperer?"

Ziva turned back as Kate used all of her strength to move back to her..."May I borrow you?"...Kate asked with a smile.

Ziva smiled back, closing her eyes..."Yes."

Tony remained dumbfounded..."Yes, what?"

Kate entered Ziva's body, Ziva opened her eyes..."Goodbye, Tony."...Ziva leaned forward, kissing Tony on the lips.

"Goodbye? Where are you going? What the hell is going on?!"

Ziva smiled and quickly kisses him again..."Do you know what this reminds me of, Tony?"

"The Twilight Ziva?"...Tony spoke.

Ziva laughed, then shook her head no..."This reminds me of the end of 'Alien.'"...She softly spoke, her eyes closed as Kate separated from Ziva and flew into and through the oval and disappeared.

"K-Kate?"...Tony stuttered, he swallowed hard as he looked at Ziva..."You're really here?"

Ziva opened her eyes..."Only me now."...She smiled..."Well...that isn't exactly true."

Kate stood in a white room..."Time for what?!"...She raised her voice, which echoed throughout the room.

A quick bright flashed in front of her, making her look away, an old man appeared in front of her. The light stopped as she looked back, she chuckled as George Burns stood in front of her smoking a cigar..."Oh, God!"

He pulled the cigar from his mouth, blowing a smoke ring..."Yes, I am."

"No, the movie, you played God."

"No, I am God."...George Burns spoke.

"George Burns is God?"

"Nope, I'm God, he just looks like was the perfect casting."...He smirked, gnawing on his cigar..."Anyway, you're done."...He turned, pointing towards another large oval, the pearl gates were on the other side, her Grandmother still stood on the other side of the gate.

"I'm done?"

He nodded..."Go ahead."

Kate smiled as she floated down, her feet presses against the white floor..."I can feel the floor."

"You're in heaven now, Caitlin, you've earned it."...Kate walked past God and made her way to the large oval.

"Oh, do you want to know what happened to them?"

Kate turned back..."Tony and Ziva?"

He chomped on his cigar..."Yeah."

Kate took a step back..."Yes, many kids did they have?"

"Just the one."

"What? Only the one she's carrying now?"

God lowered his head, removing his cigar..."Mr. DiNozzo is shot and dies a week before their child is born."

"No! Why? How?"...She moved to him, placing her hands on his arms..."Please, you can change his fate, right?! My fate change, so can his. Please, let me go back and tell them!"...She begged.

"You would be willing to give up going to Heaven to change his fate?"

Kate closed her eyes, tears started to flow down her face..."Yes, yes, I would."

George Burns disappears and is replaced by the bright white light, her chest starts to glow..."You have passed, my child...Heaven awaits you."

"Passed?"...Kate held her hands to her chest and quickly vanished, she reappears outside of the pearly gates, seeing a bearded man standing away from her..."Saint Peter?"...She asked.

He nods, turning around..."Hello again, Caitlin Todd, that clerical error is all patched up, you can go in now."

Kate moved to the pearl gates, looking at her Grandmother, she placed her hand on the handle and pulled the door, but it wouldn't move.

Kate looked back.

"Oh, sorry."...Saint Peter moved his hand under his podium and a buzzing sound filled the air.

Kate laughed softly..."You're kidding, right?"

The gate buzzes as Kate laughed again, she went to pull it, but it was still locked.

"Oops!"...He buzzes her in again.

Kate pulls and the gate finally opens..."You were right, nobody's perfect!"...Kate exclaimed, letting out a hearty chuckle, she stepped inside, hugging her Grandmother tightly, the gate closed and locked behind her.

"Oh, just to let you know, they named their daughter Caitlin."...Saint Peter spoke up.

Kate pulled away from her Grandmother, looking back through the gate..."What?"...She asked, not hearing what he said.

"Mr. and Mrs. DiNozzo, four children, three boys and one girl, the girl's name: Caitlin Abigail DiNozzo."

Kate smiled.