Battle of the Rebels

Battle of the Rebels

Chapter 2: Huemans Always Makes Misteaks

Bella's POV

-last time-

Then I noticed that a note was tossed to me in the most beautiful hand script. I opened the note slowly, wondering who the hell could have a handwriting like this. I crinkled the note open…

Inside the note held a beautiful handwriting in cursive.


You shouldn't be worrying about what they could do to you than what I could do to you! That's what you get for threatening the most desirable guy in the school. all the girls will go against you. Watch out!

-Cullen or I quote "should I say Eddie-kins"

I knew where it came from as soon as I saw "most desirable guy" , it was Edward, God!, he even has an angel-like hand writing! What next? His room is gonna be neat and heavenly?!

He had some nerve to write me that! When I looked up to glare at him, he was whispering to Jess, my guess, he was flirting with her. He was really frustrating me now. I just felt like punching something for no god damn reason. I decided to try and calm down since I didn't want to start another fight.

I looked through my bag and found my favorite drawing book. I took it out, accompanied by a pencil, and began doodling on the blank space on the page. I didn't notice what I was drawing until I was finished with it.

It was a dark meadow with the beautiful sea at front, the shade hovering over towards the other side. It was beautiful, I wondered how I came up with this. I, obviously, was not the only one thinking that though. I saw Alex, Angela and Alice stare at the picture, Tanya scoffed at it(probably jealous cuz she cant draw like that! Ha!) and Edward… well Edward was still flirting with Jess, but his eyes flickered to me and the picture sometimes.

I glanced down to the picture again, realizing also that it was a very dark looking picture, very gloomy. Something I wouldn't draw often. Maybe it would look brighter if I color it! I colored the sky bright blue, the grass light green, the sea dark grey and blue, and the flowers random bright colors.

It still looked gloomy, in fact the bright colors made it even more gloomy! I couldn't stand it! I looked through the picture to find why it looks so dark. I guess that it was the shade, I didn't really know. The answer didn't hit me at all! The picture was too much of a disturbance tome so I put the book away into my bag.

I looked up to see if anyone was watching me while I was going crazy over my picture. Luck for me, no one was paying attention to me. Alex, though was watching and looked uncomfortable. I wondered why she was so stiff. I looked around to realize Edward was not sitting in front of me and that Jess wasn't in her seat either. That could only mean one thing. Uh-Oh.

Once the bell rang, I sprung from my seat and dashed to the one possible place that they could be in. The Closet. I was standing in front of the closet door, speechless.

How could Jess do this to me?! She was with me in the beginning of our battle and now she decides to give in?! Slut! No, wait I shouldn't say that, she's my buddy…that's been giving herself to the guys! Face it! She's a slut! Ahhhh! Confusion!

I reached towards the knob, twisted it open, and banged the door open. I always had a feeling that what I expected is what I definitely saw. Sigh, how did I know!? Edward and Jessica was making out inside the closet, and I cant really give anymore detail than that except that they were both having a lot more pleasure than they were having in boring Biology.

I heard the rest of the 2 gangs surround the scene. I, loudly, cleared my throat while everybody was whispering. Jessica noticed the attention, but Edward somehow didn't or maybe he was just ignoring us. For some reason, his ignorance was frustrating me and I yanked Jess away from the dangerous "fun" machine.

Once Jess was out of his way, he looked up to us slyly, trying to act sexy I presume. But what happened next wasn't exactly what I expected; Jessica pulled her hand away from me and had a very big attitude instead of shame. You can hear all the "Oooh" 's from all across the room. This girl was gonna get her ass kicked! And by, guess who? ME! I turned back to look at Cullen.

"I warned you Cullen! I told you to keep your dirty hands away from my members!" he has really gone too far. But then I realized something. This is what happens everyday, doesn't it? I never really noticed that they always left class and was never asked where they were. Wow, well I feel dumb!

"Well, fine then, oh and Jessy baby, we're done." And just like that he walked away like nothing happened! What an f-in A-hole! I turned to take a glance of the heartbroken Jess. Her expression was unreadable but her emotion was definitely depression and anger. She soon stormed away through the hall. And that was the last day that Jess was a member of The Chaos Thrives. She gave up because she couldn't handle Edward; I had a very big feeling that, that might happen. He always found a way to persuade my members to join his gang or make them quit. God, I hate his guts! He soon will know, that the war has just begun!...