Since Roo and I were doing a DeathNotePokemon Crossover RP, this popped into my head and viola. This is the result. Contest entry for ComputerFreak101's contest. Round 2, Kleptoshipping. It's not all that good but. O:

Being a pokemon trainer was never Bakura's initial plan.

Joining Team Rocket wasn't on the list either. But that infuriating Rocket brat Yuugi had beaten him at his own game so many times that Team Rocket just seemed more appealing than being an honest trainer.

He certainly filled his pokedex up alot quicker than he had before Team Rocket, at any rate. (And he'd certainly never tell his boss that while he enjoyed the benefits of being a member of the most notorious evil gang around as well as the help filling his pokedex, he didn't like actually keeping the pokemon he stole and usually returned said pokemon when he got the chance.)

Of course, working for Yuugi had its perks as well as it's annoyances. For one thing, he couldn't keep his hands off the teenager working for him. He had a fascination with Bakura's hair as well. (And secretly dating your boss was a complicated thing to do, even in an evil organization.)

Which led to his current situation of stalking some poor kid- Ash was his name, right?- to steal his Pikachu. He didn't really want to know why when Pikachu was such a common pokemon, but rumors said this kid's Pikachu was exceptionally powerful, so. Orders were orders.

And when he came back with the Pikachu, Yuugi'd give him his reward, just like always.