Hi all, wow its been way too long since I updated this story. So I decided to make a short filler chapter for it. And I rewrote chapter 3 a little but be warned about a lot of cussing.

Tim entered behind Ziva in the elevator and pushed for a floor. He pulled the switch though as it began to move.

"What happened to Tali?" he asked.

Ziva glanced at him, trying to read if he actually cared.

"Please Ziva….I…I don't want to die…I just want to feel I've paid for them…Erin…Kate…everyone" Tim added.

Ziva sighed and gave him a small smile.

"The doctors told me she hit a vein on her arm and bled to death, I was only one who knew and it haunts me that I didn't save her…I don't wish that to happen to you Timothy" Ziva said.

Tim nodded.

"Okay…I got one more question" he said and Ziva nodded.

"Who do you think I should tell first, Gibbs or Ducky?" he asked and Ziva grinned.

Without warning she threw her arms around his neck. Tim was caught off balance but steadied himself and hugged her back.

Ziva let go and kissed his cheek.

"Lets go to autopsy first…may as well get the lecture done first…I don't think Gibbs is a lecturer as much as a yeller" she said.

Tim nodded and turned the elevator back on and the two rode in silence down.

Ducky greeted them with a smile but it disappeared fast as Tim showed his arm first and explained how he got hurt.

"Oh Timothy…Ziva can you leave me with him?" Ducky asked and Ziva nodded.

"Oh wait take Mr. Palmer too" he added and Ziva guided Jimmy out.

Ducky gave Tim a stern look when they were alone.

"There's more isn't there?" he asked and Tim nodded dropping his gaze.

Tim dropped his pants and hopped on to a cold table and shuddered as Ducky inspected all the scars over both legs.

"They all seem to be healing well but….I just don't understand why….why cut Timothy?" Ducky asked and Tim explained.

He then showed off Kate and Erin's scars.

Ducky sighed and shook his head.

"This isn't punishment Timothy" he began and Tim looked up at him.

"My dear boy this is a cry for help….I remember when I was your age and my friend Charles went through this…he was too ashamed to ask anyone for help to deal with his mothers death and so went to cutting…it grew as more deaths grew until I made him seek help" he explained.

"Ducky…I don't need a therapist" Tim whined. Ducky raised a brow.

"You're going to make me go anyway" he added and Ducky nodded. Tim sighed and jumped off and dressed.

"All right…I guess I better tell Gibbs now in case this cuts into work" he said.

Ducky nodded and gripped his shoulders. "Timothy listen…if you ever feel the need to cut I want you to call me…out of everyone here you should know I don't judge people" he said and Tim nodded.

'Why didn't I think of that, Ducky does seem to be the one person who understands' Tim thought. He glanced at his arm and felt guilt.

'I really am an idiot I guess its better I'll be arrested soon for murdering a cop' he added.

Tim sighed and walked out of autopsy wondering if his life would ever be good again.