Author's Note: "Here is chapter 9 my faithful reviewers, Enjoy!"

Chapter 9- Last Laugh

Suddenly Sango and the others flew in on Kirara's back and she batted the tentacle away from Kagome and Rin with her sword then yelled "CHAIN ATTACK!" as her kusarigama wrapped tightly around Naraku. Kagome felt Sesshomaru stir and watched as he slowly rose like some avenging angel. In the blink of an eye his WHIP OF LIGHT shot out wrapping itself around the evil demon's throat.

"Now would be a good time to use the Tetsusaiga Inuyasha, before we die of old age. You are not worthy to be that sword's master" Sesshomaru muttered.

The half demon removed his sword and retorted: "Oh shut up Sesshomaru. WIND SCAR!" Suddenly a Sacred Arrow flew out of nowhere and joined with the Wind Scar. Why isn't he trying to block it? Inuyasha wondered silently as the combined move flew toward Naraku and hit him head on, causing his body to slowly break apart.

Inuyasha looked toward Kagome thinking she was the one who'd fired the arrow but found that she still held the little orphan girl in her arms, her bow and quiver of arrows laying on the stone floor at her feet. There was only one other person who used sacred arrows.

"Kikyo…" Inuyasha whispered whirling around to face the dead priestess.

"Did we get him this time?" asked Shippo.

"That fight was too easy, something's not right. He didn't even really fight back!" Inuyasha replied.

Suddenly Naraku's evil laugh echoed around the room and his head, the only part of him not destroyed by the Wind Scar appeared.

"Very perceptive, Inuyasha. You haven't seen the last of me I'm not that easy to get rid of. I shall torture and torment all of you to my heart's content!" he cackled as Kohaku and Kanna suddenly ran into the room.

"Kohaku!" Sango yelled, rushing forward only to have Miroku hold her back. "Let me go Miroku, I have to get him back!" she screamed as she struggled in his hold.

"I know the pain you're feeling right now Sango, but Kohaku is still under Naraku's control and won't be freed until he's dead" he murmured holding her close as she sobbed quietly into his chest. With a final sinister laugh, Naraku and his minions slowly faded into nothingness.

"Rin, Jaken let's go" said Sesshomaru as he slowly made his way to the room's exit.

"But Lord Sesshomaru, what about Kagura? Will you not revive her? She did help us against Naraku" Rin reminded.

"Do not pester Lord Sesshomaru, Kagura is beneath milord and doesn't deserve his generosity!" Jaken snapped.

"Silence Jaken!" Sesshomaru commanded causing the poor imp to squeak in fright. The prince then turned, making his way over to Kagura's lifeless body. He removed the Tenseiga, the sword his father had bequeathed him and said: "carry out my will Tenseiga." The sword pulsed at his words. Sesshomaru saw the tiny imps of the netherworld and killed them with one swipe of the magical sword before turning away.

Kagura stirred and opened her eyes, sitting up slowly. She could hear the sound of her heart beating in her chest and placed a hand there to see if it was really true. Did Sesshomaru save me? I'm finally free of Naraku… my life is mine to command. I'm now free to do as I please Kagura thought looking at the prince's retreating back. Knowing that Sesshomaru wouldn't acknowledge a "thank you" she simply rose and flew off on her feather without a backward glance….

~A few hours later, Inuyasha's Forest~

"If you are having second thoughts about traveling with me and wish to go back to your friends I will not stop you" Sesshomaru said waiting for Kagome's reply. Kagome kept her eyes on Sesshomaru's face but in her peripheral vision she watched as Inuyasha and Kikyo linked hands and made their way deeper into the forest.

When Kikyo's around it's like I don't even exist… but I love Sesshomaru now so why should I care what that baka does? Or with whom? Kagome wondered.

"I have no second thoughts Sesshomaru; in fact I find that I like traveling with you. At least you don't think of me as nothing more than a shard detector" she said loud enough for Inuyasha to hear. Inuyasha stopped but didn't turn around and Sesshomaru saw an opportunity to annoy his brother once again.

"No I don't. You're special, a precious and rare gem… priceless" he replied taking one of her hands in his and pulling her against him. "I love you Kagome Higurashi, say you'll be mine and be my mate" he said kneeling before her.

Is this real? He just admitted to everyone that he loves me! Kagome thought with a gasp as her eyes widened in surprise. "Yes I will be your mate!" she said pulling him up from his kneeling position and throwing her arms around his neck.

Kikyo watched the unfolding scene in silence. All of the girl's friends seemed happy for her, all except Inuyasha that is. She felt his body stiffen and saw his amber orbs bore angrily into those of her reincarnation.

"Does that girl really mean more to you than me?" asked Kikyo quietly. Inuyasha said nothing, only broke the silent stare down he and Kagome had been having, gripped the dead priestess' hand tighter and continued deeper into the forest.

Kagome bid the rest of her friends a tearful farewell, promising once again to visit them soon then stepped into her new fiancée's embrace and flew off with his group as the night spread it's ebony wings.

Author's Note: "Ok so there is chapter 9. I realize the battle scenes for this, and the previous chap were fast paced and a few previous reviewers over the years had said that Naraku should have died….. But where is the fun in that hmmm? Besides I plan to repost my DMC/1NUYASHA crossover after a few tweaks and changes which will kinda follow along the lines of 'Happy Birthday Kagome', so that is why Naraku still lives. The crossover is currently…. 16 chapters long and has some oc's belonging to me and two of my friends in it. I hope you will enjoy it when it's posted as much as you did this fic!"