Bella almost gasped when she saw the pair of green eyes in front of her through the silver mask with a black boarder around it. Edward? Like Edward from the restaurant? No way couldn't that be the same guy. Bella looked over to Emmitt to see him suddenly in an intense conversation with Jasper. She rolled her eyes thinking that he had to have something to do with this this.

"How are you doing tonight?" Edward asked Bella making her come back to reality.

"I'm doing alright. Parties usually aren't my kinda thing." Bella blurted out. She could feel the heat coming out of her face. Rose and Alice are going to kill her if they hear her say anything bad about the party they took forever to put together.

She looked up to see Edward laughing. "They're not that horrible." He said taking another sip of his drink. "I really didn't know what to wear to this thing. Emmitt just told me it was a party." Edward said motioning to his clothes. He had on a pair of dark wash jeans and dark colored shirt similar to the one that he had worn the other night. "Not till we got here did Emmitt hand me this mask did I know it was masquerade. I feel like I'm a little underdressed." Edward said surveying her clothes.

"You're fine there are people here dressed in all kinds of ways. I think I saw someone in pajamas." Bella said with a laugh. She did fail to mention to him thought that Alice had thrown that person out for not adhering to the dress code she had set for the night. Bella was pretty sure that Alice would let him slide with this. Most likely she would blame Emmitt anyways he was the one that invited Edward…right? He had to be seeing as he was the one that caught me staring that night in the restaurant.

"Edward you made it!" Alice screamed over the music coming over hugging Edward. "It's great to see you!" She said jumping up and down. "See that you met Bella over here." Alice said smiling. "Bella works at the restaurant too you know? She's our newest employee."

"The restaurant? Wait, you were my hostess?" Edward said realization coming to his face. "Yea I remember that." Edward said smiling. "You look different with a mask on." He said with a chuckle. "Sorry about that. How are things there?" He asked rather inquisitive.

"Yea." Bella said suddenly feeling out of the loop. "It's been good. I really like it there. It helps that Alice and Rose are there." She said looking at Alice nodding her head.

"That's good I tried to get Rose to make sure she got people who are similar in personality to make sure that everyone can work together well and especially no drama." Edward said as if lost in thought for a little.

"Wait, Made sure Rose hired people? Are you saying like…. You're my boss?" Bella said realization taking over her face.

"Well yea kinda." Alice said looking at Bella. "Edward took over the business a little while ago but pretty much gave it to Rose to run the way that she felt was fit." She explained to Bella.

"Right…. Could you excuse me." Bella said downing the rest of her drink before excusing herself from the other two. Her boss… really? How could it be after all that time with Mike she would go and find herself crushing on her boss? And to make it worse Emmitt wouldn't even tell her when she was at the restaurant that it was her boss. She felt like she could punch Emmitt just for not telling her. Stomping out the kitchen Bella made her way to the back door she needed to get some fresh air. Tripping on a rug Bella grabbed on to the nearest thing practically bringing it down with her.

"Sorry about that." Bella said grabbing onto what felt like a rather muscular arm. She felt another arm wrap around her waist helping her upright. Bella gripped on the arm steadying her a little more. "Sorry about that, again." Bella felt herself getting dizzy. Dam Emmitt for making such a strong drink for her.

"It's ok. Do you need any help?"

Bella looked up to see a pair of brown eyes looking back at her. "No I think I'll be ok." Bella said trying to take another step to only trip again on the carpet. Maybe she did need some help after all.

"Right…" the guy said hooking his arm with her as they both started walking to the back door.

"Thanks." Bella said her face getting as red as a tomato.

"I should say thank you. It's not every day that I get to escort a pretty lady." He said with a wink.

Bella laughed nervously as she walked pass the punch bowl and picked up another drink just sipping on it. "My name is Bella." Bella said taking a step outside with the guy.

"Jake. Nice to meet you." He said letting go of her hand turning to face her holding his hand out to shake.

"Nice to meet you." Bella said smiling

"So what is a pretty lady like yourself doing here all by yourself. Not just throwing herself onto random men I hope." He said with a twinkle in his eye.

"I did not throw myself at you. I tripped that was it." Bella said her face turning a deeper red. "And I live here I didn't come alone."

"So you're the new girl that I heard about." Jake said leaning back giving Bella a once over.

Shifting uncomfortably Bella asked, "What is it that you have heard about me exactly?" Bella had memories of mike flooding back to her. What if news about her and her relationship with Mike had gotten out. Bella wasn't sure if she could take that.

"Nothing really just that you moved in with Rose and Alice after you dumped your boyfriend or something like that." Jake said relaxing in his seat.

"Hey Bella!"

Bella turned around to see Emmitt standing in the doorway looking pointedly at Jake. "Rose and Alice were looking for you they wanted to know where you ran off to."

"I'm alright. I jut needed to get some air. I ran into Jake here and he came to keep me company." Bella said trying to make the air, that suddenly felt a little tense, light.

"Right... Well we better get inside." Emmitt said holding the door open. "You know how Rose gets."

"Right." Said Bella taking off her shoes that seemed to be getting higher by the second before walking into the house.

Emmitt looked at Bella with a raised eyebrow.

"Unless you're the ones walking in these shoes you can't said a word." Bella snapped before she walked through the door.

"Good night, Jake." Bella said finally before she disappeared for the night.