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"XS-618 is having another fit." The guard reported.

"She's having those rather often now, isn't she?" Renfro asked.

"Yes, ma'am. Shall we have her sedated?"

"No, let her get it all out. I want to talk to her afterwards." Renfro said. "You're dismissed."

The guard just nodded and left the office. Renfro leaned back in her chair and thought about XS-618 and the problems she had caused lately. Two guards dead and four more injured. Renfro had to admit that her record for violent outbursts was horrific, but her skills as a soldier were amazing.

"Madam Director."

Renfro was pulled from her thoughts. The guard had come back.

"Yes?" Renfro half-snapped.

"XS-618 has stopped. It is safe to see her now." The guard said.

"Excellent." Renfro said and left the office. She made her way to where XS-618 was kept. Two well-armed guards were standing on either side of the door. "I wish to go in."

"It isn't safe, ma'am." The left guard said.

"Has she stopped raging?" Renfro asked. She knew that she would not be denied.

"Yes, but she is still very dangerous." The guard told her.

"She will not dare attack me." Renfro said.

"She attacks anyone." The guard told her. "Rank means nothing to her when she is angered."

"You yourself just told me that she had stopped raging. Let me inside." Renfro demanded.

The guards looked at each other, then the right guard pulled out a key. He unlocked the door, then the left guard opened it. Once Renfro was inside, the door was shut behind her. Renfro glanced at the girl sitting on the bed. The girl's brown hair was pulled up into a ponytail (they were afraid to try and cut it) and her green eyes were full of hate. Renfro then sat in a chair near the wall.

"Do you want something?" The girl snapped, a small trace of anger evident.

"Ire is it?"

"That's what they call me." The girl answered.

"Well, Ire," Renfro said. "I'm curious about your anger. You've been having quite a few outbursts lately."

"So I have." Ire said. "Does it really matter?"

"When you can kill two of our best, it does matter." Renfro said coolly. "Tell me, why were you angered today?"

"The new guards wouldn't let me out. They apparently weren't told that I've got roaming rights." Ire said.

"Ah, well, they shall be alerted. We don't want anymore...accidents."

"I don't have accidents."

"Of course not." Renfro said, standing. "I'll go and tell them of your rights."

Renfro left the room and turned sharply to the two guards. She looked at them for a minute, letting fear wash over them.

"XS-618 has special privileges." She began. "She shall not be denied these privileges and do you know why that is?" Neither guard said a thing. "Because we don't want her to have anymore outbursts! People die when she is angry and we don't need her taking down everyone in sight! Keep her happy! Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am." Both guards said and saluted.

Renfro looked at them, then walked off down the hall.