Devious Innocence

Devious Innocence

Yes, I'm back. I know some of you are wondering what I'm doing, you're probably like "Oh, what does she want now" well, I'll tell you. I'm here to entertain you with my story. So if you've read thus far, I hope you enjoy. On with the story!

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Chapter Seven: Some News

Sesshomaru's grip tightened on her and waited with baited breath. "It came out…" Kagome trailed off, losing her nerve. "What did it come out as" Sesshomaru asked softly. "Negative" She squeaked.

Sesshomaru immediately hugged her rather tightly. "Oh thank goodness, I think that cigarette might have had me on my hands and knees begging you for forgiveness" He breathed in her ear. Kagome giggled and snuggled into his hold. "As much as I would like another little one, I don't think we're ready for another one…at least not until Rin is potty trained" Kagome sighed.

Sesshomaru nodded in agreement before hooking his arm under her legs and carrying her out of the studio. He stopped in the living room, throwing her onto the couch and sitting in what was dubbed his chair. Kagome huffed as she pushed herself up in onto her elbows.

He looked at her with humor in his eyes as he pulled the lever at the side of the chair for the foot rest to come out and the back to go down. Kagome crinkled her nose at him and crossed her arms. Just then, the phone began to ring. Kagome looked at Sesshomaru expectantly since the phone was on the table next to him. "You gonna get that?" He asked. Kagome huffed and stood up to pick up the phone that was right in his reach.

"Hello?" She answered rather testily. "Kagome, it's Takeo, is Sesshomaru there?" Takeo, Sesshomaru's manager asked. "The lazy ass is right here, wait a second" Kagome rolled her eyes and handed Sesshomaru the phone. "It's Takeo" She told him before leaving the room to check on Rin. She walked into the lavender painted room and looked to the crib in the center.

Rin slept on her stomach, her face to the side and one hand on her head. Kagome smiled down at the toddler before stroking her hair. She ran her fingers over those rosy, chubby cheeks and over her eye lids. She lifted the girl up into her arms, and rubbed her back.

Rin simply buried her head in Kagome's shoulder and let out a little snort as she went back to sleep. Kagome smiled as she slowly walked to rocking chair in the corner of the room. The door to the nursery opened then. Sesshomaru came in, his normally stoic eyes widened in surprise and excitement.

"What happened?" Kagome whispered as she saw the look on his face. "Takeo just told me, that we have a tour date, with Ayumi Hamasaki. We're opening for her" Sesshomaru let a wide grin onto his face.

Kagome smiled right back. She wanted to jump up and hug him and scream that it was great. "Oh my God, that wonderful!" She squealed. "I know. Ayumi is huge! And we're opening for her!" Sesshomaru was so excited; he didn't know what to do. He felt like ripping his hair out and jumping off a cliff.

"How longs the tour?" She asked, stroking Rin's hair affectionately. Sesshomaru's smile faltered at that. "A month" He said straight forward. Kagome smile dropped from her face as well. "Um…when do you leave" She asked. "Tomorrow" He breathed out, running his hand through his hair.

"Oh, um…that's wonderful" Kagome nodded her head, a forced smile on her lips. "I know it's long time, we don't have to go" He offered. "Are you kidding me, I be pissed if you didn't." Kagome shook her head. "Really?" Sesshomaru's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Yeah, start packing, I want to feed Rin" Kagome smiled. "You're still breast feeding her?" Sesshomaru asked, shocked. "Of course! Normal mothers feed their children until they're at least three" Kagome pointed out. Sesshomaru raised his eye brows before leaving. Kagome sat back in the rocking chair, cradling Rin against her breasts.

"Rin, open your eyes for me" Kagome cooed, rubbing her nose on her cheek. The infant stirred, turning her head and opening her mouth to breathe that way. Kagome rubbed her nose against the baby's cheek again, a bit harder this time. Rin groaned and pressed her head into Kagome's shoulder. Kagome raised a brow. "You want to be stubborn? Fine, be that way" She whispered before tickling the unsuspecting little girl on her neck.

Rin sprung to life, squirming around and trying to get away from Kagome's French tipped fingers. "Mommy!" She hollered, trying to get her to stop. Kagome stopped her fingers and adjusted Rin. "Are you hungry sweetie" Kagome asked as she began to open the usual button up shirt she stole from Sesshomaru.

"Yes!" Rin nodded eagerly. She opened her mouth and pointed to it with her hand. Her mother smiled as she brought the dark headed girl to her breasts. Rin latched on, greedily sucking in search of her mother's nourishment.

Kagome sat back and closed her eyes, relaxing for the fifteen minutes that needed to past.

Sesshomaru put the suitcase down on the bed and went through his drawers, grabbing six pairs of boxers. "Really, how many am I going to need for a month?' he thought as he packed. He grabbed a months worth of socks, his toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, phone charger and laptop and tossed those into the suitcase-minus the laptop.

He had to pack before Kagome was finished so she wouldn't redo it for him. He ran to the closet and grabbed an armful of jeans mixed with shorts and one pair of dress pants. He grabbed some t-shirts and dress shirts from the drawer before tossing his brush in as an after thought.

He quickly zipped it up when he smelt her scent coming closer to the bedroom. Kagome stepped into the doorway and raised an eyebrow. Sesshomaru was sitting on the edge of the bed, acting as if he had not been doing what he had just been doing.

"Sesshomaru, I already know what you're trying to do so, move and let me pack for you" She ordered as she cradled Rin more unto her breasts when she felt the toddler loosing grip of the nipple. Sesshomaru sighed as he moved from in front of the suitcase. "Do you expect me to open it by with my teeth?" Kagome snapped, jutting her chin down to emphasize the fact that she was holding Rin with both hands.

Sesshomaru opened the suitcase, mimicking his girlfriend as he did. Kagome clearly saw what he did but let it go.

She looked at the mess that was supposed to be Sesshomaru's clothes for the next thirty days. "Sesshomaru, I'm starting to get the feeling that you do this on purpose so that I'll just redo it for you" Kagome sighed as she pressed Rin back onto her breast. She adjusted the girl into one arm and walked over to the suit case and tossed everything out.

"First, why the hell is there only six pairs of boxers in there, are you going to wash every five days or something? Get another 24 please." Kagome scoffed. "All men have the exact same sense of cleanliness, if you ever get married Rin, pound these rules into their head" Kagome said in a hushed voice to the toddler still suckling on her breast.

Rin's big honey eyes looked up at her before going back to the task at hand. Sesshomaru returned from the dresser with all his underwear in hand. "You act like I'm not going to wash anything" Sesshomaru pouted as he sat on the bed. "Are you, are you really?" Kagome challenged as she began to fold the silk boxers over and place them in the suitcase.

Her cell phone alarm began to ring, telling her it was time for Rin's feeding to stop. She halted the packing for a moment to ease the tip of her breast out of Rin's mouth. The girl immediately stopped sucking, by now realizing the routine that she was following now.

"Burp her please?" Kagome asked, handing Sesshomaru the towel that was over her shoulder. He took it and laid it over his to cradle his daughter against his shoulder and pat her back gently. Kagome continued repacking his suitcase, organizing the shirts and pants by occasion. "Sesshomaru, do you plan to wear the same sneakers everyday?" Kagome asked him when she realized he had no shoes prepared.

She tsked at him before going into the closet, to the shoe rack and getting his all white uptowns, the black ones with gold checks, and the last ones were the white with blue checks. She put them on the bottom of the suitcase before placing the clothes over them and then the boxers.

After finishing with that, Kagome looked to his toiletries, seeing a brush, toothpaste, and a toothbrush, she let out a laugh. Sesshomaru looked up from his playing with Rin to his girlfriend. "Are you going to wash? Where is the soap?" She shook her head as she walked into the bathroom for soap. She came out with hers, winter blossom-a mix of plum and lavender.

"Kagome, why are you packing your soap for me?" Sesshomaru interrupted her putting it in the top compartment of the suitcase. "So you can think of me in the shower. It's basically my scent, besides what you say is orange blossom and what ever you said" Kagome smiled softly as she packed the soap. She could feel the tears stinging the back of her eyes as she did.

"Excuse me" She whispered and walked briskly to the bathroom and shut the door. She ran over to the toilet and sat down, taking deep breaths so as to calm her nerves. The tears slowly leaked out of her eyes as she took shaky breaths, her mind couldn't seem to let go of the fact she had to survive a week without her boyfriend, the father of her child, the love of her life! As much as she hated to admit it, she depended on him, how couldn't she, he depended on her as well.

Wiping her eyes, Kagome stood up and turned on the hot water and placed a washcloth under it before pressing it to her eyes to take away from the red that probably surrounded them.

She sighed and walked out of the bathroom smiling. Sesshomaru gave her a blank stare but said nothing on the matter. "Okay, you're all packed" She assured him and took the towel from his shoulder.

"I-m just going to go wash this" She stammered and left the room. She walked into the kitchen, and to the sink. Naoki was sitting at the table drinking some wine when Kagome walked in. "You know Kagome, you really are pitiful" Naoki began.

"Not now Naoki" Kagome snipped. "I meant, my son is about to leave for a month and you want to mope around here with this pity me attitude, suck it up. All you're doing is making him feel guilty. And as much as I dislike you and him, I don't like seeing my baby upset" Naoki finished with a growl.

Kagome looked at the towel in her hand and back at Naoki. Was she really going to sit in the house for a month, with nothing but a baby and a shrew of a mother as her company? Hell no! She was gonna spend some time with her family and-surprisingly enough, some friends from high school.

She dropped the towel in the sink and marched back to the bedroom. She walked in on Sesshomaru testing Rin. "What are these?" He asked, pointing to his eyes. "Eyes!" Rin chirped. "Good" He praised her with a little pat on the head. "Ahem!" Kagome interrupted.

Sesshomaru glanced up to her before back to Rin who was looking at her mother as well. Kagome smiled cheekily back before walking to Sesshomaru. She bent down to his ear and whispered "Let's put Rin to bed early tonight" before giving the shell a sensual lick.

Sesshomaru raised a brow to her. "Indeed" was his reply.

Devious Innocence

That night, Rin was definitely put to bed early. Naoki had other plans as she said and left the house. And, surely enough-like the air we breath, Sesshomaru claimed Kagome's body over and over until she felt like passing out from the orgasms. He savored each taste of her skin rememorizing all the crevices of her mouth and each line of her body. He paid homage to each full mound of her breasts, and spent hours upon hours ravishing her.

The next morning, Sesshomaru woke up at eight to get ready. Kagome was next to him, her eyes opened as she stared at him. He usual eyes that always looked half closed were now wide like they had been three years ago. She had her hands placed under her head and the sheet pulled up to her breasts, hiding them from the cold air circulating the room.

He looked into her eyes and saw all the happiness and sorrow in them. He moved her closer to him and kissed her gently on the lips. "How long have you been up?" He asked. "An hour, making sure you had everything you needed" She smiled at him. Sesshomaru sat up, running his hand through his hair to move it from his face.

"I need to get dressed" He told her as he stood up. "Your clothes are laid out for you" She assured him, pointing to the ironing board.

Kagome stood up from the bed, grabbing her robe off the hook near it and shrugged it on. She sat on the bed and waited for Sesshomaru to get out the shower. He came back in his towel and quickly began to dress considering the fact that the taxi was coming at eight thirty to get him.

Kagome got up and went to the kitchen to begin making some coffee. She poured it into a paper cup and put it on a lid. It was black, just the way Sesshomaru liked it. It was nice and hot when he came out the bedroom. She held the cup out to him and he took it with a smile.

Then, the doorbell rang and Sesshomaru went to get it. There was Kouga, waiting for him. Kagome got up and hugged his waist. He wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled into her neck. "I love you" She whispered. "I love you too" He murmured back. "Be safe, and tell me when you get there" She told him before pushing him out the door.

"Oh, and let's get something straight, I don't want you getting drunk, partying with other women, or having sex with other women. And if I smell one on you, and trust me, I will-I will rip your balls off and stuff them down your throat. Do you understand me" Kagome threatened, her aura crackling to prove her point.

"Kagome, you're taking the fun out of touring! It's all about the sex money and beer" Kouga objected.

Kagome turned her attention to the wolf youkai glancing her up and down. She grabbed his ear and brought it down to her face. "Now, let me tell something to you. If I find out you're screwing girls besides Ayame, I'll rip your balls off and make you suck them before forcing them down your throat" Kagome growled to him, pinching the tip of his ear with her nails to make her point.

"Ow! Okay, I get it, now stop!" Kouga pleaded, closing his eyes and whining. Kagome released his ear and gave him a pointed glare. "I'm leaving. Your girlfriend is violent" Kouga said before running to the elevator.

She turned back to Sesshomaru who was quietly sipping his coffee and took it away from him. "If you do screw up, I swear to go I will tear you apart" She growled darkly before smiling. "Have a nice trip" She kissed his cheek before closing the door.

Devious Innocence

Okay, another chapter done. I'm happy so I hope you are too. Okay, I'm attempting to update things rather quickly for once so, bye!