Chapter 6!

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VI:- The Doctor

The TARDIS was empty.

So big and empty and cold.

He'd never felt so alone.

Martha had left him, after the ordeal with the Master, she had run.

Run from him.

She'd tried to make it sound better, saying she had to look after her family, she couldn't leave them. But the short and tall of it was that she had run from him.

The thought still stung, it cut deep, that someone you like leaves you, runs from you and your life because you are dangerous.

Martha hadn't said it. She didn't need to. It was written so plainly in those beautiful eyes.

And he knew that no amount of groveling would remove it.

Tossing away his feelings for the moment to the best of his abilities, he managed a simple tight embrace then let her go.

But she'd kissed him as she left.

Pressed those soft lips to his cheek and left without a look back. He hadn't had time to react, he didn't know how.

If he still liked her, if was still attracted to her and she left, existence would become unbearable.

Harboring feelings that he could not express as it was too late could and would only cause pain.

He had to let them go.

He'd turned from the door, never finding it so hard to remain silent.

Letting the feelings of affection go, was not at all easy.

In the space of a moment, he'd cursed himself a thousand times. For what exactly he didn't quite know, but he deserved every curse.

The, Martha came back, suddenly in the middle of a conversation it seemed.

He'd hauled himself from his depression and gave her his full attention.

'Cause he never looked at her twice'

His head sank, his eyes falling to the floor.

'I mean he liked her, but that was it'

No, that was wrong.

No, so wrong.

But what was the point of confessing now, the pain would not be tolerable. She continued talking, her voice thick with emotion.

The urge to tell her, to give her that kiss pulled against his mind, pinning all hope on this insane thought that Martha Jones was selfish enough to put her life ahead of her family.

That was not Martha Jones.

'So this is me…getting out'

It came to his attention; that after all Jack had done. All the flirting and suggestive motions.

She was still his Martha Jones.

'I'm not having you disappear'

She threw him her phone, wanting to keep in contact. At the time, he thought of it as a great idea. Martha would call him, asking to come back. He'd given himself hope.

When there was none.

Three days after she had gone, he stood rigidly at the console, his hands flat on the coral ridges. His head bowed.

Martha wasn't coming back.

Why would she?

She had a life, she could or was going to be a doctor, she could easily get a boyfriend, get married, have kids, become a grandmother, and be an ordinary human.

Why would she forsake a future of that caliber to be with some ancient alien so twisted and broken, that to him love equals pain.

If she was smart, Martha would never call the small silver phone that sat on the console before him.

And Martha was very smart.

A single, lonely tears slipped from under his closed eye lid, and tracked down his face slowly, drawing out the pain.

Nothing mattered; it was almost the same pain as before, that burning, aching feeling in his hearts that grew and grew until he was consumed.

A sudden trill drew him back to reality.

Wearily he opened his eyes and tilted his head back to observe the TARDIS.

She said nothing to him, no change in the sympathetic hum, yet the trilling continued.

He let his head drop and he gazed at the console wishing that he could be left aloe with his pain. Then, his eyes found the small silver phone; the screen a bright blue as it vibrated and shrieked desperately for the attention he craved.

His hand shot out and pressed the phone to his ear, answering the call in a split second.

Feebly he called, hoping that she would answer and not some weirdo with the wrong phone number.

But the smooth gentle, calm voice of Martha Jones melted through the speaker as she spoke to him. His 'name' had never sounded to good to him before; his knees went weak and he gripped the console tightly for support.

The next thing she said, filled his hearts with joy.

'I need to see you…please Doctor….come'

Strength instantly returned to his legs and he charged off around the console, pressing as many buttons as he could with one hand as he chattered excitedly down the phone line, elaborating of the simple 'yes' he would have given, saying that he was coming, dropping everything, almost there, hang on for a second, time rotor is a little slow; among other things.

Martha laughed softly and spoke gently as she usually did, not releasing any details for her sudden need to see him, but partaking in his exhilaration.

Questions were not on his mind, he simply knew that she had asked to see him and he was going to respond.

His chance had come, he had to take it.

Despite his best efforts, his affection for her was no a part of him. And as he had admitted, harboring feelings that needed to be expressed was not healthy, it only caused pain.

The Time Rotor was screaming as he pushed it to its limits.

Sparks exploded around him and the TARDIS seemed to squeal with excitement as they tumbled through the Time Vortex towards Martha Jones.

He kept the phone pressed desperately to his ear, straining to hear her over his ship, but reveling in the reality that she was calling him back to her.

Regardless of what she would say, he was going to express himself, he was going to give her that kiss that he owed her, even if there was a boyfriend.

Martha Jones deserved to know how he felt.

Then, abruptly the Rotor stopped its howling and the TARDIS gave an encouraging thrum. He dropped the phone on the console and hurtled through the doors.

He'd landed smack bang in the middle of a flat, with his Martha Jones before him. She dropped the phone, her eyes wide and bright and over flowing with happiness and as beautiful as ever.

He gathered her in his long arms, hugging her tightly as if he had not seen her in years. She reciprocated this action to the best of her ability.

His hearts were hammering against his rib cage, he wasn't sure why. But he was trembling.

Martha laughed, shaking her head as she listened to his hearts and felt his trembling.

Slowly, her laughter died down but she held onto him, whispering quiet professions in his ear, things he had never heard her say.

Personal feelings to situations they'd been in, thoughts, ideas and everything between.

'I missed you'

He squeezed her tighter, agreeing fervently.

Slowly, they released each other, before she led him to the lounge, sitting down. He sat down by her, as close as he dared, eager to hear her speak but also eager to speak himself.

A sudden question came to his mind, one that he had skipped over but thought of slightly, but not enough.

Was there someone else? Had she gotten a boyfriend? Was she with Jack?

He had felt so brazen in the TARDIS, feeling that a boyfriend was no major problem.

But now, sitting in the reality, staring at Martha waiting to hear her speak, he didn't feel so audacious.

All confidence seemed to have left him, his mouth ran dry and his voice reduce to a whimper.

He asked, fearing the answer.

Almost immediately, she shook her head, her eyes glowing with nothing but honesty. And he believed her.

Leaning forwards slightly, he moved a little closer and raised a hand to her face, enjoying the softness of her cheek against his fingertips.

Soft dark hair brushed against the back of his hand and he gently rested his forehead against hers.

Her eyes were so big, so dark and so beautiful. Deep in the rich brown colour, he saw the spark of affection he'd seen for Jack, now for him.

He allowed himself to drown in her eyes, to feel the affection, to feel what she felt, to be a part of her.

He could see everyone of her eyelashes, long and elegant and covered with mascara. This different shades of purple eye shadow that seemed to glow and make her eyes all that more appealing.

Finally giving into the urge that he had kept for weeks, he let his eyes slip closed and pressed his lips to hers.

They were soft and warm and real as he had thought they'd be.

Almost under instinct, his hand went to her neck, his thumb rested on her cheek and he curled his free arm around his back.

His hands were lost in his hair, tangling in it, but he didn't mind in the least.

For the moment he was at ease, he felt extremely good. As good as he had since Rose.

The thought of his old companion caused pain, but that pain was swept away in the kiss.

It was only gentle and soft; an innocent kiss. Just to express his love for her.

When they pulled apart, he slowly opened his eyes to gauge her reaction.

Her eyes remained closed for a moment longer, catching her breath.

She laughed shakily, her warm damp breath curling over his cheeks.

'How long?'

He couldn't help but flash a cheeky little smile as her eyes opened slowly.

'Since the Pentallion. I think'

She laughed again, this time stronger and more like herself.

Gently he shifted himself and slowly lay down on the lounge, wrapping his arms around Martha and pulling her down on him.

She rested her head on his chest, with an arm across him, with one of her knees across his thighs.

The warmth of her body was soothing his rapid heart rate.

He hadn't made a fool of himself, which allowed him to settle.

Yes, he accepted the fact that it would one day end. But that day, was not now.

And that was all that mattered for the moment.

He shifted a little, letting himself relax.

'Come with me'

Martha was silent for a few moments, before shifting a little, her free legs tangling with his.


Again he let his eyes slide closed and allowed the warmth of Martha's body so close to his own wash over him, relaxing him and lulling him into sleep.

He was indeed attracted to Martha.

And he was not at all jealous of himself.

The End.