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Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this fic, it's story is a little common but also a classic in every pairing, I just noticed that nobody used it yet.

If you want to think of this fic as a sequel of Misinterpretations feel free to do so.

Genre: Romance…

Lelouch I'm…

It was a Saturday morning; Lelouch's time of rest. He usually free his mind of worry at this point of the week to be able to unwind, refreshing his brain so he could plan a flawless strategy or just to free himself from guilt. After all, at his young age, he already carried a heavy burden: leading a spirited small group to change the world by challenging its superpower and to make a beloved sister feel happiness that she cannot see; she cannot walk to a bright place, so he'll remain a light by her side.

Lelouch, for now you must rest-forget everything for now-, no need to rush your rebellion, you're still young and you have a long way to go. Thinking of nothing but Nunally's smile and CC makes him happy; his imaginations and the fun of being a student council member, was his only escape from reality.

But he'll have to embrace the reality soon.

"Lelouch, If you don't mind, I have something serious to discuss with you." CC said in way unnatural to her; with a sense of urgency.

Lelouch continued to stare at the ceiling as he lay on his couch. "Not now CC, you know that Saturday mornings is my worry-free time, let's discuss it later."

"But Lelouch-mmmpp!!" Lelouch heard CC's quick steps towards the comfort room. Then he heard her vomit…

CC never vomitSomething must not be right, maybe it's the pizzas

He then stood up and called out to her "CC are you alright there!?"

"I-I'm okay…" She already recovered and opened the bathroom door with a relatively exhausted face. Without even looking at Lelouch's worried eyes she went straight at the bed and lay down.

"CC what is it?"

"Let's talk about it later, it will be heavy on you." CC said with her back facing Lelouch.

"Now is the best time." Lelouch insisted.

She hugged Cheese-kun more tightly.

"No, continue your daydreaming, don't worry about me, I'm not sick or anything, it's just that you'll be sick hearing what I'll say later." CC was back in her usual tone.

"You're only making me more curious. You already ruined my rest, I can't think of happy thoughts while being bothered by that little secret or yours-"

"Ok I'll tell you then, but sit first and relax, this will surprise you…"

Lelouch's heart was beating fast, he know why, he was already guessing 14 possibilities of what CC might reveal and at the same time he was already thinking of solutions to those problems.

But he didn't thought about the most obvious one that normal teenagers might have already guessed.

"Lelouch… I'm pregnant and you're the father."

For a few seconds Lelouch's mouth opened but no word was uttered.

"I told you you'll be shocked." She said softly in a sarcastic tone not breaking her eye contact with his shocked face.

"What!? CC you- " Lelouch suddenly stood up and walked to her direction.

"Don't worry, I'm sure YOU are the father." CC rolled and faced him. "Congratulations." And she smiled.

Lelouch pinned her down. "CC didn't I tell you to-" He was really bewildered.

"It seems that the pills don't work on me, sorry."

"Shit, I never thought that this would happen, this problem went beyond my speculations. I was irresponsible..."

"For me it's a blessing, I never knew that I can be a mother."

"Then CC you-"

"Don't worry you're my first." CC interrupted again.

He then let go of her and sat down on the bed, his forehead resting on both hands. "What shall we do now!?"

He thought of the Black Knights, Britannia, Cornelia, Gambling, Suzaku, Nunally, Kallen, Shirley, Millay, Rivalz, Arthur, Toudou, Ogi, the Emperor…all at the same time.

CC quickly sprang up and hugged him tightly. "Don't worry Lelouch, I promised didn't I, that I'll always be by your side?"

"Then what do you suggest that we do CC?" Lelouch calm had returned.


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