The town of Glie is a strange place

The town of Glie is a strange place.

It is the home of the haibane.

It is enveloped by a wall, a wall that




The town from truth,

From the outside world.

Little haibane children frolic on a grassy hill,

Laughing and chattering.

Their charcoal wings flutter from their backs

Like ribbons of ashes.

Halos of shimmering gold are atop all of the haibanes' heads.

The material for the halo is found from the wall,

The wall,

Which is such a mysterious place.

The town of Glie is also home to those who are not haibane.

Humans, normal people,

Do live alongside the haibane in peace.

They are sealed away in Glie like the haibane.


Black birds bringing omens to the world,

Feathered creatures who scavenge for food,

Live alongside the charcoal-feathered haibane.

They let out a loud "caw" as they

Search through the silvery, metal

Trash can

For a bit of food to eat.

The Haibane Renmei,

The protectors of the haibane,

The Charcoal Feather Federation,

Are always cloaked in masks.

Lying in the shadows,

They watch over Glie with invisible eyes.

They are silent,

Spending their days tending the temple,

and using sign language to communicate

And to squeeze out their unspoken words

If need be.

The only Haibane Renmei allowed to speak is


The Renmeis' pasts are unknown…


What trials did they fail?

How had they come to wash away from their past lives?

Washi does not explain much about the Renmei.

Communicating with the


The traders,

Washi directs the goods like the tide

Directs the clear water.

The Tooga flow in and out

Of Glie,

A river through a desert.

The Tooga are the only connections to

The outside world,

The world beyond Glie's walls.

The walls are still a mystery.

No one knows what lies beyond it.

Glie's haibane can only dream,




To figure out what is vibrating beyond the walls.

Do the haibane go beyond the walls in their day of flight?

Were they there before they roused from their dreams

In the cocoons?

Will they go there in the far future?

Or will they never look beyond the walls for all of eternity?

The town of Glie is a strange place.

It is the home of the haibane.