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Minutes tick by on the clock hanging between the two desks in the office. Hisoka scribbled his name on the last paper that would make up their official report on the case they had finally wrapped up.

Finally he would see his own bed, finally he would be able to read a book, finally it was all over and he could go back to life… well afterlife as he knew it. He stretched his arms over his head getting a cold chill as the circular fan blew over his now exposed navel. Who would have thought that you could get goose bumps in the afterlife.

"Finally done!" Tsuzuki sighed as he leaned back in his chair and looked across the desks at his partner, "You done to Hisoka?" the only reply the younger guardian would give him was a grunt. "Well then why don't we go get something to eat?"

"Is that all you ever think about?" Hisoka complained as he grabbed his partner's coat and tossed it at him. "Don't answer that I already know."

The walked down the path of the summons section looking at the cherry blossoms fall gently to the ground. It was winter in their section so it was an odd feeling to see the flowers in full bloom.

Tsuzuki slowed his steps until he was at a stop looking up at the trees looking lost in thought. This would have frightened Hisoka if it weren't for the fact that his empathic abilities let him know what Tsuzuki was thinking about ahead of time.

"You can't tell me you are turning down food to look at the flowers." Hisoka sighed. He wouldn't let his partner know but he was more than a little hungry himself.

"Ne, Hisoka, how long would you say we have been partners now?" Tsuzuki asked him ignoring the younger boy's previous statement.

"It's been nine years." He said.

"Wrong," Tsuzuki laughed, "it's been ten years, ten years today." Tsuzuki walked to the grassy area under one of the trees and motioned for Hisoka to join him. "It's finally been ten years."

"Why is ten years so important to you?" Hisoka asked already knowing what his partner was thinking.

"You remember the first night that I meat you," he started chuckling, "of course you do, you hated my guts. But what you might not remember is sleeping in my bed that night." Hisoka felt his cheeks getting hot which only caused his partner to laugh harder.

"I told myself that night that if I still felt the same way about you, and if you stuck with me, in ten years I would finally tell you." Tsuzuki said once his laughter subsided. "Hisoka… I…" There was a long pause and Hisoka watched in amusement as Tsuzuki struggled.

"You have never been good with words have you?" Hisoka replied off handedly "Always more about action and not speech."

Tsuzuki gave a sly grin before catching Hisoka's chin between his fingers and letting his lips lightly brush his partners. As Tsuzuki's amethyst eye's fluttered open emerald orbs calmly looked back with a slight twinkle in his eyes.

"Finally" Hisoka whispered, "your emotions have been driving me insane for weeks."

"Finally" Tsuzuki confirmed before kissing his young partner fully and properly.