Author's Notes: Right. I wrote this because I was watching the Shakespeare Code and I was wondering what the Doctor might be thinking as Will is trying to say goodbye to Martha. I might have exaggerated things a bit, but I hope it was worth it.
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I:- William Shakespeare

He walked onto the stage, pulling the helmet off, with a cow skull in one hand, a neck-brace ruffle thingy around his neck and a satisfied grin on his face.

Of course he wasn't entirely sure why he was so content, but perhaps it was because he had shown Martha his life and she hadn't rejected him for it.

Perhaps he may be able to keep her, just push it to one more trip.

She was a nice girl, very bright, very human, fast runner and he felt a little safer with a person around him versed in medicine.

You never knew when CPR are might be needed.

His eyes darted up to where Martha sat, and that contended feeling soured a bit.

Shakespeare sat with Martha; rather close to her. He seemed happy and she was smiling shyly.

A trickle of anger squeezed into the Doctor's mind and he strode up there; managing to keep smiling.

A small conversation ensued between him and Will; in which he struggle not to snap.

He had no idea why he was angry all of a sudden. It had just hit him.

As he turned and set down the helmet and the skull to pick up the Carrionite Orb, he heard Will speak softly to Martha and she giggled a little.

With a quick glance, he noticed that Will had shuffled closer to Martha and was holding both her hands with his face close to hers.

Rage suddenly burned intensely in his hearts and he fought to retrain himself from breaking them apart.

Only he could hold her hands, William Shakespeare should not have even thought about touching her.

Then, they broke apart as two of Will's actors ran in and began babbling about something or other; and the feeling of rage against the wrongful action faded.

It shocked him to realize what had happened; what that feeling was.


He'd been jealous.

A shiver passed up and down his spine and he refrained from shaking his head.


He couldn't have been.

Martha wasn't his. He wasn't interested in her in that way.


Not so soon after Rose.

He couldn't be.

Martha glanced at him, catching his eyes and his thoughts.

Oh, but her eyes were so beautiful; so deep and dark and hidden. Her thoughts not telegraphed to her face, but concealed. A look of mild curiosity masked her features, not exactly caring one way or another. It took some effort not to loose himself to her beautiful eyes and her fair face.


He demanded himself that he stop.

Not so soon after Rose. There would be no more like Rose.

He was not at all attracted to Martha.

And he was not at all jealous of Shakespeare.

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