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SakuNaru drabbles

Drabble 1: Family

When Naruto is asked what it was like growing up without a family he corrects the person saying he does have a family. Sakura is his wife and best friend, Kora his daughter, Sasuke his older brother, Tsunade his mother, Jirayia his uncle, Iruka his father, Shizune his older sister, Gaara is like his gothic brother that he wish he had, Hinata is like a younger sister, and Kakashi is his immature best friend.

When Naruto and Sakura celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, or their birthday's Naruto's family comes over. When Sakura was in labor for Kora his family was there, When he doubted himself about being a good father Iruka patted him on the back and whispered words of encouragement into his ear. When Kora was born Naruto's family got to hold her.

On Kora's entrance day into the academy his family was there to support her, Iruka was her teacher. When Kora is told she will be taught Kakashi she squeals in delight since Sasuke's son Saru will be on the team and so will her best friend Skino who is Ino and Chouji's son.

Naruto and his family were at the announcement when Tsunade issued Naruto as the Hokage. His family is present at Kora's funeral doing their best to help the grieving Uzumakis with their loss.

Whe Naruto and Sakura finally do pass away they see Kora and Naruto's family again where they can all be together and happy.