A/N: I've been cleaning my hard drive and found some older pieces that I didn't know I still had. This one is my version of the Chosen One prophecy. Line breaks are due to the site removing the verse-dividing spaces.

Darkened times there will be

Shrouded in evil and pain

Dark shall rise

Light shall fall

Yet not all is lost:

The Chosen One shall appear

Apprentice against the Master

The latter falling to blood-shine blade

His apprentice resuming the battle

Driving the darkness away

For a time, but a time only

Light shall regain a hold

The apprentice, now the Master

A powerful child, the apprentice

Holding the potential of light and dark.

Driven by forbidden love

The apprentice becomes one with Darkness

Forsaking the foretold destiny.

Apprentice against the Master

Closer than brothers, these

Fighting to the death

Apprentice falls to Master's blade

Spared in life, though not in spirit

Vowing vengeance for the future

Darkness falls, shrouding all

The apprentice with new Master

Tyranny, pain, suffering, blackness

The light lives on, yet hidden

Twin stars hold the fate

Of light and father's destiny

Apprentice against the Master

The latter falling to blood-shine blade

Darkness shifts, deeper than before

Remaining, still, twin lights

Rekindling the Jedi flame

Renewing the hope of destiny

Father against child

Elder shall win the first

Yet in doing so, lose

As conflict is awakened

Learned darkness and inborn light

The struggle begun once more

In the last hour, the Chosen One will rise

Fulfilling his long-delayed destiny

Throwing down the Master

For the sake of his child

Love and light will reign once more

Balance shall be brought to the Force