Title: Watching
Rated: G (K)
Summary: Ursa never stopped watching over Zuko, even when he thought she had.
Spoilers: For Day of Black Sun, Western Air Temple, and The Firebending Masters.
A/N: Inspired by TearsoftheFireFlower's "What Moms Do". Reviews are welcome and constructive criticism is appreciated as well. Enjoy!

She watched, always.

She was forced to leave him, but she was never truly gone.

When he was challenged to an Agni Kai, she was in the crowd.

When he was lying in the infirmary, she was just outside the window.

When he, like her, was forced to leave, she followed discretely.

When he traveled all over the world in search of the Avatar, she was always one step behind and one step ahead.

When he was forced into poverty, she ate only when he did.

When he betrayed his uncle, she was sure of his true loyalty and did not fret.

When he followed his sister back home, she watched and waited.

When he betrayed his father and joined the Avatar's group, she was proud and unsurprised.

When he was shunned, she was sad and angry.

When he was accepted, she smiled.

When he taught the Avatar firebending, she felt a strong surge of hope.

When he laughed with his newfound friends, she found herself laughing with him.

When he finally saw her, she almost ran.

When he called out softly to her, she held her breath.

When he began to cry, she joined him.

She is never truly gone, and will not be forced to leave him again.

She watches, always.