I Love The Way You Look At Me Looking At You

I Love The Way You Look At Me Looking At You

We just sat there, gazing into each others eyes for the longest of times. It seemed like forever…its seemed like all of eternity had passed since I linked my common brown eyes with her majestic pale blue orbs…we didn't say a word…we didn't move…we simply looked at each other. Not a hint of a smile tugged at her perfect lips…not a trace of her beautiful smile lingered in her eyes…oh her eyes…I could go on for days.

At first, her glance was curious, but I held onto it like a child clinging to his mother's hand as they walk through a strange place, a new place. That's exactly what her eyes were to me. A strange and new place. They used to be so cheerful, so full of her innocence. But since the last time we met, im guessing she had gotten a lot of life lessons, seen more than she'd have liked to. By now, her gaze was intense, as if daring me to look away.

I thought of how it was just the two of us alone in my small make-shift hut. I had spotted her today as she played with the water in the river nearby. I had watched her for hours, too scared to come out and show myself, but too entranced to look away. However, her dark skin paled when they came along. By 'they', I mean those damn slave recruiters. They roam virtually everywhere, capturing anyone who is alone and doesn't look like they'll be missed. 'They' whisk these poor people away to a place where they can never escape. Forever condemned to a new destiny, a life and death of slavery.

To make a short story short, she's now staying with me. Much to her dismay of course, and to my (secret) delight. According to her, Aang had lost control of Appa during a horrible thunderstorm…Katara and Aang were separated. When asked about Sokka, Katara giggled for what had to be the first time since their reunion.

"He's off in Ba Sing Se already, meeting up with Suki…again." Katara laughed.

I tried to laugh too. But I couldn't really put myself into it. I mean, even Sokka was getting more action than me? No way.

I still did adore this girl. I loved the way she smiled, the way she laughed, the bounce in her step, the sparkle in her eyes, hell; I could even find something to love about her waterwhip. Because it's hers.

I had once again lost myself into her beautiful eyes; as deep as any trench, but as cold as ice. I was content with just staring at her…but then she ruined it all by talking. Not that I don't like her voice, I love it! It's just that I was loving being able to just be with her, without upsetting her or arguing with her. Even though she is beautiful when she's angry.

"What?" she asked. She was a good waterbender, a good friend, a good chef and even a good designer bag creator (don't ask..), but Katara was not a good actress. I noticed the slight smile now trying to withdraw from her lips and back into the depths of her soul, a place which they so recently occupied. Her eyes were now sparkling with innocence and…comfort? No, it couldn't be.

"Nothing." I smile back at her. She's still trying to hide it.

"There must be something! Come on Jet, you've been staring at me for like, what? 30 minutes?" Katara was laughing at him…but in a good way.

"I just like your eyes…" Jeth shrugged, running a finger through his hair and playing with his mouth grass.

Katara was expecting many ignorant comments, basketfuls of sarcastic phrases and dozens of idiotic retorts. But not this. Which would have to explain why she couldn't talk.

"Uh-I..." she stuttered. Jet hadn't made her this nervous since the first time they met. Back before the whole dam thing happened.

"What? I do." Jet defended, as if he had said something wrong.

"Thanks.." Katara said, looking to the ground.

An awkward silence ensued.

But then, Jet ruined the moment of it all by kissing her. But, he is the rebel right?