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Chapter 2 – A Dream Come True Turned Nightmare

"We have to get her back" said Inuyasha grimly.

"I'll be the one rescuing Kagome. Leave it to me mutt-face!" Koga said before speeding off in the direction Sesshomaru had gone.

"Get back here wolf!" Inuyasha yelled chasing after him.

"It's always a competition with those two Miroku sighed shaking his head as he and Shippo got on Kirara's back behind Sango who then followed Koga and Inuyasha into the coming dusk.


"Why did you capture me Sesshomaru?" asked Kagome as she renewed her struggles to free herself from his grasp. He'd removed Tokijin from against her throat but still held her against him in an iron grip.

"It is as I told Inuyasha before; you are my prisoner until he gives me Tetsusaiga. Now stop your struggling miko it is fruitless. You cannot escape me" he said, his amber eyes glaring down at her.

"My name is Kagome, not miko!" she retorted slowly relaxing against his chest as the ride lulled her to sleep. All too soon to Kagome's dismay they reached their destination: a large grassy clearing bordered by a lake.

"Jaken, Rin go and get some firewood" Sesshomaru commanded quietly.

"Yes lord Sesshomaru" said Rin as she ran off into the forest with Jaken following close behind.

"My friends will come for me" Kagome said once they were alone.

"Is that what you want? To go back to my half breed brother and play second best to that dead priestess Kikyo?" Sesshomaru asked, his voice a purr of menace. Kagome turned her face away to hide the tears suddenly threatening to break free. Why'd he have to bring up Kikyo? She thought angrily. Kagome knew Sesshomaru was right but didn't dare admit it to him. Inuyasha would always love Kikyo; he only needed to see Kikyo's soul collectors and he was gone. The only reason he tolerated her was because he needed her to help him find the jewel shards. But he could also use Kikyo to help him, so in truth he did't really need her at all.

"Why do you care about my feelings?" Kagome asked breaking the small silence that had fallen between them. Sesshomaru said nothing, holding her dark brown gaze with his golden one. Why do I feel the urge to wipe away her tears? This is insane Sesshomaru thought moving slowly toward her. Kagome backtracked until she came to the edge of the riverbank. But to her surprise the great lord of the west pulled her toward him again till they were nose to nose, wiping away her tears and caressing the length of her ebony tresses. Sesshomaru's being nice? Well this is a first Kagome thought. "Kagome…" he whispered before capturing her lips with his own. Kagome's body stiffened in surprise as his lips touched hers. The kiss was feather light and she soon relaxed against his chest, her surprise quickly melting away to desire. Yes this is what I want, what I've dreamed of since I first saw him. Kagome thought slowly wrapping her arms around his neck. Sesshomaru suddenly broke the kiss just as abruptly as he'd started it, a snarl escaping his lips.

"What's wrong?" Kagome asked panting quietly as she gazed up at him.

"Naraku" was the demon lord's only reply.

"Heh heh heh "it seems I interrupted a romantic moment, I had no idea the 'ice prince' was capable of love. Give me your half of the sacred jewel Kagome and I will leave you two lovebirds alone to continue what you were doing" Naraku replied. Naraku hovered a few feet away from them wearing gray amour with what looked like a large red jewel in the middle over his purple robes.

"Never, I'll never give you my half of the jewel Naraku!" Kagome yelled tightening her grip on her bow and reaching back in to her quiver for a sacred arrow. With all that had happened recently she'd forgotten she even still had her weapons. She nooked an arrow into her bow and shot it at Naraku who batted it away with one of his thorned tentacles which then continued on toward Kagome in hopes of taking the other half of the jewel that hung around her neck, but before it could even touch her Sesshomaru jumped in front of her unsheathing Tokijinn and yelling "DRAGON STRIKE!"

"Do you think that feeble little attack can harm me Sesshomaru? Have a taste of my miasma and die!" Naraku laughed as the protective barrier around him disappeared and the poisonous smoke wafted out toward Sesshomaru and Kagome. Sesshomaru lifted Kagome with his one arm and sped away from the smoke but even his increased speed was not enough to get away from Naraku's tentacles. One tentacle wrapped round his foot causing him to lose his balance. He released Kagome and yelled: "RUN!" as Naraku slowly pulled him backward. Sesshomaru turned over on his back and brought Tokijin down on the tentacle but nothing happened.

"Tougher to destroy than the others hmm? Tell me Sesshomaru does Inuyasha know that you desire his miko wench?" Naraku asked conversationally as his red eyes gleamed maniacally. Sesshomaru only growled in response. "You will become a part of me and then I shall have your demon powers!" Naraku cackled as more tentacles wrapped around Sesshomaru, holding him prisoner. His 'POISON CLAW' would have worked…. Slowly… but the tentacles stopped him from using it. A small groan of pain escaped his lips as the tentacles began to squeeze the air from his body, the tiny thrones digging into his skin and drawing blood.

"SESSHOMARU!" Kagome yelled.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin and Jaken cried in unison, returning at that moment with the firewood. "Oh lord Sesshomaru!" Jaken sobbed, his eyes growing as big as saucers, a small river of tears steaming down either side of his face. Kagome said nothing more. She quickly nooked another arrow in her bow; took careful aim and let it fly…

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