Title: Time's Up!
Verb Tense: Narrative past tense; Dialogues in present tense, okay?
Form: W/ Chapters
Romance and Slight Humor (if you ask me)
T (for some inappropriate language)
Draco Malfoy killed Hermione Granger. But surprisingly, she was given a chance to prove that she still has to live. And so, she went back into the year 1990 to change a boy's cold heart... for three weeks only! Dramione! R and R!

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Oh Merlin!

May 22, 1998

Hell broke loose. That's what Hermione Granger could describe the state of Hogwarts right now.

Death Eaters plus Lord Voldemort attacked Hogwarts unexpectedly, to everyone's horror. And so, Professor McGonagall (the new Headmistress since Professor Dumbledore's death) ordered Professor Flitwick (the Charms teacher) to gather all those who were still young to fight or students who were afraid to fight in the Great Hall and keep them until the battle outside ends. Others who would like to fight and were capable to, like Hermione, were all outside and battled with Death Eaters. Lord Voldemort was nowhere to be seen but Hermione has a great feeling he was watching the gruesome battle like a Muggle watching a war movie.

Hermione contorted her face in disgust and hatred. Thinking about this particular vile wizard made her stomach churn in anger. He caused all of these. He's the reason why her best friend (and their hopeful hero, according to the Wizarding World), Harry Potter, was suffering. He's the reason why she was supporting one injured arm and frantically finding her wand that fell on the ground. He's the reason why many families lost some of their family members. He's the reason for this pandemonium. Hermione knew that wishing someone was dead was not good but she couldn't help but wish that this evil wizard should die already. And she knew she's not the only one wishing this.

The brunette sighed in frustration because she still couldn't see her precious wand. She knew it was hard to find her wand. Lifeless bodies and blood were scattered all around the ground, for crying out loud! It would be really hard to find it.

She continued to grope for her wand on the ground. Relief flowed through her body once she had spotted it a few feet away from where she was standing a while ago. She sighed and bent down to reach for it but she didn't have the chance to clutch it when a foot stepped on it. Hermione froze.

'Oh great,' she softly groaned. 'He might be a Death Eater who is ready to kill me.' Hermione slowly straightened herself and stared at the person stepping on her wand. Her brown eyes met his silver eyes. He was Draco Malfoy.

"Malfoy," she said harshly. "Move your foot."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Draco said, his sickening smirk plastered on his face. "Defenseless are we, Granger?"

"Malfoy. Move. Your. Foot," Hermione ordered through gritted teeth. She was clenching her fist and mustered all of her will power not to punch the smirking boy in front of her now.

"No, Granger. I won't," he said, his smirk growing.

Hermione sighed and closed her eyes, feeling that a headache was starting to form. Oh, honestly, how did she develop some feelings for this stupid blond in front of her, anyway? Yes, breaking news, Hermione Granger liked Draco Malfoy. The brunette was still confused if it was only a silly school crush or… something more. But really, how did she develop some feelings for him – for Draco Malfoy? He was annoying. He was arrogant. He was stupid. He was a jerk. He was an insufferable ferret. He was a Malfoy. He was everything Hermione should hate but in the end… she liked him. Oh, goodness, she liked him… a lot. Maybe she really had a bad taste in choosing the guys she had to like. She's not saying that Draco Malfoy was ugly – oh damn he's bloody hot. But still… he's annoying.

The brunette then opened her eyes and regretted she did. Draco was already nonchalantly pointing his wand at her… at her heart. Hermione groaned again. 'This is great! My life becomes better and better,' she thought sarcastically. God really hated her.

"Don't point that wand at me, Malfoy!" Hermione exclaimed. As much as she would like to hide it, she was afraid. Draco hated her very, very much so she knew he wouldn't hesitate to hex her mercilessly or worse – kill her. Oh, if only she had her wand. She eyed it, still under Draco's foot. He was stepping on it very hard and Hermione's eyes widened when snap, it broke. 'My baby!' she thought, almost close to tears. She felt vulnerable now. Very, very vulnerable. "You broke my wand, Malfoy!" she exclaimed, almost hysterical. "I swear to Merlin Malfoy I'll… I'll… I'll…"

"You'll what?" Draco asked, challenging. "Hex me? Kill me? Well, bad news, Granger. I broke your wand. You can't do anything to me."

Hermione clenched her fists to the point that her knuckles were turning white already. The urge of punching him was growing and growing. 'All right, all right! I'll punch him!' she told her itching right fist. She slowly raised it and Draco watched, amused (he didn't know what she'd do). She swung her fist back to gain power and enjoyably watched as Draco's eyes enlarged when he realized what Hermione would do. Merlin should forbid her but Draco looked absolutely adorable.


She had hit him. 'Hmm… that felt nice,' she thought. "I may not have my wand but I still have my fists, Malfoy," Hermione firmly said, feeling slightly victorious.

"How dare you, Granger!" he hissed dangerously, one hand gripping his wand tighter and pointing it at Hermione's heart while the other was nursing his smarting cheek. "How dare you do that to me again! No one had ever dared to punch me, Granger. No one."

"But I'm different from them, Malfoy, remember that," Hermione said, slightly smirking.

Draco softly growled and now pressed his wand against Hermione's chest where her heart was. He smirked as the brunette's own smirk instantly faded and fear was now etched on her pale face. "But Granger, you can't kill me with your bare fists only."

Hermione gulped. He was right. No matter how hard Hermione punched his face, Draco Malfoy had a hard face. She knew her punches couldn't kill him. She could injure him badly, yes, but it was very impossible to kill him.

"Any last words, Granger?" Draco asked. "Because I might kill you right now."

The brunette managed to glare even though she was feeling afraid. She slowly looked around, praying to see Harry's face or Ron's. She just wanted to see both of her best friends before Death escorted her. But it was impossible to see them. It was almost dark anyway. She couldn't see her best friends anymore. Hot tears started to form at the corners of her eyes. 'Oh, not now. Go away you tears!' Hermione angrily thought. She didn't want Draco Malfoy to see her cry. But too late, he saw one lone tear sliding down her face.

"Afraid, Granger?" he whispered, sounding rude. Or so Hermione thought because there was something in his tone that puzzled her. She stared at his eyes and saw something. But, what was it? She didn't know. Hermione silently grumbled. She hated it when she was clueless.

"I'm not afraid," Hermione said, trying to sound firm but failed. Her words escaped from her mouth in a shaky whisper.

A small smirk formed in Draco's lips. "Again, Granger. Any last words?"

"I. Hate. You," Hermione said, enunciating every word. Of course it was a lie. She liked him, all right. But right now, she just couldn't help but feel hatred towards Draco Malfoy. She closed her eyes, waiting for him to say those two bloody words. Oh, Good Lord, her life really stunk. Here she was, defenseless and was about to be killed by the man she fancied! Her life really, really stunk.

Was her ears just deceiving her or did she really hear Draco Malfoy releasing a heavy sigh? What? Was he debating whether to kill her or not? Just thinking about that made her want to shout out loud because of hysteria. That was impossible. He would kill her without any hesitation. All right, he did hesitate in killing Professor Dumbledore but still… this time it was about her. He hated her. Hermione knew that and she just hated herself she didn't feel the same way for the Slytherin jerk. But why did he release a heavy sigh? Maybe he didn't like to kill her because… he will lose someone who can intellectually argue with him. Yes, that was a good reason!

"Avada… Kedavra."

Hermione immediately opened her eyes and regretted it. She immediately shut them, silently cursing the bright light. She slowly opened her eyes again, adjusting her eyes. Oh goodness, why was it very bright? Hermione froze. This was not the battlefield.

The brunette frantically looked everywhere but all she could see was white light. Was this what they call heaven? Hermione started to walk, still looking from left to right. If this was heaven then shouldn't she see angels welcoming her with their harps playing for her? But no. There were no angels holding golden harps. Then where was she? Was she in hell? Hermione grimaced. If she was in hell, then shouldn't everything be burning because of hot fire?

Hermione sighed. Here she was again, utterly clueless. Giving up, Hermione didn't continue contemplating where she was right now. She continued to walk and walk, amused and confused that her feet hadn't hurt even though she already walked for a long time. If Hermione was given a choice, she would gladly go back to the pandemonium in Hogwarts rather than be here where she couldn't see anything except white light.

She squinted her eyes as she saw something materializing. The brunette presumed it was some kind of a desk. She walked quicker and quicker until she broke into a run. She was getting closer and closer to that 'desk'. She ran and ran and ran. She then noticed that a person was standing behind the desk, smiling warmly at her.

"Ah, Miss Granger, I've been waiting for your arrival," he said. Hermione looked at him curiously. The man was old, very, very old. His hair was long and white. His face and hands and any bare skin she could see were full of wrinkles. A white long beard was attached at the man's chin. At first, Hermione thought it was Professor Dumbledore (Draco Malfoy didn't kill him but Severus Snape did) but the brunette shook her head. This man didn't look like her old deceased Headmaster. Professor Dumbledore had electric blue eyes but this man in front of her had emerald eyes resembling Harry's. So, she called him by the first name that came into her mind.

"G – God?" she whispered, amused that maybe the man in front of her right now was none other than our Creator. But surprisingly, the old man burst into fits of chuckles.

"God?" he asked. "Goodness, Miss Granger, I may be known but I am definitely not God."

Hermione looked confused. "Well… umm… sir, if you are not God, then who are you? I mean, everything's white so I presumed I'm in heaven right now. I was shot by the Killing Curse, you see ('by the boy I like') so this is definitely not hell. But, I think this is not heaven either because… well… if this is heaven, shouldn't angels welcome me to the Kingdom of God? So, Mister, I'll ask again. Who are you?"

The old man looked at Hermione with amusement. "Albus is right. You really are a very intelligent young witch."

"You… you know Professor Dumbledore?" Hermione asked.

"Of course!" he said. "We are friends."

"Mister, you still haven't answered my question," the brunette said, now slightly feeling impatient. "Who really are you?"

He smiled. "No need to get impatient, Miss Granger."

Hermione frowned.

"Let's have a small guessing game," the old man said. "I'll give you three chances and if you still haven't guessed who I am, then I'll tell you."

Her frown deepened but guessed, anyway. "Are you Harry's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-and hundreds of great-grandfather? You have the same color of eyes, you know."

He simply shook his head. "No, Miss Granger. Two more chances."

"Are you then the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather of my neighbor?" she stupidly answered. She honestly didn't know what to answer right now.

He gave her an odd look. "Err… no. One more guess, Miss Granger."

Hermione sighed in frustration. "Oh Merlin, why don't you just tell me who you are?!"

The old man smiled at Hermione. "Well, Miss Granger, you already guess who I am."

"What?" the brunette asked, confused. For goodness' sake, this old man was playing some tricks on her.

"You said my name, Miss Granger," he said. "You're intelligent. You know who I am."

Hermione frowned and contemplated. Suddenly, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. "Me – Merlin?"

The old man (which really was the one and only, Merlin) smiled and nodded. "Yes, I am Merlin."

"Oh, Good God, I'm talking right now to Merlin!" Hermione exclaimed her thoughts out loud, suddenly breaking into a grin. She then looked at the greatest wizard in history. "I always wanted to see you, Mister Merlin, but I never expected that I would see you right now here in this… in this…" Hermione then frowned again. "Where exactly are we? Heaven? Hell? Or somewhere else?"

"We are definitely not in hell, Miss Granger," Merlin said, softly chuckling. "And we are not also in heaven, though, we are close to there already."

"So you mean to see we are neither in heaven or hell?" the brunette asked. Merlin nodded for his answer. "Then, where are we?"

"Well, actually we don't call this place anything," the wizard explained. "We are in between heaven and earth, by the way."

"I'm dead, right?" Hermione asked, suddenly realization dawning on her. "I… I was killed by Draco Malfoy in the battle in Hogwarts. So, it means I'm dead."

Merlin smiled. "Yes."

Hermione whimpered. "I'm dead… I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead. Oh, God! I'm dead."

"Miss Granger, understand that you are already a soul," Merlin said. "So, it does mean that you are dead."

"But… but I'm too young to die!" Hermione blurted out. "What about my friends… my parents?! How will they react now that Hermione Granger is dead?!" She then looked at Merlin. "Are you here to escort me to heaven or," – she obviously gulped – "hell?"

"Oh, good heavens, no," Merlin said, shaking his head. "Though we are already close to the stairway to heaven or escalator to heaven or elevator to heaven."

Hermione knitted her brows together. "There's an escalator and elevator towards heaven?"

"Of course!" the old man answered. "The world is not the only one that is being modernized, Miss Granger. So does heaven. And hell, too. I heard that they already have the ability to regulate the heat. Then can regulate if they want hell to be hot, very hot, very, very hot, burning hot, sizzling hot, etc…"

'Oh cool,' Hermione thought, amused. But then, she remembered her predicament. "So… where will I go, Merlin? Heaven or... I hope not… hell?"

"You will go to neither heaven nor hell, Miss Granger. Don't worry," Merlin consoled her.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, good news," Merlin said with a grin on his face. "It's not yet your time to die. It's too early, Miss Granger. In fact, I'll spoil it to you already, you will die because of old age."

"Really?" Hermione asked, thrilled to know that she would die because of old age and not because of a terrible accident or a deadly disease. "Then, why am I here? I was hit by the Killing Curse."

Merlin sighed. "Alas, someone messed up with Fate. Her files were messed up, you know. That's the reason why you are here right now when you are not supposed to."

"Fate?" Hermione asked. "Fate's a person?"

"Not really a person or an angel. But they take the form of a human, though, more beautiful," Merlin explained. "They can't also be considered as gods and goddesses."


"Yes, they," Merlin answered. "Love, Peace, Joy… they all take the form of a human. Love, Peace and Joy takes the form of a female human while Bravery and Death takes the form of a male. Fate has a twin sister, Destiny."

"Fate? Destiny? Aren't they the same?" Hermione asked, confused.

"Oh, no, Miss Granger, they are different from each other," Merlin said.

"Okay," Hermione said, though, still confused.

"Anyway, we only discovered that someone messed up with Fate's files when you died earlier than the exact date of your death," Merlin said, frowning. "We all know this is bad."

"So… what will happen to me, then?" Hermione inquired.

"Good question, Miss Granger," Merlin said, now smiling. "There is still a way for you to live but, you need to accomplish a task."

"A task?" Hermione asked again. Goodness, it seemed like she was asking many questions to Merlin already.

"Yes, a task, Miss Granger," Merlin said. "Once you accomplished this, you will live again."

Hermione frowned. "Is the task easy?"

Merlin shrugged. "It depends in your opinion, Miss Granger. But I think it would be quite hard."

The brunette bit her bottom lip which meant she was in a deep thought. 'Okay, Merlin told me I can still live once I accomplish a task – a hard task, actually. But it won't hurt to try, right? If I accomplished this task then I'll live! I still want to live, all right! I'm too young to die!'

"What… what if I failed this particular task?" she asked.

Merlin sighed. "Then I'm sorry to say that you can't live anymore, Miss Granger. You will be… dead."

Hermione cringed at the mention of the word 'dead'. She didn't want to die, yet. So, feeling very determined, she answered, "All right, Merlin, sir, I will accept this task."

The old wizard sighed and smiled again. "Good," he said.

"Now, what is this task?" she questioned.

"Miss Granger," Merlin started. "You will go back into time and change a nine-year-old, almost ten, boy's heart. If you succeeded, then you will live. If not, then you'll die. Oh, and by the way, you are only given three weeks to change his heart."

"Three weeks!" Hermione exclaimed. "But… isn't that enough to change a person's heart? I mean, sometimes it takes months… years…"

"Yes, I know, Miss Granger," Merlin said, nodding. "But you really are given three weeks. I apologize."

Hermione sighed. "All right, three weeks, two weeks, I don't care. All I want is to live again. All I want is to see my friends and my family."

"That's the spirit," Merlin said, smiling.

"So, whose heart will I change?" Hermione asked, anticipating Merlin's answer.

Merlin looked at her with a mysterious glint in his eyes. "Why, of course your murderer's heart, Miss Granger!"

Hermione stared at him, not believing what he had said.

"Draco… Malfoy?"

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